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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Self assessment scheme for accelerated clearance of import/export cargo Circular No. 109/2003-Custom Duty 19/12/2003
Circular No. 108/2003-Custom Duty, dated; 17.12.2003 Circular No. 108/2003-Custom Duty 17/12/2003
Classification of software protection locks whether as software under CTH 8524 or as hardware under 8473-reg Circular No. 107/2003-Custom Duty 16/12/2003
Classification of Thermal Camera capable of infrared imaging and measuring temperature Circular No. 106/2003-Custom Duty 16/12/2003
Classification of high capacity disc arrays used in Storage Area Networks(SAN”S) Circular No. 105/2003-Custom Duty 16/12/2003
Classification of Uninterrupted Power Supply System (UPSS) under the Customs & Central Excise Tariff-reg Circular No. 104/2003-Custom Duty 09/12/2003
Attempt to avail drawback by fictitious/non-existent companies-regarding Circular No. 102/2003-Custom Duty 08/12/2003
Recovery of Merchant Over Time (MOT) for rendering services by the Customs Officer beyond working hours and on holidays-reg Circular No. 101/2003-Custom Duty 05/12/2003
Import of non-standard tapes-instructions reg Circular No. 99/2003-Custom Duty 27/11/2003
Circular No. 98/2003-Customs, Dated: 18th November, 2003 Circular No. 98/2003-Custom Duty 18/11/2003
Circular No. 97/2003-Custom Duty, dated; 14.11.2003 Circular No. 97/2003-Custom Duty 14/11/2003
Acceptance of self-declaration as to the non-availment of Cenvat facility for extending the duty drawback Circular No. 96/2003-Custom Duty 14/11/2003
Circular No. 94/2003-Customs, Dated: 31.10.2003 Circular No. 94/2003-custom Duty 31/10/2003
Amendment of Section 61 of the Customs Act, 1962 regarding interest free warehousing period-Clarification thereto-reg Circular No. 93/2003-Custom Duty 28/10/2003
Circular No. 92/2003-Custom Duty, dated; 17.10.2003 Circular No. 92/2003-Custom Duty 17/10/2003
Rule 10A in the Customs Valuation Rules, 1988-reg Circular No. 91/2003-Custom Duty 14/10/2003
Circular No. 90/2003-Custom Duty, dated; 13.10.2003 Circular No. 90/2003-Custom Duty 13/10/2003
Circular No. 89/2003-Custom Duty, dated; 06.10.2003 Circular No. 89/2003-Custom Duty 06/10/2003
Circular No. 88/2003-Custom Duty, dated; 06.10.2003 Circular No. 88/2003-Custom Duty 06/10/2003
Movement of Domestic Courier bags on domestic segments of international flights-reg Circular No. 87/2003-Custom Duty 06/10/2003
Effective date of payment of Government dues by cheque-reg Circular No. 86/2003-Custom Duty 03/10/2003
Import of palm oil/Palmolein in refined/crude forms-regarding Circular No. 85/2003-Custom Duty 24/09/2003
Marble Imports-valuation-Finalisation of Provisional Assessments-reg Circular No. 84/2003-Custom Duty 24/09/2003
Circular No. 83/2003-Custom duty, dated; 18.09.2003 Circular No. 83/2003-Custom Duty 18/09/2003
Misuse of Non-quota Entitlement against export of Garments to Russia by 63 Indian exporters – reg Circular No. 82/2003-Custom Duty 09/09/2003