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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Customs- Monitoring of de novo customs adjudication cases Circular No. 4/2007-Customs Duty 10/01/2007
Customs -Time Limit for adjudication of customs cases related to search/seizures Circular No. 3/2007-Customs Duty 10/01/2007
Time bound disposal of applications for unit set up under EOU/EHTP/STP/BTP scheme-reg Circular No. 2/2007-Customs Duty 09/01/2007
Clarification of term ‘Software’ for purpose of eligibility of notification no. 153/93-Customs dated 13.08.1993 as amended-reg Circular No. 1/2007-Customs Duty 03/01/2007
Circular No. 29/2006-Customs, Dated-27th December, 2006 Circular No. 29/2006-Customs Duty 27/12/2006
Circular No. 28/2006-Customs Duty, Dated; 6th November, 2006 Circular No. 28/2006-Customs Duty 06/11/2006
Circular No. 27/2006-Custom Duty Dated: 13/10/2006 Circular No. 27/2006-Custom Duty 13/10/2006
Circular No. 26/2006-Customs Duty, Dated; 26th September, 2006 Circular No. 26/2006-Customs Duty 26/09/2006
Circular No. 25/2004-Cusroms Duty, Dated, 19.09.2004 Circular No. 25/2006-Customs Duty 19/09/2006
Transhipment of import and export cargo through airports- waiver of bank guarantee Circular No. 24/2006-Customs Duty 25/08/2006
Examination norms concerning import & export through courier mode Circular No. 23/2006-Customs Duty 25/08/2006
Circular No. 22/2006-Customs Duty, Dated; 21.08.2004 Circular No. 22/2006-Customs Duty 21/08/2006
Circular No. 21/2006-Custom Duty Dated: 10/08/2006 Circular No. 21/2006-Custom Duty 10/08/2006
Levy of special additional duty of customs (CVD) @ 4% under Duty Free Credit Entitlement (DFCE) Scheme Circular No. 20/2006-Customs Duty 21/07/2006
All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback, 2006-07 Circular No. 19/2006-Customs Duty 13/07/2006
Levy of special additional duty of customs (CVD) @ 4% under Export Promotion Scheme Circular No. 18/2006-Customs Duty 05/06/2006
Circular No. 17/2006-Customs Duty, Dated; 17th June, 2006 Circular No. 17/2006-Customs Duty 01/06/2006
Circular No. 16/2006-Customs Duty, Dated; 9th March, 2006 Circular No. 16/2006-Customs Duty 09/05/2006
Circular No. 15/2006-Custom Duty Dated: 20/04/2016 Circular No. 15/2006-Customs Duty 20/04/2006
Clarification in respect of plant site verification for finalization of project imports Circular No. 14/2006-Customs Duty 17/04/2006
Concessional duty on findings, mountings of gold Circular No. 13/2006-Custom Duty 29/03/2006
Circular No. 12/2006-Customs Duty Dated: 20/02/2006 Circular No. 12/2006-Customs Duty 20/02/2006
Measures for expeditious disposal of goods -Procedure for disposal- Regarding Circular No. 11/2006-Customs Duty 16/02/2006
Warehousing-Waiver of interest on Customs duty on warehoused goods-consolidated instructions Circular No. 10/2006-Customs Duty 14/02/2006
Retrospective levy of definitive Anti-Dumping Duty (ADD)-reg Circular No. 09/2006-Customs Duty 23/01/2006