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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Delhi VAT: No need to furnish Purchase below Rs. 1000/- details in Form GE-II Notification No. F3(619)/Policy/VAT/2016/183-196 06/05/2016
Delhi VAT: Change in Rate of VAT in Diesel Notification No. F.3(2)/Fin(Rev-I)/2016-17/dsvi/141 06/05/2016
DVAT- Appointment of officers to assist VAT, Govt of NCT of Delhi Notification No. F.3(11)/Fin(T&E)/2009-10/DS-VI/139 05/05/2016
Delegation of Powers & Duties under Maharashtra settlement of Arrears in Disputes Act 2016 Notification No. VAT/MM-2015/47/Adm-8 04/05/2016
Delhi VAT: Furnishing of Return with digital signatures Notification No. F3(643)/Policy/VAT/2016/157-169 03/05/2016
MVAT: Govt notifies Form 402A, 404A, 424A, 703, 703A,703B, 703C, 703D, 703E Notification No. VAT. 1516/CR 64/Taxation-1 29/04/2016
MVAT: Govt notifies New Electronic Forms 101,103 & 105 No. VAT/ADM-2016/1B/ADM-8 28/04/2016
Delhi VAT: Extends due date of filing CR-II return to 16.05.2016 Notification No.F.3(628)/Policy/VAT/2016/113-125 28/04/2016
Maharashtra Settlement of Arrears in Disputes Act, 2016 Maharashtra Act No. XVI OF 2016 26/04/2016
Maharashtra Tax Laws (Levy, Amendment & Validation) Act, 2016 MAHARASHTRA ACT No. XV OF 2016. 26/04/2016
Maharashtra Value Added Tax (2nd Amendment) Rules, 2016 No. VAT. 1516/CR-52/Taxation-1 22/04/2016
MVAT- CST Act- Govt notifies Form IIIE & Form V(B) No. CST.- 1516/C.R.-45/Taxation.-1 22/04/2016
MAVT: Amendment to Schedule entry A-51 (Towel) Notification No. VAT. 1516/CR 61/Taxation-1 20/04/2016
Delhi VAT: Amendment in Form DVAT 16, 17, 30, 31 wef 12.04.2016 No. F.3(30)/Fin(Rev-I)/2015-16/dsvi/121 12/04/2016
Delhi VAT: Amends form DVAT 16, 17, 30, 31 wef 12.04.2016 No.F.3(30)/Fin(Rev-l)/2015-16/dsvi/121 12/04/2016
Amendment to SCPT Act, PT Act, Entry Tax Act, MVAT Act L.A. BILL No. XVIII OF 2016. 07/04/2016
Notification on Maharashtra Sales Tax/ VAT Amnesty Scheme 2016 L.A. Bill No. XIX of 2016 07/04/2016
PT Late fee exemption to Aided Educational Institutions No. PFT 1216/ C.R. 26/ Taxation-03 02/04/2016
Restrictions on set-off under MVAT Rule 2005 Notification No. VAT/1516/CR 53/Taxation-1 01/04/2016
Entry Tax on Marble & Granite in Maharashtra wef 01.04.2016 Notification No. ENG. 1516/C.R. 56/Taxation 01/04/2016
Delhi VAT: Appointment of Assistant Value Added Tax Officer Notification No. F.3(11)/Fin(T&E)/2009-10/DS-VI/111 01/04/2016
Delhi VAT: Appointment of 11 Assistant Commissioner cum VATO Notification No. F.3(11)/Fin(T&E)/2009-10/DS-VI/112 01/04/2016
MVAT: Amendments in Composition Schemes wef 01.04.2016 Notification No. VAT. 1516/CR 51/Taxation-1 30/03/2016
Change in rate of MVAT 5% to 5.5% w.e.f. 1st April 2016 Notification No. VAT. 1516/C.R. 31/Taxation-1 30/03/2016
Delhi VAT: VAT deduction at source in respect of works contracts No. F.3(654)/Policy/VAT/2016/1800-1802 28/03/2016