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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Circular No. 9/2008-Customs Duty, Dated: 25/06/2008 Circular No. 09/2008-Customs Duty 25/06/2008
Simplification and procedural relaxation for issue of pre-authenticated CT-3 to EOUs in textile and chemical sector -reg Circular No. 08/2008-Customs Duty 02/06/2008
Sanction of Customs duty refunds – Unjust Enrichment – reg Circilar No. 07/2008-Customs Duty 28/05/2008
Circular No. 6/2008-Customs Dated- 28th April, 2008 Circular No. 6/2008-Custom Duty 28/04/2008
Collection of Double Cess on exports of agro products – regarding Circular No. 05/2008-Customs Duty 12/03/2008
Valuation practice of second hand machinery to be adopted by all Custom Houses/ Customs Commissionerates-regarding Circular No. 04/2008-Customs Duty 12/02/2008
Importability of Restricted Goods under the Served from India Scheme and other Schemes under Chapter 3 of the Foreign Trade Policy – Reg Circular No. 03/2008-Customs Duty 24/01/2008
Classification of carpets and floor coverings having mixed composition in the Drawback Schedule Circular No. 02/2008-Customs Duty 10/01/2008
Allocation of work relating to Trade Facilitation Circular No. 01/2008-Customs Duty 09/01/2008
Correlation of Technical Characteristics, Quality and Specification of Inputs with Export Product under DFIA Scheme Circular No. 46/2007-Customs Duty 20/12/2007
Misuse of Target Plus Scheme-Scope and Coverage of Goods to be imported under TPS-Reg Circular No. 45/2007-Customs Duty 19/12/2007
Eligibility of shank buttons, snap fasteners (snap buttons), zippers etc. for benefit under notification No.21/2002-Customs, Sl.No.140, 167, 167A and 167B-reg Circular No. 44/2007-Customs Duty 18/12/2007
Appropriate authority for sanction and disbursement of drawback claims on supplies made by DTA units to units located in SEZ-regard Circular No. 43/2007-Customs Duty 05/12/2007
Intellectual Property Rights (Imported Goods) Enforcement Rules, 2007-instructions for implementation-reg Circular No. 41/2007-Customs Duty 29/10/2007
Import of New trim Cutting Waste for use in manufacture of Chindi rugs Circular No. 40/2007-Customs Duty 29/10/2007
Drawback Schedule, 2007-08 – increase in drawback rates with retrospective effect from 1.4.2007-exemption from filing supplementary claims-regarding Circular No. 39/2007-Customs Duty 09/10/2007
Customs Valuation (Determination of Value of Imported Goods) Rules, 2007-Instructions-reg Circular No. 38/2007-Customs Duty 09/10/2007
Customs valuation (Determination of Value of Export Goods) Rules, 2007-Instructions-reg Circular No. 37/2007-Customs Duty 09/10/2008
Imports made against DEPB licences issued with endorsement of Notifn. No.34/97-Customs dated 7.4.1997-exemption from special additional duty-Clarification-Reg Circular No. 36/2007-Customs Duty 03/10/2007
Misuse of unaccompanied baggage facility-regarding Circular No. 35/2007-Customs Duty 28/09/2007
Classification of Boric Acid and separate chemically defined compounds for purpose of Customs & Central Excise-reg Circular No. 34/2007-Customs Duty 18/09/2007
Classification of Digital LCD / Flat Panel Monitor-Admissibility of Notification benefits-reg Circular No. 33/2007-Customs Duty 10/09/2007
Classification of Digital Still Image Video Camera-Admissibility of Notification benefits-reg Circular No. 32/2007-Customs Duty 10/09/2007
Issues concerning import & export through courier mode-regarding Circular No. 31/2007-Customs Duty 29/08/2007
Acceptance of Central Excise Certificate under Para 3.1(e) of CBEC Circular No. 58/2004-Cus,dated 21-10-2004-Regarding Circular No. 30/2007-Customs Duty 21/08/2007