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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
No service-tax on museum entry fee during 01.07.2012 to 31.03.2015 Notification No. 09/2017-Service Tax 28/02/2017
Reg. Service Tax Exemption-Common Effluent Treatment Plant Operators Notification No. 08/2017-Service Tax 20/02/2017
Service tax on services by way of transportation of goods by a vessel Circular No. 204/2/2017-Service Tax 16/02/2017
Corrigendum to Service Tax Notification No. 48/2016 dated 09.11.2016 G.S.R. 125(E) 13/02/2017
Mentioning of Minor Head Code for accounting of Refund Circular No. 203/1/2017-Service Tax 02/02/2017
Union Budget 2017 Notification amending services tax provisions Notification No. 07/2017-Service Tax [G.S.R. 100 (E)] 02/02/2017
Budget 2017- Exhaustive Analysis of Changes in Service Tax F. No.334/7/2017-TRU 01/02/2017
Service Tax on OIDAR services to be paid on or before 06.03.2017 Notification No. 06/2017-Service Tax [G.S.R. 73 (E)] 30/01/2017
Notification No. 05/2017-Service Tax Dated: 30th January, 2017 Notification No. 05/2017-Service Tax [G.S.R. 72 (E)] 30/01/2017
Service Tax –Monitoring of Non-Filers / Stop-Filers F.No. IV/26/24/2016-Systems (S) 27/01/2017
CBEC rationalizes abatement for tour operator services Notification No. 04/2017-Service Tax 12/01/2017
Person liable to pay service tax on transportation of goods by a vessel Notification No. 03/2017-Service Tax 12/01/2017
Amendment in definition of aggregator & Peron liable to tax on goods transport by a Vesssel Notification No. 02/2017-Service Tax [G.S.R. 25 (E)] 12/01/2017
Reg. ST exemption on transportation of goods by a vessel & business facilitator service to bank Notification No. 01/2017-Service Tax [G.S.R. 24 (E)] 12/01/2017
Reg. Issue of Invoice for online services without digital signature Notification No. 53/2016-Service Tax 19/12/2016
Indirect tax assessments will not be reopened for mere increase in Sales F. No. 137/155/2012-Service Tax(Part-I) 09/12/2016
Upto Rs. 2000 Payment no Service tax on Debit/ Credit card merchant discount Notification No. 52/2016-Service Tax 08/12/2016
CBEC excludes online information services from definition of telecommunication services Notification No. 51/2016-Service Tax 30/11/2016
Jurisdiction for online services from non-taxable territory Notification No. 50/2016-Service Tax 22/11/2016
46 FAQs on service tax on cross border B2C OIDAR online services Circular No. 202/12/2016-Service Tax 09/11/2016
Service Tax Payment & Compliance Liability for online service provided from non-taxable territory Notification No. 49/2016-Service Tax 09/11/2016
Service Tax on Online Services provided by person located in non-taxable territory Notification No. 48/2016-Service Tax 09/11/2016
Withdrawal of ST Exemption on online information & database access or retrieval services Notification No. 47/2016-Service Tax 09/11/2016
Amendment in place of provision of ‘online information & database access or retrieval services’ Notification No. 46/2016-Service Tax 09/11/2016
Revised Guidelines for arrest for Failure in Service Tax Payment Circular No 201/11/2016-Service Tax 30/09/2016