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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Identifying eligible beneficiaries under PM-KISAN Yojana: CBDT to share info Notification No. 51/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 2415(E)] 21/07/2020
Section 10(46) exemption to Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency Notification No. 50/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 2403(E)] 21/07/2020
Section 10(46) exemption to Real Estate Regulatory Authority, Bihar Notification No. 49/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 2380(E)] 17/07/2020
Govt specifies MSME authority for disclosure of assessee information u/s 138 Notification No. 48/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 2345(E)] 14/07/2020
Section 10(46) exemption to RERA Authorities of Goa & Telangana Notification No. 47/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 2327(E)] 13/07/2020
Section 10(46) exemption to National Aviation Security Fee Trust Notification No. 46/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 2326(E)] 13/07/2020
National Pension Scheme Tier II-Tax Saver Scheme 2020 Notification No. 45/2020-Income Tax F. No.370142/26/2019-TPL [S.O. 2232(E)] 07/07/2020
Infrastructure sub-sectors business – section 10(23FE) exemption [Notification No. 44/2020-Income Tax [F. No. 370142/24/2020-TPL] [S.O. 2227(E)] 06/07/2020
CBDT amends rule 31A and form no. 26Q from 3rd July 2020 Notification No. 43/2020-Income Tax [G.S.R. 429(E)] 03/07/2020
Rule 11UAD- Prescribed class of persons for section 50CA Notification No. 42/2020-Income Tax [G.S.R. 423(E)] 30/06/2020
CBDT notifies Investment Funds to which Section 9A not applicable Notification No. 41/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 2148(E)] 30/06/2020
Rule 11UAC Exemption from deeming provisions of section 56(2)(x) Notification No. 40/2020-Income Tax [G.S.R. 421(E)] 29/06/2020
CORRIGENDUM to Income Tax Notification No. 35/2020 Notification No. 39/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 2126(E)] 29/06/2020
Opted new Tax Regime- Claim conveyance, travel allowance Notification No. 38/2020-Income Tax [G.S.R. 415(E)] 26/06/2020
Section 10(46) exemption to RERA Authorities of Odisha & Jharkhand Notification No. 37/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 2041(E)] 25/06/2020
Section 10(46) exemption to RERA Authorities of Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka Notification No. 36/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 2042(E)] 25/06/2020
Govt Extends due dates under Income Tax Law & Benami laws Notification No. 35/202-Income Tax [S.O. 2033(E)] and Press Release ID: 1634070 24/06/2020
Section 10(46) exemption to Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission Notification. No. 34/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 2015(E)] 23/06/2020
Section 10(46) exemption to Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority Notification No. 33/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 2014(E)] 23/06/2020
Cost Inflation Index for Financial Year 2020-21- CBDT Notifies Notification No. 32/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 1879(E)] 12/06/2020
ITR (Income Tax Return Forms) 1 to 7 for AY 2020-21 notified Notification No. 31/2020-Income Tax [G.S.R. 338(E)] 29/05/2020
CBDT notifies new Form 26AS [Annual Information Statement] Notification No. 30/2020-Income Tax [G.S.R. 329(E)] 28/05/2020
Section 9A Remuneration to be paid to an eligible Fund Manager Notification No. 29/2020-Income Tax [G.S.R. 315(E)] 27/05/2020
Section 10(46) exemption to Uttarakhand Environment Protection & Pollution Control Board Notification No. 28/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 1658(E)] 27/05/2020
Section 10(46) exemption to Cochin Special Economic Zone Authority Notification No. 27/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 1659(E)] 27/05/2020