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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
GST E-Invoice- CBDT amends rules related to IRN & QR Code Notification No. 72/2020-Central Tax [G.S.R. 603(E)] 30/09/2020
Dynamic QR Code on B2C invoices requirement deferred to 01.12.2020 Notification No. 71/2020-Central Tax [G.S.R. 602(E)] 30/09/2020
CBIC amends rules related to E-Invoice Under GST Notification No. 70/2020-Central Tax [G.S.R. 596(E)] 30/09/2020
CBIC extends due date of GSTR-9 & GSTR 9C to 31.10.2020 (Read Notification) Notification No. 69/2020-Central Tax [G.S.R. 595(E)] 30/09/2020
Late fees capped at Rs. 500 for delay in filing Form GSTR 10 Notification No. 68/2020–Central Tax [G.S.R. 573(E)] 21/09/2020
Late fees capped at Rs. 500 for delay in filing Form GSTR-4 Notification No. 67/2020-Central Tax [G.S.R. 572(E)] 21/09/2020
GST: Time limit for issuing invoices in specified cases extended Notification No. 66/2020-Central Tax [G.S.R. 571(E)] 21/09/2020
CBIC further extends Due date of GST compliance to 30.11.2020 Notification No. 65/2020–Central Tax [G.S.R. 542(E)] 01/09/2020
Last date to file GSTR 4 for FY 2019-20 extended to 31.10.2020 Notification No. 64/2020–Central Tax [G.S.R. 539(E).] 31/08/2020
Interest on Net GST Liability wef 01.09.2020- Govt notifies New Battle for Taxpayer Notification No. 63/2020–Central Tax 25/08/2020
Provision for Aadhar Authentication in GST Registration notified Notification No. 62/2020–Central Tax/G.S.R. 517(E) 20/08/2020
E-Invoice under GST for turnover above 500 crore, SEZ excluded Notification No. 61/2020–Central Tax/G.S.R. 481(E) 30/07/2020
CBIC notifies revised Format/Schema for e-Invoice under GST Notification No. 60/2020–Central Tax/G.S.R. 480(E) 30/07/2020
GSTR-4 due date extended to 31st August 2020 for FY 2019-20 Notification No. 59/2020–Central Tax 13/07/2020
Rule 67A Manner of furnishing GSTR 3B by SMS facility Notification No. 58/2020 – Central Tax/G.S.R. 426(E) 01/07/2020
GSTR 3B Late fees restricted to Rs. 500 for return filed till 30.09.2020 Notification No. 57/2020–Central Tax [G.S.R. 424(E)] 30/06/2020
Period to pass GST refund order extended Notification No. 56/2020-Central Tax [G.S.R. 417(E).] 27/06/2020
CBIC extends due date of specific compliances to 31.08.2020 Notification No. 55/2020-Central Tax [G.S.R. 416(E).] 27/06/2020
GSTR-3B due date- August 2020- Annual turnover up to Rs. 5 crore Notification No. 54/2020-Central Tax/G.S.R. 407(E) 24/06/2020
Waiver of late fee for delay in filing GSTR-1- March to June 2020 Notification No. 53/2020-Central Tax/G.S.R. 406(E) 24/06/2020
CBIC notifies one time amnesty for non furnishing of GSTR-3B Notification No. 52/2020-Central Tax/G.S.R. 405(E) 24/06/2020
Interest rate (Feb to July 2020) for delayed filing/payment of GSTR 3B Notification No. 51/2020-Central Tax/G.S.R. 404(E) 24/06/2020
CBIC amends GST Rates under GST Composition Scheme Notification No. 50/2020-Central Tax/G.S.R. 403(E) 24/06/2020
CBIC notifies 4 GST Amendment of Finance Act 2020 w.e.f. 30.06.2020 Notification No. 49/2020-Central Tax/G.S.R. 402(E) 24/06/2020
Companies allowed to file Form GSTR-3B/GSTR-1 using EVC Notification No. 48/2020 – Central Tax/G.S.R. 394(E) 19/06/2020