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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Description of export & import item of SION J-222 in Textile Product Group amended Public Notice No. 37/2015-2020-DGFT [F. No. 01/94/180/140/AM-22/PC-4] 25/11/2022
Govt notifies quantity of Sugar to be exported to EU & raw cane sugar to USA Public Notice No. 36/2015-2020-DGFT [F. No. 01/91/180/879/AM08/EC/Vol. VIII/E-20749] 16/11/2022
Govt permits  Invoicing, payment & settlement of exports and imports in INR for Export Proceeds under EPCG Scheme Public Notice No. 35/2015-20-DGFT [F. No. 01/93/180/32/AM-19/PC.II(B)/E-17430.] 09/11/2022
Public Notice No. 34/2015-2020-DGFT – Related to notification of PSIA Public Notice No. 34/2015-2020-DGFT [F. No. 01/53/8/AM-20/PSIA-2/IC] 03/11/2022
DGFT withdraws Public notice related to cashew nuts & its products Public Notice No. 33 12015-2020-DGFT [F. No. 01/89/180/05/AM-20/PC-2[A]/Part-I/E-26117] 25/10/2022
Conditions for TRQ imports under tariff head 7108 under India-UAE CEPA updated Public Notice No. 32/2015-2020-DGFT [F. No. 01/89/180/01/AM-22/PC-2[B]/E-31419] 20/10/2022
Revised procedure for General Authorisation for Export after Repair in India Public Notice No. 31/2015-20 [F. No. 01/91/180/18/AM-17/EC(S)] 14/10/2022
Extension of Validity of Export of Raw Sugar to USA under TRQ to 31.12.2022 Public Notice No. 29/2015-2020-DGFT [F. No. 01/91/180/879/AM08/EC/Vol. VIII] 12/10/2022
DGFT suspends 11 SION related to Chemical & Allied Products Public Notice No. 30/2015-20 12/10/2022
Last date for applications for TRQs under tariff head 7108 extended Public Notice No. 28/2015-2020-DGFT [F. No. 01/89/180/01/AM-22/PC-2[B]/E- 31419.] 06/10/2022
Date for filing of annual returns under Para 5.15 of HBP 2015-20 extended Public Notice No. 27/2015-2020 [F. No. 18/79/AM-21/P-5] 29/09/2022
Foreign Trade Policy extended for six months i.e. upto 31st March, 2023 Public Notice No. 26/2015-2020 [F. No. 01/75/171/00020/AM22/FTPCell] 29/09/2022
Procedure for Registration Certificate for Import of Fresh (green) Areca Nut from Bhutan Public Notice No. 25/2015-20 [F. No. 01/89/180/43/AM-01/PC-2[A]/Part-III/E-8258] 28/09/2022
Provisions for treatment of un-utilized quantities allocated under TRQ for import of crude soya bean & crude sun flower oil Public Notice No. 24/2015-20-DGFT, [F. No. 01/89/180/36/AM-14/PC-2[A]/Part-II/E- 32035.] 12/09/2022
Amendment in Para 2.107 (TRQ under FTA/CECA) of HBP 2015-2020 Public Notice No. 23/2015-2020 [F. No. 01/89/180/01/AM-22/PC-2[B]/E- 31419] 29/08/2022
Panipat Exporters Association enlisted for issuing Certificate of Origin (Non Preferential) Public Notice No. 22/2015-2020 [F. No. 01/93/180/28/AM-19/PC.II(B)/E-16025] 23/08/2022
List of documents for claim of drawback by exporter/CHA Public Notice No. 53/2022- JNCH 17/08/2022
Extension of validity of Status Certificates issued in FY 2015-16 & 2016-17 Public Notice No. 21/2015-20 [F. No. 01/61/180/246/AM20/PC-3.] 05/08/2022
GJEPC, Mumbai enlisted under Appendix 2E of FTP, 2015-20 Public Notice No. 20 /2015-2020 [F. No. 01/93/180/28/AM-19/PC.II(B)/(E-16025)] 01/08/2022
DGFT suspends SION No. C-594, C-791 to C-796 and C-831 Public Notice No. 19/2015-2020 [F. No. 01/94/180/386/AM20/PC-4.] 27/07/2022
Urban Exim Care Association enlisted under Appendix 2E of FTP 2015-­20 Public Notice No. 18/2015-2020-DGFT (F. No. 01/93/180/28/AM-19/PC.II(B)/E-16025.) 19/07/2022
Import Procedure for Urad, Pigeon Peas & Tur under MoUs with Myanmar, Malawi & Mozambique Public Notice No. 17/2015-20 [F.No. M-5012/300/2002-PC 2(A)(E-2578)] 18/07/2022
DGFT notifies 1 new agency (PSIA) alongwith approved equipments Public Notice No. 16/2015-2020 [F. No. 01/53/8/AM20/PSIA-2/IC] 24/06/2022
Additional conditions for TRQ allocation of Crude Soya bean/ Sunflower oil Public Notice No. 15/2015-20-DGFT [F. No. 01/89/180/Misc-52/AM-06/PC-2(A)/Part-I./E-19847] 14/06/2022
DGFT amends procedure for issue of GAICT of SCOMET items Public Notice No. 14/2015-20-DGFT [F.No. 01/91/180/18/AM17/EC(S) (Computer No. 2862)] 13/06/2022