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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Guidelines for launching of Prosecution in relation to Custom offences Circular No. 12/2019-Customs 24/05/2019
Phasing out of physical copies of MEIS/SEIS Duty Credit Scrips Circular No. 11/2019-Customs 09/04/2019
Rebate under RoSCTL on export of garments and made-ups- Reg. Circular No. 10/2019-Customs 12/03/2019
Turant Customs-Next generation reform for Ease of Doing Business Circular No. 09/2019-Customs 28/02/2019
Procedure for Movement of Coastal Goods through foreign territory Circular No. 08/2019-Customs 26/02/2019
Discontinuation of printing of Advance & EPCG Authorisations- Reg. Circular No. 07/2019-Customs 21/02/2019
CBIC Rescinds Circular No. 132/95-Customs dated 22.12.1995 Circular No. 06/2019-Customs 20/02/2019
Amendments to All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback wef 20.02.2019 Circular No. 05/2019-Customs 20/02/2019
CBIC Rescinds Circular No. 46/2017-Customs dated 24.11.2017 Circular No. 04/2019-Customs 01/02/2019
Labelling/ fixing RSP allowed for statutory compliance in Customs Bonded Warehouse Circular No. 03/2019-Customs 31/01/2019
Customs Post Clearance Audit- reg Circular No. 02/2019-Customs 08/01/2019
IGST Export Refunds: Resolution of Export General Manifest errors Circular No. 01/2019-Customs 02/01/2019
CBIC defers RFID – Electronic sealing of goods Circular No. 54/2018-Customs 31/12/2018
CBIC allows operations U/s. 65 to continue in public bonded warehouses up to 31.01.2019 Circular No. 53/2018-Customs 28/12/2018
Revision of AIR of Duty Drawback wef 19.12.2018- Things to know Circular No. 52/2018-Customs 12/12/2018
Manual filing & processing of AEO T1 applications up to 31.03.2019 Circular No. 51/2018- Customs 07/12/2018
Clarification on Customs & Central Excise notifications related to EOUs Circular No. 50/2018-Customs 06/12/2018
How to dispose un-claimed/un-cleared cargo lying with custodians Circular No. 49/2018-Customs 03/12/2018
Procedure for movement of goods under TIR Carnets Circular No. 48/2018 –Customs 03/12/2018
Corrigendum to Circular 44/2018-Customs dated 13.11.2018 Circular No. 47/2018-Customs 27/11/2018
Advisory on ENDS, e-Cigarettes, e-Nicotine, Flavoured Hookah etc. Circular No. 46/2018-Customs 27/11/2018
Clarification for re-imports through Post Circular No. 45/2018-Customs 19/11/2018
Uploading of Licenses/Permits/Certificates/Other Authorizations (LPCOs) by PGAs Circular No. 44/2018-Customs 13/11/2018
Uploading of Supporting Documents (eSANCHIT) in Exports -reg. Circular No. 43/2018-Customs 08/11/2018
Reg. Transhipment of Export Cargo from Bangladesh to third countries Circular No. 42/2018-Customs 02/11/2018