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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
DGFT restricts Import of items containing Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) Notification No. 9 (RE–2013)/2009-2014 22/04/2013
To redress grievances DGFT may provide Personal Hearing Notification No. 08 (RE–2013)/2009-2014 22/04/2013
Import of Capital Goods for production/transmission of energy(power) will no longer be available Notification No. 07(RE-2013)/ 2009-2014 18/04/2013
DGFT – Regarding Addition of two new ports for import of new vehicles. Notification No. 6 (RE–2013)/2009-2014 18/04/2013
DGFT – Import policy of cars manufactured prior to 1st January, 1950 Notification No. 5 (RE-2013)/2009-2014 18/04/2013
DGFT – Amendments in Paragraph 8.3 (c) and Paragraph 8.4 of the FTP pertaining to deemed exports scheme- Regarding Notification No. 4 (RE-2013) /2009-2014 18/04/2013
Incremental Exports Incentivisation Scheme (IEIS) on annual basis Notification No. 3 (RE-2013)/2009-2014 18/04/2013
Anti-dumping duty and safeguard duty would be leviable on goods imported against transferred DFIAs Notification No. 02 (RE-2013)/ 2009-2014, 18/04/2013
DGFT harmonised Zero Duty & 3% Concessional Duty of EPCG Schemes Notification No. 01(RE-2013)/ 2009-2014 18/04/2013
FTP – Amendment in Notification related to prohibition on export of edible oils Notification No. 39 (RE-2012)/2009-2014 25/03/2013
Amendment in Notification related to Prohibition on export of pulses Notification No. 38 (RE-2012)/2009-2014 25/03/2013
Notification No. 37 (RE-2012) /2009-2014, 14.03.2013 Notification No. 37 (RE-2012) /2009-2014 14/03/2013
Import Policy of Used Rails – Notification No. 36 (RE–2012)/2009-2014 Notification No. 36 (RE–2012)/2009-2014 28/02/2013
DGFT Policy on Second Hand Goods Notification No. 35 (RE-2012)/2009-2014 28/02/2013
Regarding Export of Stone Aggregate to Maldive Notification No. 34 (RE-2012)/2009-2014. 08/02/2013
FTP – Duty credit scrips issued under Post Export EPCG Scheme will be issued only in respect of basic customs duty Notification No. 33 (RE-2012) /2009-2014 08/02/2013
Exemptions to prohibition on export of edible oils notified on 19.10.2012 Notification No. 32 (RE-2012)/2009-2014 05/02/2013
Value added agricultural products exempted from Export restrictions/ban Notification No. 31 (RE-2012)/2009-2014 04/02/2013
FTP – setting up of Private/Public Bonded Warehouses for Gems and Jewellery sector Notification No. 30 (RE-2012) /2009-2014 31/01/2012
Export of Pharmaceutical Grade / Specialty Sugar not required to registered with DGFT Notification No. 29 (RE-2012)/2009-2014 11/01/2013
Requirement of Certification regarding export of Fresh Grapes, Groundnut, Peanut & its products Notification No. 28 (RE-2012)/2009-2014 03/01/2013
Eligibility Criteria for Incremental Exports Incentivisation Scheme Notification No. 27(RE-2012)/2009-2014 28/12/2012
Procedure and conditions for registration of contracts for export of cotton Notification No. 26 (RE-2012)/2009-14 30/12/2012
Amendment in policy for export of Milk Powders including Whole Milk Powder, Dairy Whitener and Infant Milk Foods Notification No. 25 (RE-2012)/2009-2014 22/11/2012
Extension of ban on export of edible oils till further orders Notification No. 24 (RE-2012)/2009-2014 19/10/2012