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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Anti Dumping Duty on parts/components of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) from China and Hong Kong as per Customs Notification No.138/2002-Customs dated 10.12.2002 – Regarding Circular No. 43/2010-Custom Duty 06/12/2010
Classification of PXI Controllers, Input/Output Modules, Signal Converters and Chassis and its parts-regarding Circular No. 42/2010-Custom Duty 29/11/2010
Enforcement of statutory measures (Phytosanitary requirement) for import of food grains before release of consignments by the Customs authorities Circular No. 41/2010-Custom Duty 03/11/2010
Revised Form of Bond to be furnished for availing duty exemption under Advance License and EPCG Schemes Circular No. 40/2010-Customs Duty 28/10/2010
Drawback on supplies made by DTA units to SEZ, issue of drawback cheque books by jurisdictional Commissioner of Customs to Central Excise Commissionerates Circular No. 39/2010-Customs Duty 15/10/2010
Foreign Trade Policy (FTP), 2009-14- Circular No. 38/2010-Custom Duty Circular No. 38/2010-Custom Duty 27/09/2010
Regarding illegal use of Satellite Phones in India Circular No. 37/2010-Custom Duty 24/09/2010
Conversion of free shipping bills to export promotion scheme shipping bills and conversion of shipping bills from one scheme to another Circular No. 36/2010-Custom Duty 23/09/2010
All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback, 2010-11 – Circular No. 35/2010-Custom Circular No. 35/2010-Custom Duty 17/09/2010
Refund of 4 Percent Additional Duty of Customs (4 percent Special CVD) in pursuance of NotificationNo.102/2007-Customs dated 14.9.2007 Circular No. 34/2010-Custom Duty 15/09/2010
Courier Regulations for the manual and the electronic mode Circular No. 33/2010-Custom Duty 07/09/2010
Regarding export of sugar against Advance Authorizations issued from 17.2.2009 to 30.9.2009, Customs Circular No 32/2010, 31-08-2010 Circular No. 32/2010-Custom Duty 31/08/2010
Customs Circular No 31/2010, 30-08-2010, Regarding import of goods under Notification No.13/2010-Customs dated 19.2.2010 for Commonwealth Games, 2010 Circular No. 31/2010-Custom Duty 30/08/2010
Clarification regarding non-applicability of Anti Dumping Duty under Notification No.15/2007-Cus dated 20.02.2007 to Spandex Yarn (Elastomeric Yarn) falling under Tariff Item 5402 44 00 Circular No. 30/2010-Custom Duty 30/08/2010
Extension of ACP Programme to Export Houses / Trading Houses – Circular No.29/2010-Customs Circular No. 29/2010-Custom Duty 20/08/2010
Circular No. 27/2010-Customs, Dated:-13th August, 2010 Circular No. 27/2010-Custom Duty 13/08/2010
Import of goods under Notification No.13/2010-Customs dated 19.2.2010 for Commonwealth Games, 2010-Circular No.:28 / 2010-Customs Circular No. 28/2010-Custom Duty 13/08/2010
Import of goods under Notification No.13/2010-Customs dated 19.2.2010 for Commonwealth Games, 2010 – regarding Circular No. 26/2010-Custom Duty 09/08/2010
Display at Airports / LCS about prohibition of import / export of Indian currency notes of denomination of above Rs.100 in India and in Nepal – regarding Circular No. 19/2010-Custom Duty 06/08/2010
Clarification about permissible free baggage allowance under Baggage Rules, 1998 for the persons returning from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), People’s Republic of China Circular No. 25/2010-Custom Duty 04/08/2010
Clarification on Import of Boric Acid vide Circular No.24/2010-Customs Circular No. 24/2010-Custom Duty 04/08/2010
Customs Circular No 23/2010, 29-07-2010, Regarding disposal of claims in respect of cases where assessments are provisional Circular No.23/2010-Custom Duty 29/07/2010
Import of ‘Worn Clothing’ -Customs Circular No 22/2010, 26-07-2010 Circular No. 22/2010-Custom Duty 26/07/2010
Customs Circular No 21/2010, 26-07-2010, Regarding classification of Aseptic Packaging Paper Circular No. 21/2010-Custom Duty 26/07/2010
Customs Circular No 20/2010, 22-07-2010, Regarding provision of single factory stuffing permission valid for all Customs Houses Circular No. 20/2010-Custom Duty 22/07/2010