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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Regarding Making E-payment of Customs duty mandatory -Circular No. 33/2011-Customs Circular No. 33/2011-Custom Duty 29/07/2011
Regarding Classification of Palm Stearin – Circular No.31/ 2011-Customs Circular No. 31/2011-Custom Duty 26/07/2011
Custom – Cess not payable on on export of Lac/shellac Circular No. 32/2011-Custom Duty 26/07/2011
Refund of 4 Per cent CVD (SAD)-Extension of time upto 15th September, 2011 for using re-credited 4 Per Cent CVD (SAD) amount in DEPB. Circular No. 30/2011-Custom Duty 19/07/2011
Regarding Handling of Cargo in Customs Areas Regulations, 2009 Circular No. 29/2011-Custom Duty 18/07/2011
Regarding Collection of Anti-dumping duty beyond the validity period- Circular No. 28/2011-Customs Circular No. 28/2011-Custom Duty 08/07/2011
Import of hazardous waste under Hazardous Waste (Management, Handling and Transboundary) Rules, 2008 Circular No. 27/2011-Custom Duty 04/07/2011
Continuation of DEPB scheme for three months beyond 30.06.2011 i.e. upto 30.09.2011–Reg Circular No. 26/2011-Custom Duty 01/07/2011
Regarding Issue of Custom House Agent License – Reference from field formations – Circular No.25/2011-Customs Circular No. 25/2011-Custom Duty 22/06/2011
Revision in the powers of adjudication of the officers of Customs – Circular No.24/2011-Customs – Dated 31st May, 2011 Circular No. 24/2011-Custom Duty 31/05/2011
Project Imports Regulations, 1986 (PIR) – Instructions – regarding. Circular No. 22/2011-Custom Duty 04/05/2011
Regarding Courier Imports and Exports (Electronic Declaration and Processing) Regulations, 2010 Circular No. 21/2011-Custom Duty 18/04/2011
Import of New trim Cutting Waste for use in manufacture of Chindi rugs – Circular No. 20/2011-Customs Circular No. 20/2011-Custom Duty 15/04/2011
Compliance of DGFT Notification No. 44 (RE-2000)/1997-2002 dated 24.11.2000 – Labeling of goods in bond prior to Ex-bond clearance Circular No. 19/2011-Custom Duty 15/04/2011
Regarding Revision in the Customs part of Arrival Card for Passengers in Form ‘D’ –Notification issued by Ministry of Home Affairs – Compliance Circular No. 18/2011-Custom Duty 08/04/2011
Regarding Implementation of ‘Self-Assessment’ in Customs – Circular No.17/2011- Customs Circular No. 17/2011-Custom Duty 08/04/2011
Regarding compliance for revision in the Customs part of Arrival Card for Passengers in Form ‘D’ – Notification issued by Ministry of Home Affairs Circular No. 16/2011-Custom Duty 31/03/2011
Applicability of indirect taxes on packaged software – Circular No. 15 /2011-Customs Dated- 18th March 2011 Circular No. 15/2011-Custom Duty 18/03/2011
No drawback on the goods exported to Nepal which were imported into India from third countries Circular No. 14/2011-Custom Duty 15/03/2011
Custom Duty- Assessment under Project Import Regulations, 1986 – Requirement of cash security in lieu of bank guarantee Circular No. 12/2011-Custom Duty 01/03/2011
Refund of 4 per cent CVD (SAD)-Extension of time upto 30th June, 2011 for using re-credited 4 per cent CVD (SAD) amount in DEPB Circular No.11/2011-Custom Duty 24/02/2011
Regarding Intellectual Property Rights (Imported Goods) Enforcement Rules, 2007 -instructions for implementation Circular No. 10/2011-Custom Duty 24/02/2011
Regarding Customs duty exemption benefit to BCCI – Circular No. 9/2011-Customs Circular No. 09/2011-Custom Duty 21/02/2011
Procedure regarding Transfer / Transshipment of cargo Circular No. 08/2011-Custom Duty 28/01/2011
Circular No. 06/2011-Customs Duty Dated: 18/01/2011 Circular No. 06/2011-Custom Duty 18/01/2011