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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
This notification exempts specified goods falling under heading 98.04 from the levy of Additional duty Notification No. 318/1976-Customs 02/08/1976
This notification exempts vehicles and components parts covered under Customs Convention on the temporary importation of private road vehciles Notification No. 296/1976-Customs 02/08/1976
This notification exempts specified goods imported by post on approval or return basis Notification No. 248/1976-Customs 02/08/1976
This notification relates to Bill of Entry (Forms) Regulations, 1976 Notification No. 396/1976-Customs 01/08/1976
This notification relates to Customs (Publication of Names) Rules,1975 Notification No. 3/1976-Customs 19/01/1976
This notification relates to Shipping Bill for Aircraft Spares Ex-bond Regulations, 1975 Notification No. 41/1975-Customs 24/05/1975
This notification relates to Uncleared Goods (Bill of Entry) Regulations, 1972 Notification No. 99/1972-Customs 26/08/1972
This notification relates to Denaturing of Spirit Rules, 1972 Notification No. 7/1972-Customs 08/01/1972
This notification exempts specified goods imported temporarily for the purposes of scientific research and education Notification No. 84/1971-Customs 11/09/1971
This notification relates to Import Manifest (Vessels) Regulations, 1971 Notification No. 35/1971-Customs 17/04/1971
This notification relates to Levy of Fees (Customs Documents) Regulations, 1970 Notification no. 106/1970-Customs 26/12/1970
This notification exempts defective articles imported into India which are private personal property Notification No. 80/1970-Customs 29/08/1970
This notification relates to Notified Goods (Prevention of Illegal Import) Rules, 1969 Notification No. 10/1969-Customs 03/01/1969
This notification relates to Specified Goods (Prevention of Illegal Export) Rules, 1969 Notification No. 6/1969-Customs 03/01/1969
This notification relates to Baggage (Transit to Customs Stations) Regulations, 1967. Notification No. 61/1967-Customs 03/06/1967
This notification exempts goods which are private personal property and have been re-imported Notification No. 174/1966-Customs 24/09/1966
This notification relates to Manufacture and Other Operations in Warehouse Regulations, 1966 Notification No. 155/1966-Customs 30/07/1966
This notification relates to Passenger”s Baggage (Levy of Fees) Regulations, 1966 Notification No. 111/1966-Customs 08/06/1966
This notification relates to Bonded Aircraft Stores (Procedure) Regulations, 1965 Notification No. 115/1965-Customs 28/08/1965
This notification relates to Transportation of Goods (Through Foreign Territory) Regulations, 1965 Notification No. 112/1965-Customs 21/08/1965
This notification relates to Drawback rates-goods taken into use- after importation Notification No. 19/1965-Customs 06/02/1965
This notification exempts Indian goods meant for display in Exhibition, Fairs etc Notification No. 16/1965-Customs [G.S.R. 126 (E)] 23/01/1965
This notification exempts Indian goods meant for display in Exhibition, Fairs etc. Notification No. 1/1964-Customs 18/01/1964
This notification relates to Imported Packages (Opening) Regulation, 1963 Notification No. 182/1963-Customs 13/07/1963
This notification relates to Warehoused Goods (Removal) Regulations, 1963 Notification No. 59/1963-Customs 01/02/1963
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