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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Govt repeals 58 Act and amends 2 Acts (Amends section 54GA of Income Tax Act, 1961) No. 31 of 2019 08/08/2019
CBDT notifies Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board for exemption U/s. 10(46) Notification No. 56/2019-Income Tax [S.O. 2782(E)] 02/08/2019
Right to Information (Amendment) Act, 2019 Notification No. 24 of 2019 01/08/2019
President Assents Finance (No. 2) Act, 2019 THE FINANCE (NO. 2) ACT, 2019 NO. 23 OF 2019 01/08/2019
Banning of Unregulated Deposit Schemes Act, 2019 NO. 21 OF 2019 31/07/2019
Income from investment fund set up in IFSC – Exemption from filing of return Notification No. 55/2019-Income Tax [S.O. 2672(E)] 26/07/2019
Banning of Unregulated Deposit Schemes Bill, 2019 Passed by Lok Sabha Bill No. 182-C of 2019 24/07/2019
CBDT notifies Revised India -China DTAA Protocol Notification No. 54/2019-Income Tax [S.O. 2562(E)] 17/07/2019
Notification No. 53/2019-Income Tax, Dated: 16/07/2019 Notification No. 53/2019-Income tax [S.O. 2560(E)] 16/07/2019
CBDT notifies Chhattisgarh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board for exemption U/s. 10(46) Notification No. 52/2019-Income Tax [S.O. 2378(E)] 04/07/2019
CBDT notifies National Skill Development Corporation for exemption U/s. 10(46) Notification No. 51/2019-Income Tax [S.O. 2377(E)] 04/07/2019
Income Tax Notification No. 50/2019, Dated: 27.06.2019 Notification No. 50/2019- Income Tax [S.O.2164(E)] 27/06/2019
CBDT notifies ‘Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission’ for exemption U/s. 10(46) Notification No. 49/2019- Income Tax [S.O.2163(E)] 27/06/2019
Notification No. 48/2019-Income Tax Dated: 26.06.2019 Notification No. 48/2019-Income Tax [S.O. 2195(E)] 26/06/2019
CBDT expands Terms of Reference for drafting new Direct Tax Law F No 370149/230/2017 24/06/2019
Notification No. 47/2019-Income Tax, Dated: 02.06.2019 Notification No. 47/2019-Income Tax [S.O. 2007(E)] 20/06/2019
CBDT notifies ‘International Sericultural Commission’ for exemption U/s. 10(42) Notification No. 46/2019 -Income tax [S.O.2006(E)] 20/06/2019
CBDT notifies Central Silk Board’ for exemption U/s. 10(46) Notification No. 45/2019-Income tax [S.O.2005(E)] 20/06/2019
Procedure to file e-TDS/TCS statement online through e-filing portal Notification No. 10/2019-Income Tax 04/06/2019
Prohibition of Benami Property Transactions (Conditions of services of Members of Adjudicating Authority) Rules, 2019 Notification No. 44/2019-Income Tax [G.S.R. 379(E)] 27/05/2019
CBDT notifies Tamil Nadu Real Estate Regulatory Authority for exemption U/s. 10(46) Notification No. 43/2019-Income Tax [S.O. 1802(E)] 23/05/2019
CBDT notifies All India Council for Technical Education for exemption U/s. 10(46) Notification No. 42/2019-Income Tax [S.O. 1801(E)] 23/05/2019
CBDT issues notification for amendment of Form No. 15H Notification No. 41/2019 – Income Tax [G.S.R. 375(E),] 22/05/2019
Agreement for exchange of information with Marshall Islands notified Notification No. 40/2019 [S.O. 1789(E).] 21/05/2019
Bombay Public Trusts (Second Amendment) Rules, 2019 No. BPT-1117/C.R. 59/Desk XV 15/05/2019