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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Protocol to amend India-Kuwait DTAA notified Notification No. S.O. 1823(E)-Income tax [S.O. 1823(E)] 04/05/2018
Draft notification for determination of FMV of inventory converted in Capital Assets N/A
Himachal Pradesh to roll out intra-state e-way bill WEF May 05, 2018 Notification No. 12-4/78-EXN-Tax 01/05/2018
Income Tax Informants Rewards Scheme, 2018: Reward up to Rs. 5 crore F.No. 292/62/2012-IT (Inv.III)/26 23/04/2018
Benami Transactions Informants Reward Scheme, 2018- Reward up to Rs. One crore F. No. 299/31/2017-Dir (Inv. III)/22 23/04/2018
Setting up of Aaykar Sewa Kendras in Pr. CCIT regions in FY 2018-19 File No. 48/1/2018/ASK/P.IX/DOMS/54 12/04/2018
CBDT notifies revised DTAC between India and Kazakhstan Notification No. 20/2018-Income Tax [S.O. 1589(E)] 12/04/2018
CBDT amends Rule-10VA of Income-tax Rules Notification No. 19/2018- Income Tax [S.O.1558.(E)] 11/04/2018
Sec. 56(2)(viib) not applicable to startups having paid up share capital upto Rs. 10 crore Notification No. G.S.R. 364(E) 11/04/2018
Draft notification proposing amendment to rule 44E, Form 34C, 34D & 34DA F.No.370142/34/2016-TPL (Part) 10/04/2018
CBDT provides selecting of Transgender option in Filing of Form No. 49A and 49AA Notification No. 18/2018-Income Tax [G.S.R. 352(E)] 09/04/2018
CBDT withdraws Transport allowance of Rs. 1,600 pm Notification No. 17/2018-Income Tax [S.O. 1517(E)] 06/04/2018
How to register and submit Statement of Reportable Account Notification No. 4 of 2018-DGIT(S) 05/04/2018
How to register and submit statement of financial transactions (SFT) Notification No. 3 of 2018-DGIT(S) 05/04/2018
How to register and submit Form No. 61 under Income Tax Rule 114D Notification No. 2 of 2018-DGIT(S) 05/04/2018
How a person not having PAN can submit Form No. 60 Notification No. 1 of 2018-DGIT(S 05/04/2018
CBDT Releases ITR 1 to ITR 7 for Financial Year 2017-18 / A.Y. 2018-19 Notification No. 16/2018-Income Tax [G.S.R. 332(E)] 03/04/2018
Promotion of 305 ACIT to the grade of DCIT Notification No. 05 (F. No. A-23012/2/2018-Ad.VI) 30/03/2018
Appointment of 149 IRS Officers in the grade of ACIT Notification No. No. 04 (F. No. A-23012/1/2018-Ad.VI) 30/03/2018
President assents Finance Act, 2018 (Applicable for FY 2018-19) NO. 13 OF 2018 29/03/2018
CBDT amends Income Tax Notification No. 49/2015 with retrospective effect Notification No. 14/2018-Income Tax [G.S.R. 221(E)] 13/03/2018
Income Tax Notification No. 13/2018, Dated: 01.03.2018 Notification No. 13/2018-Income Tax [S.O. 910(E)] 01/03/2018
CBDT notifies centralised communication scheme 2018 for issuance of e-notice Notification No. 12/2018-Income Tax [S.O. 771(E)] 22/02/2018
​Revised DTAA between India and Kenya notified Notification No. 11/2018-Income Tax [S.O. 731(E)] 19/02/2018
CBDT revises Application form for registration of charitable or religious trusts Notification No. 10/2018-Income Tax [G.S.R. 176(E)] 19/02/2018