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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Custom mandates new declaration in lieu of SDF form in Shipping Bill Circular No. 15/2015-Customs 18/05/2015
FTP 2015 2020- Changes in incentive / advance authorization or DFIA / EPCG or post export EPCG Circular No. 14/2015-Customs 20/04/2015
Setting up of ‘Customs Clearance Facilitation Committee’ (CCFC) – reg. Circular No. 13/2015-Custom 13/04/2015
importers may file refund claim of 4% SAD at the Customs stations where imports are made Circular No. 12/2015-Customs 09/04/2015
Facility for suo moto payment of customs duty in case of bona fide default in export obligation under Advance / EPCG authorisations – reg. Circular No. 11/2015-Customs 01/04/2015
Circular No. 10/2015-Customs Dated 31st March, 2015 Circular No. 10/2015-Customs 31/03/2015
Online message exchange between Customs and other regulatory agencies – reg. Circular No. 09/2015-Customs 31/03/2015
Import of sub standard Steel and Steel Products not permitted Circular No. 08/2015-Customs 24/03/2015
List of documents required for KYC verification by Authorised Couriers Circular No. 07/2015-Customs 12/02/2015
Amendments to certain All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback – Reg. Circular No. 06/2015-Customs 11/02/2015
No Anti-Dumping Duty can be collected on Acrylonitrile Butadiene beyond validity period Circular No. 05/2015-Customs 28/01/2015
Customs -Re-export of goods imported under bonafide mistake – Reg. Circular No. 04/2015-Customs 20/01/2015
CBEC directs custom officers to follow FEMA guidelines related Export & Import of Currency Circular No. 03/2015-Customs 16/01/2015
Simplification of Customs procedures for shipping – regarding Circular No. 02/2015-Customs 15/01/2015
CBEC dispenses with separate packing list in customs Circular No. 01/2015-Customs 12/01/2015
Introduction of 24×7 Customs clearance facility at Specified Sea Ports and Air Cargo Complexes Circular No. 19/2014-Customs 31/12/2014
Review of Accredited Clients Programme (ACP) – Reg. Circular No. 18/2014-Customs 22/12/2014
Authentication of supply invoice/ ARE-3 by the Central Excise Authorities for Claiming Deemed export benefits – reg. Circular No. 17/2014-Customs 18/12/2014
Re-warehousing of goods imported and/or procured indigenously by EOU/EHTP/STP/BTP units-reg. Circular No. 16/2014-Customs 18/12/2014
Norms for Execution of Bank Guarantee for Advance License/EPCG Schemes Circular No. 15/2014-Customs 18/12/2014
Customs – Regarding adjudication of appraising related cases Circular No. 14/2014-Customs 11/12/2014
All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback effective 22.11.2014 – Reg. Circular No. 13/2014-Customs 18/11/2014
Valuation/Assessment Practice in respect of export of Iron Ore Circular No. 12/2014-Customs 17/11/2014
CBEC clarifies on Method of calculation of safeguard duty Circular No. 11/2014-Customs 14/11/2014
Technical grade/ material verification on Import of Pesticides-reg. Circular No. 10/2014-Customs 17/10/2014