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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Special Advance Authorization with All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback Circular No. 37/2016-Customs 13/08/2016
Procedure for exports through e-commerce platform under MEIS Scheme Circular No. 36/2016-Customs 29/07/2016
Removal of mandatory warehousing requirements for EOUs, STPIs, EHTPs etc Circular No. 35/2016-Customs 29/07/2016
Customs Assessment of Bulk Liquid Cargo – regarding Circular No. 34/2016-Customs 26/07/2016
Customs Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme Circular No. 33/2016-Customs 22/07/2016
DD/PO towards appeal/application fee Should be Valid for 60 days F.No.14/CESTAT/MISC/2013-14 20/07/2016
Duty Free Shops- Accounting of receipt, storage, operations & removal of goods Circular No. 32/2016-Customs 13/07/2016
Sale of goods at Duty Free Shops in Indian Currency Circular No. 31/2016-Customs 06/07/2016
Increase in AIR of Duty Drawback on gold/silver jewellery/articles Circular No. 30/2016-Customs 24/06/2016
Government Servants who can be considered for rewards Circular No. 29/2016-Customs 23/06/2016
Simplified Procedure in SWIFT for clearance of drugs & cosmetics Circular No. 28/2016-Customs 14/06/2016
Procedure for Gold/silver/platinum import by Nominated Agencies Circular No. 27/2016-Customs 10/06/2016
Application Form for Licence under Public/Private/Special Warehousing Licensing Regulations, 2016 Circular No. 26/2016-Customs 09/06/2016
Record Maintenance of warehoused goods in electronic form Circular No. 25/2016-Customs 08/06/2016
Solvency Certificate for Private Warehouse Licensing Regulations 2016 Circular No. 24/2016-Customs 02/06/2016
Manner of payment of interest on warehoused goods Circular No. 23/2016-Customs 01/06/2016
Customs Procedure regarding filing of ex-bond bill of entry Circular No. 22/2016-Customs 31/05/2016
Revised Security criteria U/s. 59(3) of Customs Act Circular No. 21/2016-Customs 31/05/2016
Reg. Duty Free Shops/Ship stores/Airline Stores/Diplomatic Stores Circular No. 20/2016-Customs 20/05/2016
Allotment of Warehouse Code for Customs Bonded Warehouses Circular No. 19/2016-Customs 20/05/2016
CBEC prescribes revised Consignment & General Bond Circular No. 18/2016-Customs 14/05/2016
Goods Removal from customs station & one-time-lock affixation Circular No. 17/2016-Customs 14/05/2016
Examination report on shipping bill must be recorded separately Circular No. 16/2016-Customs 09/05/2016
Monitoring of pendency in disbursal of rewards to informers Circular No. 15/2016-Customs 03/05/2016
Carriage of coastal cargo from one Indian port to another in vessels Circular No. 14/2016-Customs 27/04/2016