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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Arrests of Construction Company director for Service Tax Evasion DGCEI F.No.V/30/2015-16/BZU 09/10/2015
Arrest of IT Service Company Director in Service tax evasion case F.NO.INV/DGCEI/CHZU/ST/35/2015 22/09/2015
Service Tax on Advertisement & Exchange Rate for Valuation D.O.F. No. 334/15/2014-TRU 25/08/2014
Arrests of service provider for failing to remit Service Tax C.No. PV/06/90/2013-14 SPV Cell 11/08/2014
Advertisement Company Chairman arrested for Evasion of Service Tax of Rs. 1.94 Crore C.No. IV/06/10/2014-15 SIV Cell 23/07/2014
Union Budget, 2014: Analysis of Changes in Service Tax D.O.F. No. 334/15/2014-TRU 10/07/2014
Interim Budget 2014 – Amendment in Service Tax D.O.F. No. 334/03 /2014-TRU 17/02/2014
VCES – No Declaration for Period not covered by Scheme, Installment Payment Possible F. No. B1/19/2013-TRU (Pt.) 11/12/2013
Service Tax and Excise – Lowering of the threshold for e-payment to rupees one lakh F.No: 137/116/2012- Service Tax 22/11/2013
List of Documents and the Check-List for Application of Single/Centralised Registration Corrigendum/Addendum [C.No.IV(16)HQ/Tech/ST/TN/197/2011] 02/11/2012
Filing of ST-3 only for the period 1st April to 30th June 2012 & in Revised Format F. No. 137/22/2012-Service Tax 28/09/2012
Service Tax on Redevelopment & Slum Rehabilitation Project (SRA), Floor rising charges F.No.V/ST-I/Tech-II/463/11 31/08/2012
Common return for ER-1, ER-3 & ST-3, Change in ST Return Periodicity – Govt invites suggestion F No 201/05/2011-CX.6 13/04/2012
Harmonisation of Service Tax and Central Excise Registration F. No. 137/22/2012 – Service Tax 31/03/2012
Incidents of Service tax evasion reported by Anti Evasion Unit, Siliguri Commissionerate C. No. V (30) 24/ST/COM/HAEU/SLG/11-12/, C. No. V (30) 26/ST/COM/HAEU/SLG/11-12/, C. No. V (30) 20/ST/COM/HAEU/SLG/11-12/ 07/03/2012
Section 65(105)(zm) of the Finance Act, 1994 – Banking and Other Financial Services – Service tax on Commitment charges collected by Banks F.No. 137/62/2011 - Service Tax 21/10/2011
Service tax – Taxability of import of International Private Leased Circuit services F. No. 137/21/2011 - Service Tax 19/12/2011
Clarification- Service tax on escort charges collected by State Police from clients under security agency's service LETTER [F.No.137/131/2010-CX.40] 20/05/2011
Service Tax – Issuance of ad hoc Exemption Order No.2/2/2011, dated 8-8-11 to NGOs managing central kitchen of mid-day meal scheme sponsored by Central/State Governments, as outdoor caterers LETTER [F.No.137/94/2010-CX.4] 09/08/2011
Stock Broker's services – Levy of service tax on delayed payment charges collected by service provider in respect of Stock Broker's services LETTER [F.NO. 137/25/2011 - SERVICE TAX] 03/08/2011
Taxability in respect of International Private Leased Circuit (IPCL) charges and amendment in the definition of Telegraph Authority u/s 65 (111) of the Finance Act, 1994 F.No.137/21/2011-Service Tax 15/07/2011
BAS – Service tax on Computer Embroidery work LETTER [DY. NO. 2305/COMMR(ST)/2011] 15/07/2011
Employees sent on deputation by ONGC are liable to service tax LETTER [F. NO.137/35/2011 - SERVICE TAX] 13/07/2011
Development fee is chargeable to service tax under the 'airport service' LETTER [F.NO.106/COMMR(ST)/2009] 08/07/2011
Service tax is leviable on Flying Training School & Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Institutes LETTER [F. NO. 137/132/2010 - SERVICE TAX] 11/05/2011