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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
CBIC identifies mismatch of Rs. 12 Lakh Crores in Service Tax & ITR D.0. F. No. IV(20/3/2015-Systems Pt.1 29/03/2019
Union Budget 2018 – Changes in Service Tax F.No.334/04/2018-TRU 01/02/2018
Budget 2017- Exhaustive Analysis of Changes in Service Tax F. No.334/7/2017-TRU 01/02/2017
Service Tax –Monitoring of Non-Filers / Stop-Filers F.No. IV/26/24/2016-Systems (S) 27/01/2017
Indirect tax assessments will not be reopened for mere increase in Sales F. No. 137/155/2012-Service Tax(Part-I) 09/12/2016
Permission to pay service tax through non electronic modes F.No 137/08/2013-Service Tax 22/07/2016
Make Indirect Taxes Dispute Resolution Scheme a Success: CBEC D.O.No 113/Chairman(CBEC)/2016 22/07/2016
Issue of defending interest of UOl In Indirect Tax matters- Reg F.No.278A/35/2016-Legal 15/07/2016
Reg. Fresh panel of Senior/Junior Counsels for CBEC cases F. No.2784/33/2016-Legal 24/06/2016
Display list of Cases withdrawn & inform Assessee: CBEC F.No.390/Misc./38/2016-JC 23/06/2016
Reg. Service Charges payable to local civic bodies F.No. 910/6/Service Charges/HRD/13 23/06/2016
Reg. Furnishing of AIR by State Electricity Agencies F. No. 221/01/2016-CX.6 06/06/2016
Enactment of Finance Bill, 2016 – reg. F. No. B-1/19/2016 -TRU 31/05/2016
Appointment/extension of tenure of SPPs handling CBEC cases Reg F.No. 278A/54/2015-Legal 19/05/2016
Ensure equal distribution of case among Sr./Jr. Standing Counsels F.No. 278A/25/2016-Legal 11/05/2016
CBEC: Reg. delay in preparation & filing of counter reply to court cases No.C-18013/08/2015-Ad 22/04/2016
CBEC instruct commissioners to stop working in casual manner F No 390/CESTAT/24/2016-JC 13/04/2016
Reg. Stay on Service Tax on services provided by Senior Advocates F.No.276/91/2016-CX.8A 08/04/2016
Adhere to time limit in filing of SLPs before Hon’ble SC F.No.276/320/2015-CX.8A 29/03/2016
CBEC ask Commissioners to Identify cases for write-off of arrears F.No. 296/65/2016-CX-9 23/03/2016
CBEC report on case pending adjudication & in Call Books F.No. 296/29/2016-CX.9 22/03/2016
Order of Commissioners cannot be reviewed twice: CBEC F.No. 390/Review/36/2014-JC 17/03/2016
CBEC instruct officials to solve Grievances Published in Newspapers F.No.C-30013/8/2016 Ad.IV-A 11/03/2016
Procedure for selection of Special Public Prosecutors for handling CBEC cases F.No.278A/54/2015-Legal 29/02/2016
Budget 2016: Exhaustive analysis of Service Tax changes D.O.F. No.334/8/2016-TRU 29/02/2016