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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Provisions in Cenvat Credit Rules 2004 regarding reversal of credit Circular No. 213/3/2019-Service Tax 05/07/2019
Tax on road or bridge access service during 08.11.2016 to 01.12.2016 Circular No. 212/2/2019-Service Tax 21/05/2019
Applicability of Service Tax on ADB and IFC – reg Circular No. 211/1/2019-Service Tax 15/01/2019
Service tax on ambulance services to Govt by private sector under NHM Circular 210/2/2018-Service Tax 30/05/2018
Applicability of Place of Provision Rules to software development & services Circular No. 209/1/2018-Service Tax 04/05/2018
Reassignment of cases pending as on 30-6-2017 with Commissioner of Central Excise and Service Tax (Appeals) Circular 208/6/ 2017-Service Tax 17/10/2017
Transitional issues related to service tax payment after 30th June 2017 Circular 207/5/2017- Service Tax 28/09/2017
Circular No. 206/4/2017-Service Tax, Dated: 13.04.2017 Circular No. 206/4/2017-Service Tax 13/04/2017
Extending Banking Hours and e-payment deadline for Tax Payment Circular No 205/3/2017-Service Tax 27/03/2017
Service tax on services by way of transportation of goods by a vessel Circular No. 204/2/2017-Service Tax 16/02/2017
Mentioning of Minor Head Code for accounting of Refund Circular No. 203/1/2017-Service Tax 02/02/2017
46 FAQs on service tax on cross border B2C OIDAR online services Circular No. 202/12/2016-Service Tax 09/11/2016
Revised Guidelines for arrest for Failure in Service Tax Payment Circular No 201/11/2016-Service Tax 30/09/2016
All about ST Exemption on renting of precincts of a religious place Circular No. 200/10/2016-Service Tax 06/09/2016
No Service Tax on tube well construction for Government Circular No. 199/09/2016-Service Tax 22/08/2016
Service tax on hiring of goods without transfer of right to use goods Circular No.198/08/2016-Service Tax 17/08/2016
Service tax on freight forwarders on transportation of goods from India Circular No. 197/7/2016-Service Tax 12/08/2016
Attachment of property without any opportunity / SCN not valid Circular No. 196/06/2016-ST 27/07/2016
DD/PO towards appeal/application fee Should be Valid for 60 days F.No.14/CESTAT/MISC/2013-14 20/07/2016
Exporters claiming Service Tax Refund to file additional documents Circular No. 195/05/2016-Service Tax 15/06/2016
CBEC notifies Accounting code for payment of Krishi Kalyan Cess Circular No. 194/04/2016-ST 26/05/2016
Liability to pay tax on services by arbitral tribunal & its members Circular No.193/03/2016-Service Tax 18/05/2016
FAQs on Tax on services provided by Government / local authority Circular No. 192/02/2016-Service Tax 13/04/2016
Extension of e-payment deadline & banking hours Circular No. 191/01/2016-Service Tax 29/03/2016
Service tax on fabrication of garments service received by apparel exporters Circular No.190/9/2015-Service Tax 15/12/2015