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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Order No. 201/2017- Transfer & Posting in the Grade of ACIT/JCIT Order No. 201 of 2017 16/11/2017
Order No. 200/2017: Transfer & Posting in ACIT/DCIT Grade Order No. 200 of 2017 16/11/2017
Promotion of 229 ITOs to the grade of ACITs Order No. 196 of 2017 13/11/2017
CBDT Order on extension of due date of ITR / TAR to 7th Nov 2017 F.No. 225/270/2017/ITA.II 31/10/2017
Extension of Due Date of Filing of Accounts to Charity Commissioner in State of Maharashtra Order No. 517 31/10/2017
Order No. 189/2017- Promotion of 86 Additional CITs to CIT grade Order No. 189 of 2017 31/10/2017
Order No. 181/2017 Promotion & posting in the grade of Pr. CIT Order No. 181/2017 24/10/2017
ITAT Ahmdabad moves Towards becoming Paperless Court NA 17/10/2017
Order No. 178/2017 Regularization of promotion of JCIT Order No. 178 of 2017 12/10/2017
Order No. 155/2017: Extension of ad-hoc appointment of officers in JCIT grade Order No. 155 Of 2017 13/09/2017
Order No. 151/2017: Promotion and Posting in Principal CCIT grade Order No. 151 of 2017 08/09/2017
Due date to file ITR & Income Tax Audit Reports extended to 31.10.2017 No. 225/270/2017/ITA.II 31/08/2017
Due date to link Aadhar with PAN extended till 31.12.2017 No. 225/270/2017/ITA.II 31/08/2017
Order No. 137/2017 Promotion & posting of officers to Principal CIT grade Order No. 137 of 2017 16/08/2017
Opening of Income Tax Offices on 05.08.2017 for receipt of returns F.No.225/270/2017/ITA.II 04/08/2017
Order No. 132/2017: Additional charges to officers in CCIT grade Order No. 132/2017 03/08/2017
Order No. 13/2017: Modification in designations of CBDT Members Order No. 131/2017-Income Tax 03/08/2017
Order No. 128/2017 Transfer / Postings (Local Changes) in CIT Grade Order No. 128/2017-Income Tax 01/08/2017
Order No. 127/2017 Transfers & Postings (Local changes) in Addl./Joint CIT grade Order No. 127/2017-Income Tax 01/08/2017
Order No. 126/2017 Transfer / Postings (Local Changes) in DCIT/ACIT grade Order No. 126/2017-Income Tax 01/08/2017
Aadhar can be linked after Return filing but to be done on or before 31st August 2017 F.No. 225/270/2017/ITA.II 31/07/2017
CBDT to Set up 6 new Aayakar Seva Kendra (ASK) during A.Y. 2017-18 File No. 48/1/2017/ASK/P.VIII/DOMS/288 27/07/2017
Order specifying Information to be shared by CBDT with ROC F.No. 225/252/2017/ITA.II 26/07/2017
Achievement of Revenue Collection targets needs sustained efforts: CBDT Notification No. 370/02/2017-IT (B) 06/07/2017
Award Scheme in Income Tax Department- Celebration of Income Tax Day F. No. /HRD/PM/425/2/2017-18 06/07/2017
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