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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Procedure for filing Statement of income from a country or specified territory outside India and Foreign Tax Credit Notification No. 9 19/09/2017
TDS on interest under Capital Gains Accounts Scheme of deceased depositor Notification No. 08/2017- Income Tax 13/09/2017
Section 10(18)(i)- Central Government specifies Gallantry awards Notification No. 83/2017- Income Tax /S.O. 2830(E) 30/08/2017
S. 10(46) Central Govt notifies Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission Notification No. 84 /2017- Income Tax Notification 30/08/2017
Protocol to amend India-Vietnam DTAA notified Notification No. 82/2017- Income Tax/ S.O. 2826(E) 30/08/2017
Section 35(1) (ii) Central Government approves organization M/s Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, Bangalore Notification No. 81/2017-Income Tax 20/08/2017
CBDT notifies revised Form no. 29B for MAT audit with Annexures Notification No. 80/2017-Income Tax/ G.S.R. 1028(E) 18/08/2017
S. 54EC CBDT allows Indian Railway Finance Corp. Ltd to issued Bond Notification No. 79/2017-Income Tax 08/08/2017
CBDT notifies countries & specified territories for Sec. 9A(3)(b) Notification No. 78/2017-Income Tax/ S.O. 2456(E) 03/08/2017
Notification No. 77/2017-Income Tax dated 3rd August 2017 Notification No. 77/2017-Income Tax/S.O. 2455(E) 03/08/2017
S. 10(46) CBDT notifies Himachal Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission Notification No. 76/2017-Income Tax 28/07/2017
India enters Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement on Exchange of Country by Country Reports Notification No. 75/2017-Income Tax 28/07/2017
CBDT to share details with ROC of Income Taxpayers Notification No. 74/2017-Income Tax 26/07/2017
Income Tax Notification on Deemed demerger of Company ceased to be public sector company Notification No. 73/2017-Income Tax 26/07/2017
Amendment in Jurisdiction under Black Money Law Notification No. 72/2017-Income Tax/ S.O. 2321(E) 25/07/2017
Amendment in Authority under Prohibition of Benami Property Law Notification No. 71/2017 Income Tax/ S.O. 2320 (E) 25/07/2017
S. 10(46) CBDT notifies ‘Noida Special Economic Zone Authority, Noida’ Notification No. 70/2017-Income Tax / S.O. 2281(E) 20/07/2017
S. 10(46) CBDT notifies ‘Assam State Biodiversity Board Notification No. 69/2017-Income Tax / S.O. 2280(E) 20/07/2017
S. 10(46) CBDT notifies ‘National Biodiversity Authority, Chennai’ Notification No. 68/2017-Income Tax / S.O. 2279(E) 20/07/2017
S. 10(46) CBDT notifies ‘National Council of Science Museums’, Kolkata Notification No. 67/2017-Income Tax / S.O. 2278(E) 20/07/2017
S. 10(46) CBDT notifies ‘Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission’ Notification No. 66/2017/ S.O. 2277(E) 20/07/2017
S. 10(46) CBDT notifies State Pollution Control Board, Odisha Notification No. 65/2017-Income Tax/ S.O. 2276(E) 20/07/2017
CBDT amends jurisdictions of Principal CITs & CCITs Notification No. 64/2017-Income Tax 19/07/2017
CBDT rescinds 3 Income Tax Notifications Notification No. 63/2017-Income Tax 19/07/2017
CBDT Amends Form No. 3CEFA related to Application for Opting for Safe Harbour Notification No. 62/2017-Income Tax 18/07/2017
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