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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Draft Amendment To Transfer Pricing Rule 10CB related to Computation of Interest Income U/s 92CE F. No. 370142/12/2017-TPL 19/06/2018
CBDT instruction on Gross Delay in Tackling Vigilance Complaints Against Tax Officials D.O. F.No. DGIT(V)/HQ/CVC/ASR-18 13/06/2018
Meetings by PCCIT with PCsIT & Standing Counsels related to HC appeals F. No. 272/M-26/2015-(ITJ) 30/05/2018
CBDT to set up High Court Cells at all places where Bench of HC is situated F. No. 272/ M-26/2015-(ITJ) 28/05/2018
Manual Order Upload functionality in ITBA Assessment Module -Regarding ITBA- ASSESSMENT INSTRUCTION NO. 9 07/05/2018
Dedicated fortnight for Income Tax Appeal Effect & Rectification D.O. No. DIT (TPS-I)/Pakhwada/2018-19 07/05/2018
List of auditable cases for internal audit in ITBA ( Audit module) – Reg. ITBA – Audit Module-Instruction No. 4 23/04/2018
Functionality for Rectification u/s 154 of Intimation u/s 143(1) in ITBA F.No.System/ITBA/Instruction/Rectification/186/2018-19 19/04/2018
Functionality for Rectification of Appeal and Revision orders in ITBA F. No. System/ITBA/Instruction/Rectification/186/2018-19 19/04/2018
Decide appeal for restoration of ‘struck off’ Cos. name by May 31, 2018: CBDT to CIT(A) F.No. 225/423/2017/ITA.II 18/04/2018
CBDT assigns jurisdiction to CIT (Appeals) under Black Money Act, 2015 F. No. 279/Misc./M-44/2018-(ITJ) 16/04/2018
Reg. Income Tax returns pushed to Assessing Officers by CPC N/A
Misconduct & high handedness by Sr. Officers of Income Tax Dept. Reg. D.O.F.No.Pr. DGIT(Admn. &TPS)/D0/2018-19/ 16/04/2018
Ensure Representation before NCLT benches: CBDT to Pr. CCITs F.No.278/M-52/2003-ITJ(Pt.) 04/04/2018
CBDT Action Plan for first Quarter of Financial Year 2018-19 F.No. 380/1/2018-IT(B) 02/04/2018
AO should electronically process return pushed to it by CPC : CBDT F.No. 225/53/2018/ITA.II 28/03/2018
Notices U/s. 142(1)(ii) & (iii) of Income Tax Act 1961 in revised format F. No. System/ITBA/Assessment/Notice 142(1)/2017-18 19/03/2018
Launch of Income Tax Business Application – Investigation Module Phase 4 ITBA- Investigation Instruction No. 5 12/03/2018
CIT (Appeals) should timely issue & dispatch appellate orders F.No. DGIT(Vig.)/HQ/SI/Appeals/2017-18/9959 08/03/2018
Variance in Appeal statistics generated in CIT(A) module of ITBA- reg. F.No. 279/Misc./M-133/2017-(ITJ) 07/03/2018
Conduct of Assessment Proceedings in scrutiny cases electronically-reg. F.No. Pr.DGIT (Systems)/ADG(S)-4/E-Assessment/2017-18 23/02/2018
Pendency of processing u/s 143(1) for ITR paper and E-filed Returns F.No: DGIT(S)-3/AST/Processing of CASS Cases/101/2016-17/2 23/02/2018
CBDT releases Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Policy 2018 LETTER (F.NO.SYSTEM/ITBA/DIGITAL SIGNATURE/16-17/181 16/02/2018
CBDT notifies important procedural aspects while conducting e-assessment Instruction No. 01/2018 12/02/2018
Process ITR of all Non-scrutiny cases for AY 2016-17 by 31.03.2018: DIT F.No: DGIT(S)-3/AST/Processing of CASS Cases/101/2016-17/2 07/02/2018
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