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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Guidelines for division of GST taxpayers between Central & state govt Circular No. 01/2017 20/09/2017
FAQs on computation of book profit to levy MAT for Ind AS companies Circular Number 24/2017-Income Tax 25/07/2017
MVAT: TDS on work contracts executed prior to 30-6-2017 Trade Cir No. 32T of 2017 21/07/2017
TDS not deductible on GST Component: CBDT Circular No. 23/2017-Incomne Tax 19/07/2017
Clarifications in respect of section 269ST of Income-tax Act, 1961 Circular No. 22 of 2017 03/07/2017
No deemed dividend U/s. 2(22)(e) on trade advances in the nature of commercial transactions: CBDT Circular No. 19/2017-Income Tax 12/06/2017
Section 194I not applicable on remittance of Passenger Service Fees: CBDT Circular No. 21/2017-Income Tax 12/06/2017
Adjustment of Seized cash against advance tax- Explanation 2 to Section 132B is prospective in nature: CBDT Circular No. 20/2017-Income Tax 12/06/2017
Builders cannot advertise projects without Registration under RERA No. 0-17034/101/2016-H/EFS-3018177 12/06/2017
TDS in case of entities whose income is exempted under Section 10 Circular No. 18/2017-Income Tax 29/05/2017
In disputed matter evidence can be taken from video graphing: EPFO H.O. NO. C-I-1(4)2017/Capital Dyeing/3274 11/05/2017
DVAT: Withdrawal of Circular regarding disposal of refunds Circular No. 03 of 2017-18 02/05/2017
SC Guideline for Listing of urgent matters during Vacations F.No. 169/Judl./2017 01/05/2017
Don’t rely merely on Head Notes / Placitum of Law Journals: HC MEMO No. 649/2017 27/04/2017
Income Tax Circular No.17 of 2017 dated: 26.04.2017 Circular No. 17/2017-Income Tax 26/04/2017
Treatment of Lease rent from letting of buildings/developed space Circular No. 16/2017-Income Tax 25/04/2017
Reg. removal of Cyprus from list of notified jurisdictional areas U/s. 94A Circular No. 15/2017-Income Tax 21/03/2017
Date for filing PMGKY declaration extended upto 10th May, 2017 Circular No. 14/2017-Income Tax 21/04/2017
Salary of NR seafarer not taxable merely for credit to NRE account in India Circular No. 13/2017-Income Tax 11/04/2017
PMGKY deceleration filing due date extended to 10th April 2017 Circular No. 12/2017-Income Tax 31/03/2017
Guidelines for waiver of interest charged under Section 201(1A)(i) Circular No. 11/2017-Income Tax 24/03/2017
25 FAQs on Income Computation and Disclosure Standards (ICDS) Circular No. 10/2017-Income Tax 23/03/2017
Existence of deposit in bank not mandatory on PMGKY payment date Circular No. 8/2017-Income Tax 14/03/2017
Approach on un-reconciled, unsettled outstanding reinsurance balances as on 31.03.2014 Ref: IRDA/BRK/MISC/CIR/050/03/2017 08/03/2017
POEM guidelines not applies to company with turnover of Rs. 50 crores or less in a year Circular No 08 of 2017-Income Tax 23/02/2017
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