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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Criteria for Selection of cases for Assessment under MVAT Act, 2002 notification No. VAT-1518/C.R. 23/Taxation-1. 01/03/2018
Assessee takes GST credit of 16.95 Crore wrongly due to server error CT-20/ Div- Shahdara/ R-142/ M ISC/ 108/2017-18 16/02/2018
Telangana notifies way bill with effect from 10-02-2018 TGST Notification No. 3/2018 10/02/2018
E-way bill not required in Nagaland till 31.05.2018 for Intra-State movement of goods Notification- 2/2018 09/02/2018
Modification to Circular No. 37T of 2017 dated 24th August 2017 Trade Cir. No. 5T of 2018 09/02/2018
Telangana govt notifies Waybill for intra-State movement of goods G.O.Ms.No. 30 09/02/2018
Monitor pending GST refund claims & ensure timely disbursals: CBEC Chairman DO.No.06/CH(EC)/2018 09/02/2018
GST Settlement of Funds (Amendment) Rules, 2018 G.S.R. 145(E) 06/02/2018
J&K Govt. notifies Reimbursement of Taxes for promotion of industries Notification No. 63 05/02/2018
Postponement of introduction of E-way bill under GST in Maharashtra Notification No. 11/2018-State Tax 05/02/2018
e-way bill not required till 31.03.2018 for intra-state supplies of goods in Punjab Notification No. GST-I-2018/101 29/01/2018
MGST Notification No. 09/2018-ST(R)- Amendment to Notification No. 45/2017-SGST (Rate) Notification No. 9/2018-State Tax (Rate). 25/01/2018
MGST Notification No. 08/2018-ST(R)- Amendment to Notification No. 1/2017-SGST (Rate) Notification No. 8/2018-State Tax (Rate). 25/01/2018
MGST: Amendment to Notification No.2/2017-SGST (Rate) Notification No. 7/2018-State Tax (Rate) (No. GST-1018/C.R.16(2)/Taxation-1) 25/01/2018
MGST Notification No.06/2018-ST(R) -Amendment to Notification No.1/2017-SGST (Rate) Notification No. 6/2018-State Tax (Rate) (No. GST-1018/C.R.16(1)/Taxation-1) 25/01/2018
MGST Notification on Exemption of Central Govts share of Profit Petroleum from Central tax Notification No. 5/2018-State Tax (Rate) (No. GST-1018/C.R.15(5)/Taxation-1) 25/01/2018
MGST: GST Payment on construction service against transfer of development rights-Reg. Notification No. 4/2018-State Tax (Rate) (No. GST-1018/C.R.15(4)/Taxation-1) 25/01/2018
MGST -RCM on renting of immovable property by Govt./ local Authorities Notification No. 3/2018-State Tax (Rate) (No. GST. 1018/C.R.15(3)/Taxation-1) 25/01/2018
MGST: Notification No. 02/2018-ST(R) exempts certain services from GST Notification No. 2/2018-State Tax (Rate) (No. GST. 1018/C.R.15(2)/Taxation-1) 25/01/2018
MGST Notification To notify SGST rates of various services Notification No. 1/2018-State Tax (Rate) (No. GST-1018/C.R.15(1)/Taxation-1) 25/01/2018
MGST Notification for notifying e-way bill website Notification No. 9/2018–State Tax (No.GST-1018/C.R. 13/Taxation-1) 24/01/2018
MGST Notification No. 07/2018-State Tax- Reduction of late fee in case of delayed filing of FORM GSTR-6 Notification No. 7/2018 –State Tax (No. GST. 1018/C.R.12(4)/Taxation-1) 24/01/2018
MGST Notification on Reduction of late fee in case of delayed filing of FORM GSTR-5A Notification No. 6/2018–State Tax (No. GST. 1018/C.R.12(3)/ Taxation-1) 24/01/2018
Notification No.05/2018-State Tax- Reduction of late fee in case of delayed filing of FORM GSTR-5 Notification No. 5/2018 –State Tax (No. GST. 1018/C.R.12(2)/Taxation-1) 24/01/2018
MGST- Reduction of late fee in case of delayed filing of FORM GSTR-1 Notification No. 4/2018–State Tax (No. GST. 1018/C.R.12(1)/Taxation-1) 24/01/2018
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