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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Amendment in Appendix 3 (SCOMET items) to Schedule- 2 of ITC (HS) Classification of Export and Import Items, 2012 Notification No. 29/2015-2020 21/09/2017
Removal of prohibition on export of Pulses till further orders Notification No. 28/2015-2020 15/09/2017
DGFT allows Import of 3 Lakh MT of raw sugar under Exim Code 170114 Notification No. 27/2015-2020 07/09/2017
DGFT notifies conditions for import of toys Notification No. 26/2015-2020 01/09/2017
Amendment in import policy of gold and silver under Chapter 71 of the ITC(HS) 2017, Schedule -I (Import Policy) Notification No. 25/2015-2020 25/08/2017
Amendment in Foreign Trade Policy Related to importations or exportations of gold or silver Notification No. 24/2015-2020 25/08/2017
Entitlement to export freely exportable items on free of cost basis by Status Holders -Amendment Notification No: 23/2015-2020 23/08/2017
Govt puts restriction on Import of Urad/ Moong dal Notification No. 22/2015-2020 21/08/2017
Govt relaxes export policy of gold jewellery (plain or studded) Notification No. 21/2015-2020 14/08/2017
No restriction on export of eggs & pulses to Maldives during 2017-18 Notification No. 20/2015-2020 14/08/2017
Amendment in import policy of Pigeon Peas (Cajanus Cajan)/Toor Dal Notification No. 19/2015-2020 05/08/2017
Amendment in Import Policy of Cigarettes or other Tobacco products Notification No. 18/2015-2020 01/08/2017
Govt prohibits Import of Red Sanders (Pterocarpus Santalinus) Notification No. 17/2015-2020 01/08/2017
Amendment in Chapter Notes and Import Policy and Policy Conditions of items under Chapter 98 of ITC (HS), 2017 – Schedule -1 (Import Policy) Notification No. 16/2015-2020 12/07/2017
Export of Sandalwood oil moved from ‘Free’ to ‘Restricted’ category Notification No. 15/2015-2020 05/07/2017
DGFT Notification No.14/2015-2020 Dated: 30 June, 2017 Notification No.14/2015-2020 30/06/2017
Amendment in export policy of chemicals listed under SCOMET Category Notification No. 13/2015-2020 28/06/2017
Govt permits Supply of essential commodities to Maldives Notification No. 12/2015-2020 27/06/2017
Amendment in export policy of Muli Bamboo & bamboo products Notification No. 11/2015-2020 23/06/2017
Prohibition on import of milk and milk products from China extended till 23.6.2018 Notification No. 10/2015-2020 22/06/2017
Revision in Import policy of Poultry and Poultry Products Notification No. 09/2015-2020 08/06/2017
Online Generation of Rotation Number by Shipping Lines/ Agents Notification No. F.No.S/12-Gen-82/2015-16 AM(X) 05/06/2017
Export of Red Sanders wood by Govt of Andhra Pradesh /Maharashtra /Tamil Nadu, DRI, -Extension of time reg. Notification No. 08/2015-2020 23/05/2017
Export Policy of Fertilizers, Updation of List of Manufactures Notification No. 07/2015-2020 16/05/2017
DGFT notification on Implementation of Target Plus Scheme as per SC decision Notification No. 06/2015-2020 08/05/2017
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