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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Safeguard duty on imports of Solar Cell extended by one Year Notification No. 02/2020-Customs (SG)/G.S.R. 471(E) 29/07/2020
Safeguard Investigation of imports of Phthalic Anhydride from Korea Case No. SG-08/2019 11/05/2020
Reg. Imposition of Safeguard Duty on imports of Solar Cells Case No.: (SG) 01/2020 03/03/2020
BCD rates on Solar Cells whether or not assembled into modules, including Safeguard duty Notification No. 01/2020-Customs (SG) [G.S.R. 75(E)] 02/02/2020
Safeguard duty on Solar cells Notification No. 01/2018-Customs (SG) [G.S.R. 717 (E)] 30/07/2018
Safeguard duty on Hot Rolled flat sheets and plates Notification No. 3/2016-Customs (SG) 23/11/2016
Notification No. 2/2016-Customs (SG) Dated 05.08.2016 Notification No. 2/2016-Customs (SG) 05/08/2016
Notification No. 1/2016-Customs (SG) Dated: 29th March, 2016 Notification No. 1/2016-Customs (SG) 29/04/2016
Initiation of safeguard investigation concerning imports of Hot Rolled flat sheets and plates G.S.R. 938(E). 07/12/2015
Safeguard Duty on Hot-Rolled Flat Products of Non-Alloy and Other Alloy Steel Notification No. 2/2015-Customs (SG) 14/09/2015
Reg. Safeguard Duty on product HR Coil G.S.R. 690 (E) 09/09/2015
Safeguard duty on import of saturated fatty alcohol Notification No. 1/2015-Customs (SG) 13/03/2015
Notification No. 04/2014-Customs (SG) Dated: 31.12.2014 Notification No. 04/2014-Customs (SG) 31/12/2014
Seeks to levy provisional safeguard duty on imports of Saturated Fatty Alcohols Notification No. 03/2014-Customs (SG) 28/08/2014
Seeks to levy safeguard duty on imports of Seamless Pipes and Tubes into India for a period of two and a half years Notification No. 02/2014-Customs (SG) 13/08/2013
Safeguard duty on imports of Sodium Nitrite into India Notification No. 01/2014-Customs (SG) 26/02/2014
Safeguard duty on imports of Hot rolled flat products of stainless Steel from China Notification No. 02/2013-Customs (SG) 29/08/2013
Provisional safeguard duty on imports of Hot rolled flat products of stainless Steel 304 grade( up to a max width of 1605 mm) into India from China Notification No. 01/2013-Customs (SG) 04/01/2013
Regarding imposition of safeguard duty on imports of electrical insulator from China PR Notification No. 05/2012-Customs (SG) 20/12/2012
Safeguard duty on import of Carbon Black From China Notification No. 04/2012-Customs (SG) 05/10/2012
Seeks to levy definitive safeguard duty on import of Phthalic Anhydride Notification No. 03/2012-Customs (SG) 29/05/2012
Seeks to rescind Notification No.1/2012-Customs (SG), Dated: 17.01.2012 Notification No. 02/2012-Customs (SG), 29/05/2012
Customs – Seeks to impose safeguard duty at the rate of 10% ad valorem, on Phthalic anhydride Notification No. 01/2012-Customs (SG) 17/01/2012