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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
MCA clarifies meaning of joint venture for appointment of Independent Directors General Circular No. 09/2017 05/09/2017
Reg. Private company exemption from internal financial control reporting General Circular No. 08/2017 25/07/2017
Clarification on transmission of Securities by Operation of Law -Reg. General Circular No. 07/2017 05/06/2017
Clarification regarding due date of transfer of shares to IEPF Authority General Circular No. 06/2017 29/05/2017
MCA withdraws Circular on Transfer of shares to IEPF Authority General Circular No.05/2017 16/05/2017
Reg. Admission by Regional Director of Time barred application General Circular No. 04/2017 16/05/2017
File Formats for Transfer of Shares to demat account of IEPF Authority Circular No. NSDL/CIR/II/4/2017 28/04/2017
Transfer of Shares to IEPF Authority General Circular No.03/2017 27/04/2017
Filing of e-form IEPF-1 despite non generation of IEPF payment Challan General Circular No. 02/2017 20/04/2017
Section 391(2) closure of place of business by a Foreign Company General Circular No. 01/2017 22/02/2017