prpri Window for uploading correct pendency/ disposal by CIT(A) Window for uploading correct pendency/ disposal by CIT(A)

No. 279/ M-118 / 2013-(Vol-II)-ITJ
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board Direct Taxes
Audit & Judicial Division

New Delhi, 15th September, 2017


All Pr. Chief Commissioners of Income Tax,


Sub:- Window for uploading the correct pendency/ disposal by CIT(A) in in appeals module of ITBA reg.

Ref:- Board’s letter of even number dated 21.04.2017.

Kindly refer to the above mentioned subject.

2. The appeal module of ITBA was rolled out in the month of June 2015 enabling the CsIT(Appeals) to function in a computerized environment. To dispose appeals in ITBA, it was imperative to upload appeals on ITBA Module and for the same an excel utility was made available to CIT(A) to upload the pending appeals in the appeals module. The window for uploading the pendency, disposal of the appeals was repeatedly extended and was finally closed on 30.04.2017, thereby preventing the user from uploading the past appeals data beyond 30.04.2017.

3. However, both the Board as well as Systems Directorate continue to receive requests from various regions/ CIT(A) seeking assistance in uploading appeals filed/ disposed prior to 31.03.2017. Requests for assistance w.r.t some key data entry errors are also being received, where the appeals entered earlier need to be deleted and entered afresh. Further, requests to upload appeals in case of transfer cases or for deletion of duplicate appeals (i.e appeals that have been entered twice) have also been received. However, since the uploading of the past appeals data was disabled beyond 30.04.2017, the users are unable to make necessary data updation.

4. In this context and to resolve the aforesaid issues it has been decided to create a window till 31.10.2017 in the appeal module of ITBA to enable the users to enter pendency/disposal of older appeals which for some reason could  not be entered within the stipulated time frame and also to make corrections in  the appeals already uploaded with data entry error in the key fields.

5. It may however be noted that that the said window shall be kept open till 31.10.2017 only as a onetime measure to ensure that complete pendency is captured in ITBA. Thereafter, the same would be closed and CIT(A) shall not be able to upload further pendency/disposal of appeals as on 31.03.2017. It is reiterated that the performance appraisal of CIT(A) for the current Financial Year shall be done on the basis of pendency and disposal of the appeals as uploaded in appeal module of ITBA.

6. Hence the CIT (A) of your region who have yet to take necessary action as per para 3 and 4 supra may be directed to do so immediately and in any case latest by 31.10.2017. This may be treated as MOST URGENT.

7. This issues with the approval of Member (A80).

Yours faithfully

(Neetika Bansal)
Tele: 011- 26882641

Copy to:

1. ADG(S)-3, CBDT, with a request to re-open the window as per para 3 and 4 above till 31.10.2017.

2. All CIT (A) via email.

3. Web Manager for placing the letter on the website irsofficersonline

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