Dear Taxpayers,

Please furnish the Form ITR-V to the Income Tax Department, CPC, Post Bag No – 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore – 560100, Karnataka BY ORDINARY POST ONLY within thirty days after the date of transmitting the data electronically.

ITR-V sent by Speed post, Registered Post or Courier will not be accepted. No Form ITR-V shall be received in any other office of the Income-tax Department or in any other manner.

Please refer to CBDT Press Release dt 30/06/2009 regarding deferment of Notification No. 31 dt 25/03/2009. Release of Schema, utility and upload of Form 24C has accordingly been deferred.

Please check “My Account” -> “E-filing Process Status” on the website after logging in your account for status of receipt of ITR-V at CPC, Bangalore.

Taxpayers are advised that copy of ITR-V sent by them to CPC Bangalore will be scanned after stamping receipt number and date of receipt and the same shall be made available to taxpayers on request through email shortly. Please await further information on procedure for the same.

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0 responses to “What mode to use to send ITR to Bangalore-Speed post, Registered Post , Courier, Ordinary Post?”

  1. Kuldip says:


    I forgot to send copy of acknowlegement(ITR-1) to Bangalore for AY 09-10 & 10-11. Can I send it now. And if I send, will I get receipt from tax department.


  2. shinu v george says:

    during uploading of it return, i lost the link and generation of ITR V not done. and the same has not been forwarded in my mail also. Can i regenerate ITR V again

  3. Chandresh says:

    We should cooperate IT dept.for efiling because it pramotes faster refund also, every coin have two sides.dept. will soon automate everything easily, from view of green intiatives it is good for environment also.

  4. rohit says:

    what is the address of sending itr-6 in bangalore?

  5. Kunal says:

    I’m not sure if this is a good move or bad move, but what they are trying to do is centralize E filing returns in one place for scrutiny. They are trying to make this a similar procedure to that of Passport.

    Yes, there is no proof of when our post was sent, but that’s the risk we take as efiling users.

    Kunal Janu

  6. CA Niraj Surti,Bharuch says:

    This proposal is quite impractical for a number of reasons.
    (1)An uncertainity regarding status of receipt of our post at Banglore;
    (2)Dept. can collect such ITR-V at local income tax office after stamping them and they can send them to Banglore in ordinary post;
    (3)Multiple ITR-Vs can be sent in one cover but there is no clarity;
    (4)In case of loss returns,there is a high risk.
    (5)In era of e-returns, digital signs can be used for secured filing and there is no need for any physical filing.
    (6)Such procedures shows lack of logical thinking on part of CBDT. Let refunds be introduced electroically first and let dept restore a faith that they are also efficient.

  7. R K MAHARIWAL says:

    In my view ITR-V should be scanned after signing by Assessee and mailed to Banglaore or wherever CBDT want to Mail it.

    it means assessee has submitted the Income Tax return with department,

    the ITR-V scanned copy should be mailed with in 30 days

  8. Kuldeeep Singh says:

    The step taken by goverment for sending ITR-V to Bangalore is not good. It is also not provided/mentioned in the notification that how to send these returns to Bangalore. If a practitioner have to send more than 1 return then how to send this. Is he has to use the separate envelope for each return or he can send all returns filed in a single envelope.

  9. efiiling says:

    my sahajanand soni tax practioner from baroda gujarat efilling copy to sent banglore is not proper way

  10. ???? says:

    This is resorted for the benefit of postal services. People do not trust the Indian Post. It is a rumour that our letters will not reach. Although registered post should not have been denied.

  11. CA Shailesh Kamdar says:

    This is worst step introduced by CBDT. Can anybody trust our postal service in particular ordinary post. It will not be possible to prove that assessee has actually dispatched ITR-V by post.

    In my view it will drastically reduce e-filing of voluntary returns. Certainly as a practisioner, we have stoped e-filing of all voluntary returns.This will once again increase paper work and will ultimately result in late processing of returns.

    Further, when returns are sent to bangalore, how rectification of mistakes in intimation issued u/s 143(1)(a) will be carried out?

    CBDT must rethink on new procedure else it will not help small tax payers.

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