Download TDS Calculator in Excel Format for Salary for Assessment Year 2019-20 (AY 2019-20 ) or Financial Year 2018-19 (FY 2018-2019  )

Also useful for computing Income Tax, Simple Excel Calculator

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Download Salary TDS Calculator in Excel for AY 2019-20 FY 2018-2019

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  1. tijesh maru says:

    i want to buy this excel product for calculating tds on salary. also i want to know whether we can generate form 16 thru this excel. if yes. pls call at 9323250910

  2. sachin falke says:

    Salary income is not good not actual amount calculated by this column. that why not calculated exactly calculated tds
    please try it again.

  3. sachin falke says:

    agar 2018-209 k salaried person ka 4 months (Apr,May, June and July) ka tds barne ke baki hai aur ye agar Oct me barn hai to tya ispe late fee charge hoga ki nahi. agar hoga to kitna percent hoga. ye jara batai


    Great Effort Sir, But need some more adjusments as follows,
    1) Professional tax Column
    2)PF Exemption is not deducted from salary
    3) Dearness allowance Column.

    Thank You

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