Steps for registration of TAN online and activation of TAN account

Steps to Register TAN

  1. Register your TAN online at TIN website. For registration of TAN, click here
  2. Submit the application online.
  3. On successful registration of TAN, a 12 digit alpha numeric registration number will be generated.
  4. Print the acknowledgement and preserve the same for future reference.
  5. On successful registration, user will be required to verify the e-mail ID (s) quoted on re-re-registration of TAN for activating the TAN account.
  6. For verifying the e-mail ID(s), an e-mail containing the link will be sent to the registered e-mail ID (s).
  7. For verification of mobile no. (if provided on registration), an SMS containing six character verification code is sent.

Steps to Activate the TAN account

  1. Click on the link received by e-mail, and provide:
    • TAN
    • TAN registration no. (12 digit alphanumeric no.)
    • Verification code (Six character received by SMS)
  2. On successful validation of TAN, TAN registration and verification code, TAN account will be activated within 24 hours.
  3. On activation of TAN account, an e-mail containing user ID (created on registration of TAN account) will be sent at the registered e-mail ID (s).

Detailed guidelines for Registration of TAN online

a. Details of Deductor/Collector

  1. Mention details of deductor/collector i.e. TAN & TAN Name.
  2. Select appropriate deductor/collector category from the dropdown.
  3. Mention PAN of the deductor/collector. Mention “PANNOTREQD”, in case PAN is not available i.e. deductor is not required to have PAN as per the statute.
  4. The fields PAO Code and DDO Code are mandatorily required to be filled for deductor category “Central Government”.
  5. If PAO Code is not available, then mention value “PAOCDNOTAVBL”.
  6. If DDO Code is not available, then mention value “DDOCDNOTAVBL”.
  7. For PAO Registration number, mention registration number allotted, if any, by Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA) under New Pension System (NPS).
  8. For DDO Registration number, mention registration number allotted, if any, by Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA) under New Pension System (NPS).

b. Contact Details of Deductor/Collector

  1. Mention demographic details of deductor (TAN) i.e. complete address and contact details.
  2. Provide valid email id and telephone no. / mobile no., as the same will be used for subsequent communication.
  3. It is mandatory to provide one e-mail ID.
  4. Provide mobile no. for deductor other than Central govt. and State govt.
  5. Provide details of responsible person and designation.

c. Statement Details

  1. Mention details of any regular e-TDS / TCS quarterly statement accepted in TIN on or after April 01, 2008.
  2. Before providing statement details, check status of statement at the Quarterly Statement Status available at TIN website by entering the TAN and Token Number (earlier known as Provisional Receipt Number).
  3. Enter details of only electronic regular statement accepted at TIN central system.
  4. For entering statement details, you may refer the Provisional Receipt issued at the time of acceptance of the e-TDS / TCS statement or FVU statement statistic report generated by FVU (File Validation Utility) on successful validation of TDS/TCS statement.

d. TAN account details

  1. Select the user ID and password for operating TAN account.
  2. Password entered is case sensitive.
  3. Preserve the user ID and password provided.
  4. Select security question and corresponding answer.
  5. Preserve the security question and corresponding answer.

e. Generation of Acknowledgement/ TAN registration number

  1. Provide the details in the fields marked with asterisk (*).
  2. After filling up the information, click “submit”. On submission of details, if any errors are provided, rectify and re-submit the form.
  3. A confirmation screen with all the data filled by the user is displayed. The same can be either confirmed or edited by selecting the respective option provided at the end of the screen.
  4. On selecting the option ‘edit’, user is taken to the page of registration for editing the details.
  5. On selecting the option ‘confirm’, 12 digit acknowledgement number will be displayed.
  6. Print the acknowledgment and preserve the same for future use.
  7. For future correspondence, mention the TAN registration number provided by TIN along with the TAN.
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  1. Manigandan says:

    How to cancel my tin number Reactivate again My tin number 33164245160 Sakthimotors vellore please call me 8870071211 how much penalty i am pay him C.T.O ( Sridhar ) not proper responce …SO My tin number cancel so bills are missing me….

  2. Manigandan says:

    how to cancel my tin number number How to reactivate again i don”t know some bills are missing…how to submit again please help me how much penalty pay him

  3. anup kumar talukdar says:

    please inform that I have registered TAN at NSDL website but i have lost the tan registration no with password. Now please tell me the proceedure to login in my tan account

  4. pritesh says:

    I recently received default in TDS return in which the challan for TDS on 94C ,94J etc.deposited late ( i have efiled tds return 26Q) so notice received for payment of differencial interest .In this matter i need to deposit interest for each section wise say selecting code 94C ,94J in form 281 or i can deposit interest consolidated if so then which code no. i have to select 94C or 94J or any code no.can be selected as it is immaterial ?

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