prpri Representation regarding issues / glitches on new Income Tax Portal Representation regarding issues / glitches on new Income Tax Portal

Income Tax Bar Association, Ahmedabad (ITBA), and All Gujarat Federation of Tax Consultants (AGFTC) has made a representation regarding the issues / glitches on the new Income Tax Portal. ITBA &  AGFTC made made an attempt to bifurcate issues / glitches on new Income Tax Portal in major 5 parts, which may require attention at different levels and also there might be some modules and features in progress for development. The 5 parts are 1. Technical & Performance Issues, Issues with Data and Missing Data, Missing / Non-Working Modules, 4. Utility / Schema Related Issues and Non-Technical but Serious Issue. Read Full text of the representation below

303, B wing, Pratyaksh Kar Bhavan,
Nr. Panjrapole, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad-380 015
Ph.: +91 98255 65282
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website :

Room No. 40, Aayakar Bhavan,
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad – 380 009
Ph.: +91 98250 72194, 079 4801 1947
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Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman
Union Finance Minister of India
15, Safdarjung Road,
New Delhi – 110029
e-mail ID:

Date: 18th June, 2021

Respected Madam,

Subject: Representation regarding the issues / glitches on the new Income Tax Portal

Reference: Tweet by the official handle @nsitharamanoffc dated 16th June, 2021 inviting representations

First of all we want to thank you for your tireless efforts to make the tax administration better and totally digital, which will be definitely a milestone for taxpayers and taxation consultants of the entire nation. We are sure that the Income Tax Portal 2.0 will change lot of things and be a positive driving force in increasing taxpayers base, bringing more transparency and honoring the points mentioned in taxpayers charter.

We also want to thank you for your concern and active efforts for participation from taxpayers and taxation consultants as the stakeholders in the development of new Income Tax Portal 2.0 and inviting the representation regarding the issue / glitches on it.



Income Tax Bar Association, Ahmedabad (ITBA) is one of the first professional association founded in 1947 comprising of Tax Professionals, Tax Advocates and Chartered Accountants based at Ahmedabad and having current strength of more than 1100 members.

All Gujarat Federation of Tax Consultants (AGFTC) founded in the year 1992, is the apex Regional Body of Advocates, Chartered Accountants & Tax Practitioners of Gujarat, having membership strength of more than 1500 professionals and institutional membership across 37 districts of Gujarat.

Above associations are non-profit organizations of Tax Practitioners having membership of many Senior Tax Professionals, who regularly appear before ITAT, High Court and Supreme Court. The prime objective of these associations is not only to work for the cause of its professionals but also educate the public at large and to act as a catalyst between Citizens & Government Authorities.


We have tried to collect and compile the issues reported by our members and experts. Also we have made an attempt to bifurcate it in major 5 parts, which may require attention at different levels and also there might be some modules and features in progress for development. The 5 parts are:

Part 1. Technical & Performance Issues

Part 2. Issues with Data and Missing Data

Part 3. Missing / Non-Working Modules

Part 4. Utility / Schema Related Issues

Part 5. Non-Technical but Serious Issue

The details are as under.


1. Size of Webpage / Loading the Home Page:

The size of the home page of the new portal is too high and it takes high time to load the website even on the broadband & fiber connections. As you are already aware that even today India’s major internet penetration is mostly through mobile phones only and speedy and stable internet connection is not available to many parts of the country.

Also we contacted few technical people who are in the field of web development and got the tests done through the common, free and reliable tools to find out the overall performance related indicators of the new portal. We used (a) Google PageSpeed Insights, (b) GTMatrix & (c) SEOptimer services; and the major findings were:

(i) The page size is too large due to JavaScripts and Others

(ii) Fully loaded time is more than 14ms

(iii) Performance is sub-par

For details, we have provided screenshots of the same as annexure 1 to this representation.

2. Pages become unresponsive:

The pages inside new portal like profile, updating details etc. takes very high and long loading time on any random page, which may run into minutes and then the page becomes unresponsive.

3. Session Timeouts:

Whenever the page keeps loading for more than normal time, which generally is more than a minute, in general the only available option is to refresh the page through browser. The new portal in such scenario, shows session timeout when page is refreshed through browser. Most surprising part is, while trying to login again after this issue, a message appears that the previous session is running!

4. Chrome v. 91 related issue:

The new portal doesn’t show the login / register buttons on the top right when opened with Chrome Browser version 91 (checked with Version 91.0.4472.106). Now on most of the PCs Chrome updates automatically. Also such things can’t be expected from portal meant for future.

5. Weak User Interface:

User Interface is the major downside of the new portal, to list a few:

–  Home page is quite lengthy, have to keep scrolling more and more

– Huge rectangles / boxes for providing details, with so much blank space around it in most of the pages, but still the rectangles do not provide details at first glance. For details, which were visible in single line on old portal, one has to open the box. There is a option to show data in lines, but that too is equally inefficient

–  Very less details are available in a page. e.g. ITR history has only 3 ITR details in a page, most of page remains blank but for getting more data, one has to move to new page. Result: More time in a Login, more page loading.

– While filling an online form (say ITR) one has to pass through multiple pagesand many unnecessary validations, which consumes time and makes process cumbersome.

– Movement across website needs usage of mouse. Use of mouse reduces speed of working. Income Tax Portal is not a social media website. It must be a operational treat rather than visual treat.

–  When data is spread in many pages, and still so many modules to come, just imagine the level where one will have to travel through multiple pages for getting few details!

–  Static password exact functioning has not been demonstrated.

6. embridge (DSC Utility)

Installation of embridge clashes with embridge of DGFT portal. The signer should have a unique name and separate folder by default.

Also as taxation practitioners, one thing needs to be highlighted and needs serious attention from Government side. Currently different government portals use different versions of signers on different ports to enable use of digital signature. Currently MCA, TRACES, GST, DGFT & now new IT Portal using different ports and utility powered by eMudhra. The TIN NSDL and Guj RERA portals uses different versions of PKI components by (n)Code. Now for a tax professional, who works on multiple government portals, it may not be easy to technically set-up and run each utility without glitches and it consumes lot of time. A serious thinking and a viable technical solution is need of the hour.

7. Overall Experience and Testing

– The overall experience of portal on most of the pages is with glitches and random behavior. With so many issues faced right from 7th June till today, it seems like one of the major function – testing – which is part of any product lifecycle is not performed properly.

– Looking at current glitches and speed of portal, with so many data related issues being flagged, we are afraid that the portal might not be able to handle multiple logins, which will be in millions in peak filing season.

– The current design and option to file the form inside the login page of the portal will make users to keep logged in for a longer time. This will require proper site functioning and continuous monitoring so that simple things like filing ITR do not become a troublesome work.



1. In Tax Consultant (CA) login, in profile, GSTIN is a mandatory field, which shouldn’t be a mandatory field.

2. Some users are facing difficulties where Gender is Changed or PAN / Aadhar linking status is not showing.

3. Data feed from TRACES to new portal is incorrect. e.g. Form 16 generated correctly from TRACES portal. However Gross salary and other income figures which are auto populated in employee login JSON files are doubled figures and are incorrect.

4. ITR Acknowledgement PDF download with 0 KB, i.e. not usable.

5. Refunds were approved in March but now showing as under process.

6. Returns which were processed in March are now showing as under processing.

7. Newly incorporated companies or firms are not able to register themselves, showing them as “minor”. By the way, minors too need to file return as per provisions of the act.

8. Forget password option is not working.

9. DIN Number not getting auto populated.

10. Challan Numbers not getting validated.

11. Showing mismatch in PAN & Aadhaar Data, where there is no technical mismatch.

12. UDIN is also not able to update for last month audit and other certification.

13. Bank Account number and IFSC are unnecessary and excessively masked. e.g. A person has one account in HDFC Bank. Now he changed his branch, account number is same. The portal is showing Bank as HDFC Bank, Account Number as xxx xxx xxx 1234 & IFSC as HDFC0xxxxxx. How to identify which one to keep?

14. Already pre-validated bank accounts needs to be pre-validated again.

15. GST Turnover not showing in 26AS.


1. Old Demands

2. Old Grievances

3. Intimation Orders

4. ITR for older Assessment Years from 2007-08 to 2012-13

5. ITR PDF files (Only ITR V & XML showing available)

Missing data & issues with data is causing genuine hardship and has disturbed normal functioning of businesses and few other works.


– Unavailability to download ITR is making it difficult for banks and customers for loan processing.

– Those who were supposed to e-verify ITR in 120 days might miss the time limit.

– Response to notices u/s 153C may require older ITR for AY 2011-12 / 2012­13 too, which are not available.

– Notices are received but details required to answer notice couldn’t be fetched from portal.


1. DSC Registration in Tax Payer, Tax Consultant, Tax Deductor all logins

2. Form 10A & 10B for Charitable Trusts

3. Form 15CA / 15CB

4. Vivad Se Vishwas Scheme Tab

5. E-Proceedings

6. TDS Return Filing

7. Refund Re-issue

8. Rectification of Returns

9. Outstanding Demand & Response to Demands

10. Link / Utility to check applicability u/s 206AB / 206CCA

11. Condonation of Delay

Missing modules are required on priority basis as it is hurting business functions already hurt by Covid lockdowns and restrictions. Few of the examples are –

– Trust re-registration due date is 30th June, 2021 but module is not available.

– VSV process is stuck in absence of VSV module, again time limit is there.

– Though manual 15CA / 15CB allowed later, they are one of the most important documents for importers.

– Assessees get notices from department even in this period of portal not working, with time limit mentioned. In absence of facilities like e-proceedings, it is impossible to comply.

– 206AB / 206CCA / 194Q etc. is having multiple data check conditions. In absence of proper utility to check the same, assessees have to rely upon declarations from other party, which is time consuming and inefficient way. It is being implemented from 1st July, 2021.

– Without DSC registration most of things do not work. DSC registration pages do not open at all in Tax Consultant login.


1. In Auto fetched data, in few cases it was found that the details are not as per profile or database of e-filing portal. e.g. Address.

2. The process of filing return is too long, even a simple ITR 1 takes much more time. Also the Desktop Utility communicates directly with portal. No option to save half saved work.

3. The JSON Schema File for various ITRs given by the ITD itself is having errors. While parsing the JSON schemas, errors occur because of missing comas etc.

4. The Desktop Utility given by the ITD does not have the facility to IMPORT other JSON files generated outside the utility.

5. The Desktop Utility given by the ITD this year is difficult to operate compared to the JAVA / Excel utilities given last year. JAVA / Excel utility used to have separate tab pages for each module which helped to iterate within the document and to any modules.

6. ‘Third Party software Registration’ is NOT available, which was available till last year, because of which the JSON files for ITR – 1,2,3,4,5,6 & 7 cannot be generated by other software developers as the Software ID, Secret Key and Iterator Count is NOT available for generating the ‘Digest key’ for the JSON file.

7. Structure of certain annexures for all ITRs are same for ITR – 2,3,5 and 6. However different structure are found in JSON schema. e.g. the Sch. HP is asking for Property Address once in 2,3 and 5, but wants address in Array (multiple address structure) for ITR 6.


It has been reported by multiple assessee and consultants that even during the period of portal closure, portal not working, missing option to file returns for older year in response of notice and absence of e-proceedings module, they have got notices from department with time-limit. In absence of modules to even communicate, the assessee or representative cannot take any action and in few cases even orders passed and communicated.

Such incidents needs serious and immediate attention as this is injustice to the assessee and also it will drag assessee into litigation unnecessarily, which will further increase cost too.


Income Tax 2.0 is a future facing development. Also this portal is key in getting substantial revenue of the exchequer in form of direct taxes. Development of the same needs to be done carefully when the same is moving from one already existing database to another database. Also as the entire system from filing to assessment and appeal is entirely online, it becomes very difficult to comply with the same in case the platform (i.e. portal) doesn’t support.

Being stakeholders, it is our sincere request that such implementation should not be made in hurried manner without proper testing. We, as stakeholders are ready to support the Government in beta testing phase where large testing population is required.

In a year, already delayed due to second wave of Covid and stringent timelines for filing ITR & assessments as per amended provisions of the Act, much time is wasted in the starting of the year. In AY 2020-21, the filing timelines were disturbed due to nationwide lockdown. It should be avoided in AY 2021-22 so that from AY 2022-23, everything can be normal once again. The glitches and technical issues with new portal will be proved as speed breaker in the process, if not resolved quickly and immediately. Also along with resolution of issues, proper functioning is equally important.

We have already worked on the old portal which was one of the best examples of digital governance for a decade. It used to be an excellent platform which users loved. The expectations from the new portal are quite high. The experience of GST portal even after Four years of implementation adding fuel to the worries of the taxpayers and taxation professionals.

With hope for a best possible and long term solution,
Thanking You.

Yours Truly,


Adv. Bharat L. Sheth  
President AGFTC

Adv. Mrudang H. Vakil
President ITBA

CA Vishves Shah
Hon. Secretary AGFTC

CA Shridhar Shah
Hon. Secretary ITBA

Adv. Dhiresh T. Shah
Chairman Rep. Committee AGFTC

Place: Ahmedabad


(a) Google PageSpeed Insights

For Desktop


Field Data – The chrome user Experience does not have sufficient real-world speed data for this page.

Origin Summary – Over the previous 28- days collection period, the aggregate of all pages served from origin does not pass Core Web Vitals assessment. To view suggestions tailored to each page, analyze individual page URLs.

Lab Data 

Lab Data

Values are estimated and may vary. The performance score is calculated directly from these metrics. See calculator.

Diagnostics – More information about the performance of your application. These numbers don’t directly affect the Performance score.

  • A Avoid enormous network payloads — Total size was 61,939 KiB
  • A Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy — 169 resources found
  • A Avoid an excessive DOM size — 4,947 elements
  • Ensure text remains visible during webfont load
  • Does not use passive listeners to improve scrolling performance
    A Image elements do not have explicit width and height
  • Minimize main-thread work — 3.7 s
  • Reduce JavaScript execution time — 1.5 s
  • Avoid chaining critical requests — 109 chains found
  • Keep request counts low and transfer sizes small — 196 requests • 61,941 KiB
  • Largest Contentful Paint element — 1 element found
  • Avoid large layout shifts — 5 elements found
  • Avoid long main-thread tasks — 6 long tasks found

Passed audits (22)

  • Properly size images
  • Defer offscreen images — Potential savings of 454 KiB
  • Minify CSS — Potential savings of 3 KiB
  • Minify JavaScript — Potential savings of 215 KiB
  • Reduce unused CSS — Potential savings of 73 KiB
  • Reduce unused JavaScript — Potential savings of 184 KiB
  • Efficiently encode images
  • Serve images in next-gen formats — Potential savings of 211 KiB
  • Enable text compression
  • Preconnect to required origins
  • Initial server response time was short — Root document took 390 ms
  • Avoid multiple page redirects
  • Preload key requests
  • Use video formats for animated content
  • Remove duplicate modules in JavaScript bundles
  • Avoid serving legacy JavaScript to modern browsers — Potential savings of 9 KiB
  • Preload Largest Contentful Paint image
    User Timing marks and measures
  • Minimize third-party usage — Third-party code blocked the main thread for 0 ms Lazy load third-party resources with facades
  • Avoids document .write( )
  • Avoid non-composited animations

(b) GTmetrix


(c) SEOptimer


Download Representation regarding issues / glitches on new Income Tax Portal in PDF Format

More Under Income Tax



    In ITR Form 2 in Part B – TTI although in the final Part after point 17 for “Did you at any time in the previous year” click “No” when I go to preview in this section point 19 is reflected as YES. How should I get this resolved

  2. MadhusudhanaRao says:

    For ITR 1 and 2 only Java Utility is provided and the Excel Utility is not made available for download though it is mentioned in the site that both utilities are provided. Java utility is not functioning unless some features of Java are not downloaded. Even if such facilities are downloaded we are getting the error as “Error in Json schema” and We are not able to upload the return. Please rectify.

  3. Krishnan says:

    Net banking log in for filing return is wrongly rejected for reasons like email not matching, phone number different. In fact, these matches and the IT portal rejects due to glitch..
    Further, if PAN, Bank account name, address etc are matched, why should IT portal bother about email or mobile number with Bank?

  4. venkat says:

    1) the demand last year has been paid and indicated in 26AS. still shown as demnad in new portal for this year. In spite of writing to incometax not rectified in the new portal
    2) in the list of bank accounts one bank details is duplicated
    3)descrepancy between profile, No indication how to rectify this. accorindg to pan and aadhar are indicated even though the differences are incondquential. There is not indication how to rectify if at all.
    4) ITR 1 and 4 are only available and NOT ITR2.

  5. Ranadev Chatterjee says:

    Because of this nonfunctional new portal, my tax return filing is ge getting delayed. But incase I am required pay additional tax, after final computation, I have to pay interest on the due amount from which date. May I be advised.

  6. Manoj kumar Nag says:

    Enough is enough. Please bring back the old(gold) e-filing portal immediately. New tax payer friendly portal may be introduced after proper testing & correction next year.

  7. R P Gupta says:

    RTAs are treating R P Gupta and Ram Parkash Gupta as two names whereas first one is short of 2nd one and was mostly used in offices since long even today due to number of reasons specially in case of all india service caders.
    If My memory is correct at the time of applying for PAN we are to fill all type of such nomenclature of the person called for, it may be due to pronountsation in the the different part of the country.

  8. R P Gupta says:

    Sir as already requested that TDS @ 20percent on dividend for want of PAN details in the folio is a welcome step but its adjustment at the time of filing ITR for the FY 2020_21 should be available even without the entry in AS26 due Covid19 restrictions.
    Further RTA as well as MFs be asked to honour the request for enrollment of PAN details on email etc instead of asking Physical self attested copy of documents more over in view of non functioning of their offices due to covid19 protocols.


    Though my name in PAN CARD & AADHAR CARD is same & already linked & filing income tax returns since several years with name as SUBBARAO KODURI in IT Portal , the web site is showing as mattching only 70% and not able to view / down 26AS.I have lodged grievance ..but not yet resolved. When every thing matched in old IT a mismatch in New Portal ,I am not able to understand…My name is shown as KODURI SUBBARAO both in PAN card & Aadhar card without any deviation & date of birth is matching in all..including new IT portal..

  10. Sharad Todi says:

    Who signed off on production release, on the requirements, on the design? Why are these people not on forefront? This is as it has been with other projects, high on promise and low on delivery, in process putting common public to avoidable hardships.


    I beg the FM to bring back previous portal. She may gift the money spent on the new portal as a write off on Bad Experience. We don’t mind

  12. tapas bandyopadhyay says:

    I was try to Reply to my tax paid fy19 20, there was a demand of 9000+in March, paid accordingly in March. 26as is showing the deposit and when I want to reply through compliance it is taking amount but not othe details like bsr code etc , it is just comming out…. Pl look in to it and probably it is best to bring old site……

  13. tapas bandyopadhyay says:

    I was try to. Reply to my tax paid fy19 20, there was a demand of 9000+in March, paid accordingly in March. 26as is showing the deposit and when I want to reply through compliance it is taking amount but not othe details like bsr code etc , it is just comming out…. Pl lookingo it and probably it is best to bring pld site……

  14. Subba Rao Krovvidi says:

    Old system of filing was easy to operate. I have been filing my return on line my self, my technical knowledge is very little. New return for pensioners has stopped at json app ,which needs down load. I tried json file reader 4, which is not reading the file and indicates down load upgraded version which costs about Rs.2,200/_. I suggest any version that enables to read and file the return at the same time be provided there itself by the department.

  15. Subba Rao Krovvidi says:

    Old system of filing was easy to operate. I have been filing my return on line my self, my technical knowledge is very little. New return for pensioners has stopped at json app ,which needs down load. I tried json file reader 4, which is not reading the file and indicates down load upgraded version which costs about Rs.2,200/_. I suggest any version that enables to read and file the return at the same time be provided there itself by the department. Old system be continued for individuals to enable to file it themselves.

  16. Chandrakant Ronghe says:


  17. CA Upendra d k says:

    I strongly feel visual matters like “lady sitting on a sofa alongside a cat” is totally redundant & occupies unnecessary space on the webpage. IT filing is serious business & this visual has to be removed immediately

    1. R P Gupta says:

      Aadhaar must be linked with PAN as well as bank . In my view only Adhaar be treated as suporting document in case of any doubt or to be more careful to discharge duty in all fields instead of asking affidavits that too notarized which is available in exchange of very nominal payment even without present of its executers. Self attested copy or certicate
      with adaar should be sufficient and should be regularised for all deals.

  18. Anantharaman Rangan says:

    Please bring back the old site. After all we have a new and old scheme of tax calculations. Similarly let’s have the old and this new- for what it is worth- websites for filing returns

  19. Jeet Sharma says:

    New portal is very slow and takes ages to open. If the engine itself is slow, how can a tax payer be expected to submit ITR on time.

  20. M V CHALAPATHI says:

    Iam a common tax payer without much tech savy computer knowledge.My observation on new IT site is
    I expected efficient and fastness in the site But it is consuming lot time in loading of data.
    The appearance of data and other info is confusing in compare with past site.
    Operating in new environment is like moving simple to complex operations.
    Previous site may be permitted to be operated for certain time along with new site till people can get familiarised with new feature.
    No doubt it is a good move but at wrong time and some ground work and back testing /running on simulation must have done .

  21. Sunil Dave says:

    Old system should be continue for some time and new system should be parallel run.
    In new system we have to go to compulsary hi to chartered account as it’s no simple man to understand

  22. Preetish Banerji M.B.B.S. says:

    I feel too many glitches are there. Old portal should be restored till all issues of new portal are resolved. Also,the mobile app is great, however the new it portal is slow and sluggish and autopopulate data does not work.


    From, 19-06-2021
    TPr. R Ramesh M.Com, BBA, GSTP, HDSE,
    RR And Co
    GST Practitioner
    GSTP ID 331800002862GPN
    146/147 Aziz Complex 1st Floor Big Street
    Pattukkkottai Thanjavur Dist
    India – 614 601
    Mobile No. 9159153140 99653 61319

    Honourable Union Minister of Finance,
    Union Government India, GST Council,
    134, North Block,
    New Delhi – 110 001.
    Tel: 011-23762656

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    Sub: Union Government India – Disaster Covid-19 – Relief Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown
    All Over Tamilnadu State Total 38 Districts. Lockdown – Major Relief 27 Districts Only, Balance 11 Districts in Tamilnadu Lockdown Continued Till 21st June 2021 due to Covid-19 Pandemic.

    Kindly Consider Alternate GST Revenues – GST Taxes – Corporate Tax, and Wealth Tax – Petrol and Diesel…

    Request To All # -Union Government India #GSTAmnestySchemewithITC Late Fees Rs.500 Nil Return 0 ( No Late Fees ), Composition Dealers Optional for GSTR- 4 2017-18, 2018-19 Continue due to Disaster Covid-19 2019-20 & 2020-21. Kindly Waiver Late Fees. GST 1,4,9,10. Kindly Extend All GST Returns, IT, MCA upto Six (6) Months. Reopen Cancelled GSTIN. Allow Revocation of Cancelled GSTIN Allow Full ITC To GST Dealers. Save All India People, All the GSTPs, Tax Professionals, Tax Payers, MSMEs.

    GST Portal and GST Network 1st July 2017 To 15th June 2021. 4 Years 11 Months 15 Days Completed. Infosys Team – GST Server Problem, OOPs, Technical Glitches Continued, Monopoly, Without Customer Service. All India Rural and Urban Areas All the GSTPs, Tax Professionals Faced Lot of Difficulties and More Pressure.GST Portal Without User Friendly. Without GST Revision Return Options.

    All Over Tamilnadu State and All Over India. Disaster Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown. All India People Life ??? Without Income and Without Work. More than 40 Days More Expenses Paid.
    Government of India – Ministry of Finance – GST Council. Relief Covid-19. Save Indian People. Kindly Issue Financial Benefits Every Family Rs 5000/- or Rs 4000/- or Reasonable Amount in the Lockdown Period. More Helpful For Family Food Expenses, Rent, Water Expenses, Other Basic Expenses.

    World Wide America and European Countries 600 Dollars and Reasonable Amount Already Issued. Covid-19 Virus Increased Due To People Movement. Indian Government Last Year Covid-19 Lockdown Without Issued Financial Benefits and This Year 2021 Without Financial Benefits.

    Tamilnadu State More MSMEs Sectors Small and Medium Sectors, More Employees Without Job In the Lockdown Period and Without Production and Without Sales, All the Banks All the EMIs, Various Loans Dues Pending. All India GSTPs, Tax Professionals More Affected. 2020 Lockdown More GST Late Fees Paid – Major Financial Problems. 2021 Lockdown – Major Survival Problems. Kindly Waiver All the GST and Other Late Fees. And Extend Due Dates Upto Six (6) Months.

    2017 To 2021 More GST Notifications, Circulars Issued. Disaster Covid-19 Lockdown and GST Late Fees.
    2020 – Financial Problems
    2021- Survival Problems
    One Nation One Tax More Forms More GST Late Fees. Destroyed Tax Professionals, Tax Payers, MSMEs.

    Tamilnadu State and Other States Unique Identification. Culture, Language, Business, Standard of Living, Architecture, Temples. People, Etc

    GST Portal Finally Destroyed Our Tax Profession, Goodwill, Life, Money.

    CBIC Collects Late Fees of Rs.1516.34 Cr during April 2020 To Feb 2021.
    Rs.13000 Crores of GST Late Fees Collected under #GST upto February 2021.

    Tamilnadu State – TNVAT Old CTD Portal – More User Friendly. Without Late Fees.

    New IT Portal 7th June 2021 Starting Problem – Infosys Team. All Over India All the CAs, Tax Professionals Last One Week Faced Lot of Problems.

    GST Portal Due Date Sunday Holiday,- Working – Sunday Holidays and without Festival Holiday, Without Rest.

    2017 To 2021 GST Portal and GST Network Failure. Server Problems Continued, and Without Improvement.

    GST Customer Service Centre. All Languages Press
    1. Tamil, 2. Malayalam, 3. Telugu, 4. Kannada, 5. English
    6. Hindi, 7. Others.
    Without GST Subject Knowledge only Time Passing Call Centre People.
    2017 To 2021 All India Many Cyclones Gaja, Nivar, Amphan, Etc, Nature Disaster, Destroyed People, Trees, Major States Tamilnadu, Puducherry, Odissa, West Bangal, Kerala, Maharastra, Goa. Others, Without GST Relief.

    Every Month More than 1 Lakhs Tax Professionals, GSTPs, Efficiently Workings More Lakhs of Crores GST Revenues Collected. After 2017 To 2021. GST Portal and GST Network Failure. Our Profession,???, Life ???, Family ??? Waiver All GST Late Fees.

    Union Government – India. Kindly Consider – Below 20 Crores Business – All MSMEs, Wholesale and Retail Business, Others, Union Government – India – Shift To All States Control. Without GST Late Fees and Without GST Portal Server Problems. More Useful For All India GSTPs, Tax Professionals, Tax Payers, MSMEs.

    Thanking You,

    Yours Faithfully,

    R.Ramesh M.Com GSTP

  24. A.senthil says:

    Thanks to all. In simply telling, there is no simplification in the new portal. All are very hard and traceable. Time consuming acts. Then how to finish the works within due dates. Productive time wastages on these activities.




    ITS efiling was very simple and easy for so many years till now.
    But new e-filing is like puzzle
    Please revert back to old forms and the new one should only introdiced next year that to with proper alterations. Better if it done after experts approvals, verifications and approving it.
    Till than please continews with last years ITR Forms.

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