Power of Social Media: I. T. Department relaxes restrictions on profile update

On 22nd September 2017 to further terrorise the taxpayers and Professionals Income Tax Department has come up with a new requirement by which it has specified that from now onwards a Mobile number and Email address could be used only for three Income Tax Accounts instead of current limit of 10 accounts. Due to such change from this date when a Taxpayer tried to Login in his account and if his Email and Mobile is been used for more than three accounts he has to compulsorily change his mobile and Email address for that account to get a login into that account.

We already had few posts on the subject by which, we discussed why such requirement was undesirable in Tax Season, how it was implemented without Considering Practical Issues and without having discussion with impacted stakeholders.

We at TaxGuru published some of the letter / Post written by Our Guest Authors on the subject and highlighted the impacted of changes made by the department and requested them to take this step back. Relevant Post on the subject on Taxguru are as follows:-

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3 Changes on Income Tax Website WEF 22nd September 2017

Considering the Practical Problem people also started bombarding Twitter and Facebook wall of concerned officials showing their displeasure over the new implemented restrictions in use of Email Address and Mobile Number for Income Tax Account and other such things like recent Proposal to make taxpayer disclose his Income on Half Yearly basis by inserting Rule 39A. Some of such tweets are as follows:-

Sensing the mood of Taxpayers through such tweets and various open letters submitted to Income Tax Department and concerned officials,  Income Tax Department has decided to provide Relief from this unplanned Income Tax Login compliance and has made the same optional. Now you can skip the page demanding new email, bank account info on Income tax Login.  To login without filing newly required Information’s   Click on Skip Button at the bottom of the page.

Salute to power of Social Media. We at Taxguru request all taxpayers and professionals that if we do not like a move by government we all should atleast tweet on the subject to Government and share our views with them. If we do not stand for ourselves no one else will. No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.

Compiled by – CA Sandeep Kanoi

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  • Still no use. After skipping it seems one cannot file return of income or download 26AS. What do the CBDT think. Its Cheating

  • Best is to become a BPL person .
    Namo dont need taxpayers votes.
    All tax payers are cheaters.
    Tax terrorism at its best.
    Govt will do all without application of mind LIke dont Know ATM s need callibration, GST goof up is better less talked about, and wants all taxpayers to have super natural powers.

  • The day to day change in income tax rules and procedures is causing head ache and trouble some to individuals who self declare their income and file the returns; the individual also files IT returns for his near relatives. There are various practical solution to catch defaulters, Many of the Government and PSU pensioners still do not pay income tax. The pension disbursement officers to effect TDS before the pension amount is sent to banks for disbursal. . It is better that the 22.09.2017 is cancelled and taken back,

  • Protests or NO protests. I am convinced that very powerful forces are quietly conspiring to bring down Modi Govt by stealthy manner of which the Ministers, they are sure, will NOT react.
    IT Department will drag their feet after raids; but harass the lowly honest Tax payers.
    If the Techies claim all intelligent, Aadhar is now linked to PAN, Bank Accounts, Voter ID, Ration Card, Mobile Phones etc. etc., WHY CAN'T THEY DATA MINE IT INSTEAD OF SEEKING INFORMATION FROM TAX PAYERS.
    If they cannot do it why harass us to Link Aadhaar to everything ?

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