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CA Hardik MehtaPoint wise checklist on preparation of form 3CB/CD audit report to be filed with Income Tax Department.

We are attaching herewith a Form 3CB/3CD Checklist as applicable for A.Y. 2013-14 and onwards. The checklist is useful in preparation of Tax Audit Report.

Download Point wise checklist on preparation of form 3CB/CD online format

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0 responses to “Point wise checklist on preparation of form 3CB/CD online format”

  1. dalal street says:

    how do you call this as a checklist. just copy paste from the form 3CA and 3CD.

  2. SHABBIR says:

    Really very nice article sir, do keep posting more of such typical article please

  3. Janak Dalal says:

    Very nice. Thanks

  4. Balan says:

    In 3CD, Point 28, if the assessee is not able to maintain the quantitative details, a note is provided “The assessee deals with various items and hence it is not possible to verify” or someother suitable note. Any provision is there in the version provided for online filing of 3CD?

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