Online Request for refund of Excess TDS deposited

Much awaited form 26B for online request for refund of Excess TDS deposited has been enabled on TRACES. To apply online please login to TRACES
After Logging
  • Deductors can navigate to ‘Statement / Payments’ -> ‘Request for Refund’
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  • Off-hand; The point made even on an earlier occasion does not seem to have percolated through or any thought given thereto. Refund of Excess TDS could arise due to dfferent reasons. Normally, any TDS, when deducted, is from payment of any sum in the nature of income,and as such, the amount so deducted would have gone to the debit of the payee(of inccme) cum deductee's account.The new Section 200A, in terms, provides for refund, by the CPC, of any excess TDS, unklike under the erstwhile scheme of things, to the deductor,not to the deductee; albeit in the specified circumstances. Nonetheless, what could happen, unless the deductee is vigilant enough, a refund of any such Xs TDS to the deductor might be retained by the deductor, of which the deductee may have no notice at all, hence (mis)appropriaed.On the premise that the said line of thinking is not faulty, then what is palpably wanting to be provided for is a mechanism for ensuring the deductor paassing on the refund, promptly, to the deductor.Further,it appears,there has been left to be suitably amended, though expected,section 199. if agreed, advising professionals/tax paractitioners would requre to independently examine and seek from the Revenue apporopriate remedial action.

  • What about Individuals how can they get resolution ? If TDS is deducted and does not reflect in 26AS does it mean that Economic Offence is committed? Can we file a FIR with the Police ?

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