Not filing a return on time does have financial implications, especially if you have a net income tax payable and / or if you have losses to be carried forward. This can really hurt especially if the losses to be carried forward are significant. Therefore, your best option is to ensure that you file the income tax return by the deadline.

Individuals primarily with salary income and certain other tax payers were required to file their tax returns by 31st July, 2019 for the financial year 2018-19 (assessment year 2019-20).

Belated tax return :-

As per the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (the ‘Act’), a tax payer who has not filed his tax returns within the due date or as per the time specified under a notice issued to him by tax authorities, may do so for a financial year before end of relevant assessment year or before the completion of assessment, whichever is earlier. Thus, in case a tax payer has missed his due date of filing his returns by  31st July, 2019 —for the financial year 2018-19, he could still file his tax return by March 31, 2020.

[Important Note: Please note that due to COVID-19 out break through out the country, the Union FM Smt Nirmala Sitharaman has announced some reliefs for businesses to cope up with the difficult times of COVID-19 and hence the last date for the belated/revised filing of the income tax returns for the FY 2018-19 (AY 2019-20) is extended from 31st March 2020 to 30th June 2020.]

Penalty for non-filing:-

If a person fails to furnish return before due date, the assessing officer may levy a penalty u/s 271F as follows:

Date of Filing Fees Leviable
If the return is furnished after the due date of filing but on or before the 31st day of December. Five thousand rupees
In any other case  Ten thousand rupees
Note: If the total income of the person does not exceed five lakh rupees, the fee payable under this section shall not exceed one thousand rupees.

Revised returns:-

Furthermore, there may also be instances where returns have been filed by the due date and subsequently, the tax payer finds some error in the same. In such an event, he may file revised returns any time before end of the relevant assessment year or before the completion of the assessment, whichever is earlier.

Defective returns:-

It is also possible that certain errors are observed by the tax department in the filing. Thus, where such authorities consider that returns of income are defective, they may intimate the anomaly to the tax payer and give him a chance to rectify it within 15 days from the date of such intimation or within such further period as may be specified. If the tax payer fails to right the wrong, then the returns filed by him shall be treated as invalid and the provisions of the Act shall apply as he has failed to file his tax returns.

Disadvantages of filing a late return

As per Income Tax Department of India : “A tax return may be furnished any time before the expiry of one years from the end of the financial year in which the income was earned’. This means that if you earned your income during FY 2018-19, you may file a belated return anytime before 31st March, 2020 ” . But there are some disadvantages if you don’t file your returns on time. They are

  • You will not be able to carry forward your Business loss (Speculation or otherwise) , capital loss , loss due to owning and maintaining of race horses.
  • Loss of Interest on refund : You may loose interest on refund u/s 244A specially in case if you are claiming a Major amount as refund.
  • You cannot revise your return.
  • late filing can delay processing for tax refunds.
  • Incremental Interest U/s. 234A – If the tax has not been paid before the end of the tax year concerned and you file the return late, incremental interest at the rate of 1% per month will be payable on the unpaid amount after the due date. This is in addition to the 1% per month interest for non-payment of advance tax, that is, tax due after tax deduction at source exceeding Rs 10,000. Thus, late returns can result in an additional interest burden.

(Republished with Amendments)

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  1. Amogasidha wade says:

    I am not filed itr from 2008-9, 2009-10,2010-11,2011-12,12-13,13-14,14-15,15-16,16-17,17-18,18-19 and 2020
    What can I do sir tell me
    My mob no 8899197298
    Plz sir

  2. Velu says:

    Sir, I am an ex-servicemen and I re-employed to govt est since last 2 year. Can I show the my pension with the salary. While I showing the pension, Is it taxable?

  3. kunjbihari sharma says:

    My query is after due date for 2014-15(ay) 31.03.2016 can an assesse file the incometax return ?Clear the position yes ? not ?why ,If IT department has issued the demand notice previous years like 6th year old without incometax return submit.

  4. Sunny says:

    Dear Sir,

    After 2010, I didnot fill ITR, Although it was not tax payable. Can I fill now all previous year ITR?
    How much plenty I have to pay?

  5. Satish says:

    Hello Sir,
    this is regarding e-filing of my Tax for AY 2013-14 , as i have missed to file it earlier , even recently i got to know that the last date was 31st Mar 2015 , so i missed the near chance of filing it.
    Do let me know by any chance i can file it now ?
    FYI – I am a salaried person & tax is already been deducted from my salary during my work tenure. I have Form 16 available with me.
    Kindly help
    +91 9980 495 415

  6. vijayluxmisaxena says:

    I did not submit income for ax return for assessment year 2011-12.
    my income was 513,476.84
    tax paid 51,352.38.
    How can submit return.

  7. Anjani Negi says:

    Return can be filed upto 31st march 2016 of F.y 14-15,13-14 but not of other years. Tds is not refunded by banks .It will be refunded by Income tax department only when you will file Income tax return. To get your refund you have to file your Income tax return for that year.

  8. Madhukar says:

    Hi, The status of my efiling return for AY 2008-09 is “return Uploaded” and I believe I missed out sending/posting the signed copy to CPC, what is the solution for this, please advise.


  9. Suyash says:

    Hello Sir,
    this is regarding e-filing of my Tax for AY 2013-14 , as i have missed to file it earlier , even recently i got to know that the last date was 31st Mar 2015 , so i missed the near chance of filing it.

    Do let me know by any chance i can file it now ?

    FYI – I am a salaried person & tax is already been deducted from my salary during my work tenure. I have Form 16 available with me.

    Kindly help


  10. Subuhi Asim says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a house wife and out of my saving every year I do some Fixed Deposits. Sometimes matured ones are recurred. I generally, deposit Form 15G to get my full interest and to do away from the TDS. I recently discovered through 26 AS that there are many entries of TDS which are not refunded by the bank.
    Is it possible to file ITR and get my previous year Income Tax Refund of F.Y. 2012-13 & 2013-14.
    I’ll be grateful to get your advise at the earliest on the said issue.
    Thanks and regards
    Subuhi Asim

  11. Vivek says:

    sir, i have not filed return for AY11/12. i am a salried person and have paid tax for 4 months and then I went to work out of india for rest of the year. can I file my returns now even with penalty.Foem 16 is available with me.

  12. Sparsh Goel says:

    Sir I want To Know I have Not Filed MY INCOME TAX RETURN FOR f.Y 2009-10,2010-11,2011-12,2012-13 My Income is Below Exemption Limit and I have My TDS Deducted in these Financial Year. Is There any Way of Getting TDS Refund.

  13. SHANU says:

    Hello everyone.
    Can I file NIL return for A.Y. 11-12,12-13,13-14 without imposing pentaly of Rs 5000 u/s 271F .?
    As i’m showing income from agriculture & stitching work.
    Reply asap.

  14. rik says:

    i have form 16 for the yera of 2011-2012,2012-2013, but i haven’t filled my incontem tax return,i was jobless for 2014 whole year and rejoing in jan.2015.
    what should i do ?
    should i fill income tax return for available form 16, or for this year only.
    Please suggest.

    thank you

  15. Parvathalu says:

    Sir, I am salaried person and could not filed return for financial year 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15. Now is it possible to file return for all these financial year?

  16. shyam says:

    Sir, I am salried person and could not filed return for financial year 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15. Now is it possible to file return for all thease financial year?

  17. Vicky rastogi says:

    My TDs has been deducted for AY 09-10 for commission income, but I am not filling my return for at 09-10. My income is not exceed the basic exemption limit for AY 09-10 and there after. Can I file my return for AY 09-10. I have no other income there after. I am a student, if I file my return for AY 09 -10 any penalty was imposed by department or TDs is displayed when I open my form 26as

  18. anil says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have submitted the ITR 5 during 2011-2012, but not file 2012-2013 & 2013-2014 can it submitted 31 march 2015 what is the plenty on it.

  19. Marichselvam A says:

    An individual cannot file income tax return as on date. I have newly applied PAN Card. i am a salaried employee, monthly drawn salary Rs. 20000/- but as per requirement of loan i need to filee income tax return. please let me can I file the returns without any penalty.

  20. N. RAJA REDDY says:


    I have already filed ITRs from 2003-04 to 2008-09 from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Now I am shifted to Bangalore. I have not filed ITR for the accounting years 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14. Now i want file the above years ITRs from Bangalore. Which years possible to file the above years before the march, 2015.

    CELL NO. 9663906600.

  21. venkat says:

    We have form No.16 A TDS deduction of 2013-14 to file IT return for refund of Rs. 1200 deducted. Is is file IT return now itself. What is the fine amount.



  22. Mahesh says:

    I had deposited all the self assessment taxes due before 31st July 2014 but due to connectivity problems with the IT site I filed the return 3 days late . Now I have received notice and I am being charged interest till date for filing late return, whereas there is a SC decision that if you have paid all taxes due before the last date, no interest or penalty can be claimed by the Income tax. I have put up my grievance on the IT site in the grievance column, which they claim to reply within 5 days, but they are not replying the same or clarified whether the SC decision is not applicable to individual tax payers or negatively they do not care for the SC decision. As on 31st July 2014 all the taxes due were paid by me. Could some tax expert guide me in the matter, since the IT officials are maintaining silence and refusing to clarify the same.


    during the Asst yr 2010-11,2011-12 & 2012-13 i have some interest income of Rs 31000/-, Rs 38000/- & Rs 299000/- and TS there of was Rs 4800/-, 5400/- & 38000/- respectively and due to ignorancy i have not submitted return now i like to submit my return is it possible to submit return for the abovementioned period. plz help as early as possible
    thanking you
    Debasis Chakraborty

  24. Girish says:

    Hi Naveen

    Yes we could claim refund by filing revised return.

    Hi Shuja

    Yes you have to file your income tax return.

    Hi Amit

    Yes you could file your income tax return now.

    Hi Sneha

    Yes in our software we could upload your return.

    Hi Rajesh

    Yes you could file your return and get refund.

    Hi Krishna

    You could file the return now

    For all the rest of people if you guys wants to file your income tax return contact me Girish – +91 9538852134 Email ID- [email protected]

  25. Naveen says:

    i had taken a home loan in Mar 2011. My employer had paid Rs 9.25L for the whole year AY 2012-13 & deducted Rs 1.35L as tax. I delayed to submit the provisional certificate which had Rs 2.5L interest & Rs 50 Thousand principal amount, hence the TDS was deducted without considering the home loan interest & principal for 80C & 24(h).
    I had submitted the ITR & has been processed by CPC in 2012.
    Please let me know if i can reapply for the same to recalculate for a refund.


  26. tapas dasgupta says:

    my wife Smt. Seema Dasgupta was a govt. employee retired on 31.03.2014. A total amount of Rs.25346/- has been deducted from her salary for which a income tax return has to be submitted.

    But on 25.08.2014, she is expired ( died ) of cancer. As her treatment was going on since January 2014, I could not submit her return before due date.

    My query is ” Whether her income tax return is to be submitted mandatorily”. If so, what to do for signature in ITR-V to be signed and sent to CPC, Bangaluru for efiling return.

    You are requested to update me at the earliest as I want to submit the return if it is mandatory.

    Tapas Dasgupta

  27. ganesh ramakant dubey says:

    My name ganesh ramakant dubey sir my refund ay ye year 2014-2015 my refund not arrival my pan no AJIPD6976H date of birth 04041984 refund file date 20/07/2014 sir pls my refund send me .my mobile number 08149629334

  28. Rajesh says:


    I have not filed my itr for FY 2011-12 a sum of rs 13000 has already been deducted as tds is there any way so that i can file my return and get the refund…

  29. Mr Frank says:

    menawarkan pinjaman Kami adalah organisasi legal yang dibuat untuk membantu orang dalam kebutuhan membantu,
    sebagai bantuan keuangan. Jadi jika Anda mengalami kesulitan keuangan atau
    Anda berada di setiap kekacauan keuangan, dan Anda perlu dana untuk memulai bisnis Anda sendiri,
    atau Anda membutuhkan pinjaman untuk melunasi utang atau membayar tagihan Anda, memulai bisnis yang bagus,
    atau memiliki kesulitan untuk mendapatkan pinjaman modal dari bank lokal, hubungi kami hari ini melalui
    Email: [email protected]
    Jadi jangan biarkan kesempatan ini berlalu.
    Bagi mereka adalah pikiran serius dan takut akan Tuhan People.
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    Pinjaman Request__________
    Bertujuan untuk
    Pinjaman Duration__________
    Pendapatan bulanan: _________
    Telepon: _________
    Silahkan kembali ke kami melalui email kami
    Email: [email protected]

  30. krishna garg says:

    Sir,for the assessment year 2010-2011,my income was less than exemption limit for d year 2010-2100 and 2011-2012.I have received a letter from complaince dept cell,income tax department new delhi on05/11/14 letter no.NMS2/AAOPG3956H/6015737 regarding not filling of returns of the year what shd I do. ? Can I fill d return foe d above asked yr at this time

  31. Vijay Shukla says:


    I have not filed my itr for FY 2011-12,2012-13 & 2013-14 a sum of rs 5000 in 2011-12, 20000 in 2012-13 & 19000 in 2013-14 has already been deducted as tds is there any way so that i can file my return and get the refund…

  32. GIRISH says:


    If you not filed income tax return and you received a letter from income tax department Newdelhi. Don’t worry file it now.

    Contact me only Bangalore residents because it is manual work I cannot undertake outstation work.

    For further details contact me GIRISH , Mob No:+91 9538852134, Email: [email protected]

  33. S P JANA says:


    I have received notice for not submission salary return assessment year 2012-13.
    IT deptt not accepted my return copy now ask for online submission. while submitting Online shows date expired.

    Please let us know the solution

  34. Nandan says:

    Hello Experts,
    I have started a private limited firm in 2010. But due to some reasons I could not run any any business by this pvt firm. I alteady obtained STax. Current A/C in KVBank. Registration in New Delhi territory.

    Since its foundation I have never paid ITR or other taxes. Niether I did any business by this firm.
    Now I wiuld like to reactivate everything.
    I would like to file ITR
    Status activation of S.Tax
    Registration of DVAT
    New Current A/C
    New Deed/MOA
    And other related works.

    Kindly contact me whosoever is interested. I’ll be thankful for immediate approach towards my query/request.

    M. Nandan

  35. nalin desai says:

    I have received letter from Compliance cell for non filing of incometax returns for AY 10-11, 11-12, 12-13. Information summary states TDS-92B and TDS 94D.

    I was a salaried employee in all these years and tds was deducted from my salary .

    what is the next step?

  36. Vinay Kumar Tripathi says:

    I have received notice from Income Tax deptt for not filing Income for 10-11, 11-12, 12-13. I am a salaried employee and all taxes are already deducted from my salary, what should I do now ?
    DO I have to pay any penalty ?

  37. Prthvi says:

    I have to file my income tax return for F.Y.2012-13 as my tds is deducted and my income is not taxable because my income is below taxable timit
    please suggest can i file return

  38. kuljeet says:

    I have received notice from Income Tax deptt for not filing Income for 10-11, 11-12, 12-13. I am a salaried employee and all taxes are already deducted from my salary, what should I do now ?

    DO I have to pay any penalty ?

  39. Vgupta says:


    I have not filed my itr for FY 2011-12 a sum of rs 30000 has already been deducted as tds is there any way so that i can file my return and get the refund…

  40. SUNIL says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have submitted my Reimbursement bills to co.
    But my mistake they have shown it as taxable & deducted my huge Income Tax.

    Now they say that it will be done.

    I have not filled my ITR yet. My Question is:

    1) If I fill my ITR now, will I get my due Refund.

    2) What is the procedure.

    Request to help me & send reply at my mail id

    [email protected]

  41. Bhagwati says:


    I have already missed the July 31 deadline for filing my return. Luckily, I am due a refund.
    I am a senior citizen and my total income was Rs 5,07,000. I uploaded my return(online) for AY 2014-15 using the government site Fortunately, before I could send the signed ITR-V to them, I realized an error in my income. Now, this site
    won’t allow me to rectify and upload a fresh return. Their helpdesk said that I should mail in the ITR-V and request a rectification, though
    I won’t be allowed to revise the income(my refund will be less with the revision).

    So, even though officialy I have not filed my return(as I have not sent in the signed ITR V), I will be forced to live with the
    erroneosuly filed return and bear the consequences ?

    It seems the only solution is to file a paper return (but I am just above the 5 lakh limit).

    What should I do? Please advice.


  42. Rani Kumari says:

    Dear Sir,

    I need your help as my father did not filed his ITR of FY 2011-12 but he has to return an amount of aprx 2lac. so kindly suggest me how he can get that money return .My father was working with sail and he got retirement in Jan 2012 and the tax was deducted from his gratuity money by SAIL.

  43. Vaibhav C Kothari says:

    Dear All,

    People facing difficulty in furnishing their Return of Income for the current past Financial Year -2013-14 or even Previous financial Years can get in touch with me via email – [email protected].

    Contact – +91-9870082308

  44. Jagdeesh says:


    Can you suggest some C.A in Thane ( Mumbai),through whom i can file my returns.

    I have salary Income, and my wife has been tarding on NSE online on my Demat A/c as weel as Hers..So we both need to file Returns…
    Actually We need to file returns for FY 2011-12 onwards…

    Many Thanks

  45. Jayesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can i filled my return For F.Y.2011-12 in which i have refund of Rs.48000. Is there any penalty for late filling….

    pls reply me

  46. GIRISH says:

    Dear Sandeep your Income Rs.4,50,000/- is above the basic exemption limit i.e Rs.2,00,000/- hence u have to file income tax return.

    for further information u could contact me at +91 9538852134

  47. GIRISH says:

    Hi to every one, if u gays not filed income tax return on due date don’t worry file it now.

    For filing income tax return and related quires contact me at +91 9538852134 and Email. [email protected]

    I’m Situated in Bangalore.

  48. Priya Nair says:

    Dear Sir,
    I changed company in July last year and the previous employer deducted only 3500/- agaisnt tax and the new employer did not deduct any tax since i submitted the same home loan docs to them.

    I have now received form 16 from both the employers and have to pay tax . Can yhou please guide me how to pay tax with interest now.


  49. rahul says:

    I am salaried & haven’t filed my return for FY 2012-13. since i worked for 2 different organization in this period my tax liability for FY 2012-13 stands at Rs.20k including 5k penalty.

    My question is since 31st July is the last date for filing return for FY 2013-14 can i file my tax return for FY 2013 -14 first without filing return for FY 2012-13.

  50. vishal verma says:

    Due to inadvertent reasons my ay 2011 returns were not accepted.though i have a refund against same.what would be procedure to file the same.kindly guide.

  51. Tax Accounting Services says:

    As everyone knows about filling of income tax return, here time has come again to file your return for FY 2013-14. Every individual is required to file their return if their income is above Rs. 2,00,000 and for senior citizens if their income is above 2,50,000. From this financial year onwards every assessee will get rebate of Rs.2000 if their gross total income is below 5,00,000. And it is not mandatory that only one can file his/her return if income is above 2,00,000/ 2,50,000 as the case may be rather person can file his/her return if income is below taxable limit.
    So here we are to help you in filling your returns for FY 2013-14. In case any person has failed to file their return for FY 2012-13 then remember time has not passed away they can file their return now also.
    So contact us for filling your returns for FY 2012-13 as well as for FY 2013-14.
    Need Help?
    Tax Accounting Services
    Call : 7838533488
    Email : [email protected]

  52. Lokesh H says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have filed the IT returns of AY 2008-09, in that returns some error are there like refund is not reflected in that returns, so now(2014) can I file the revise returns of AY 2008-09 to get the refund. Please give me information regarding this.

  53. Shivesh Kumar says:


    I need some help regarding I.T. I was working in a company from 2009-2012. And my salary was not taxable it was bellow the tax slab. So i never filled any ITR, And right now i am not working anywhere. But few days ago i clicked a tab in my SBI Netbaking portal ( View your income tax statement) And it redirected me to some site called TRACES. There was a page 26AS and it was showing that i have paid TDS for the financial year 2010-11 and Assessment Year 2011-2012. Now my question is there any way so that i can fill the ITR and get the money.

    Thanks & Regards

  54. Avishkar Mishra says:

    Dear Sir,

    My mother inherited a share of residential property from her mother i.e. my grand-mother in year 1991 for Rs. 60,000 (60 thousand)  as her share, which she sold off year  June’2013 for Rs. sixteen-lakhs as her share.  Amount received is completely reinvested in our first residential house as joint property with me i.e. her son.

    I am confused, is she Liable to file any ITR for AY 2014-2015 for any such LTCG.
    It will be kind of you, if you can let me know that Is it absolutely necessary to file NIL  ITR for this LTCG. 


  55. A Shah says:

    Dear All,

    If you’ve missed the ITR deadlines for FY 2012-13, we can help you to still file your return.

    Reach us at 9324242233

  56. Hemant says:

    It would be advisable to file returns only for FY 13-14 (corresponding to AY 14-15. This would enable an assessee to save on penalty for not filing u/s 271F. This is based on the resumption that there is nil tax liability.

  57. Manasi says:

    I have been working on and off since Dec 2009. I want to file my returns for all previous assessment years. Can I do that or should I start afresh? Please let me know what needs to be done….

  58. Atul Srivastava says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can i file nil return for the f.y. 2011-12 to 2013-14, my net income is in exemption limit so is there any penality to pay for this and what is the deadline date for efilling of that returns

  59. Mandar says:


    I had definitely filed manual ITR through consultant for 2011-12. But i have lost the acknowledgement receipt. Co-incidently i have received the notice from IT dept that i havent filed the ITR for 2011-12. I am damn sure tht i have filed ITR for hat year. Even on ITR sire its showing that i havent filed it.

    What can i do in that case?


  60. satender says:

    dear sir,

    i want to know if new compnay start a busniess for f.year 2012-13 his turnover is Rs.15 Lakh …it is non professional firm
    it is mandotary tax audit or not

  61. Mohd Aijaz says:

    Dear experts
    As per Act “tuition fees (excluding any payment towards any development fees or donation or payment of similar nature), whether at the time of admission or thereafter” & Circular 08/2013 says “It is clarified that the amount allowable as tuition fees shall include any payment of fee to any
    university, college, school or other educational institution in India except the amount
    representing payment in the nature of development fees or donation or capitation fees or payment of similar nature.”
    As per above sentence ward given “ any fee at the time of admission or thereafter” not says only tuition fee, so tuition fee covers other fees also which are paid for education.
    Only disallowed expenses which are not paid for education & paid for nature of donation (development fees or donation) or capitation fee- eg for uniform , conveyance , Library etc.
    Admission fee, Annual fee, Annual charges, Exam fee, Tuition Fee are not the nature of donation or capitation & pa

  62. KD Shenoy says:

    My father, an ex Central Govt officer, expired on 31st May 2013 at the age of 98 years. He had been regularly filing his IT return by due date. After his death, I complied all the details for filing his return for AY 2013-14. Since his annual income from pension and interest from deposits was around Rs 8 lakhs, as per the new rules his return is to be mandatorily filed by e-filing. Also, I learnt from the Income tax website that I have to get a legal heir certificate for filing his return. But a Chartered account has advised me that only in case where the accounts are mandatorily auditable is a legal heir certificaterequired for filing the return, and, since this is not the case, I need to file it as his representative by putting my name and PAN number in the VERIFICATION section of the return.
    Please let me know what is the correct position in this instance as I am keen to file the return before 31st Mar 2014.

  63. srinivas says:

    Dear Sir.

    I am salaried employee joined on 1st march 2011, I didnt file the return since 2011 to till now since im not come under taxable liability. Could you please suggest me should i file the nil return or belated return from 2011 though im not come under tax liability? shall i liable to pay any penalty for not filing nil return?

    Please suggest me.


  64. Ashwin says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have just realized, My IT return has not been filed for AY 10-11 by my CA, whereas other returns are update. I have to claim an refund of 50k on AY 10-11. Please guide me how to file it now. FYI, Already filed AY 13-14 returns.

    Thx in advance

  65. G. Bose says:

    My Income for the FY 2010-11 was under 5 lakh, not submitted return. Now found Rs. 500 tax due, how can I manage it now. Can I pay the balance tax now, I could not file return now.

  66. G. Bose says:

    Can I still file income tax return for the FY 2010-11, after self assesment it is found around Rs. 500 tax is due for the FY 2010-11. Please help.

  67. monu says:

    I have not filed my income tax return for A.Y 2010-11 and i have a refund of Rs. 40000 in the same,Is there any way to get the amount refunded.

  68. Vishal VB says:

    I had purchased a house property in 2008-09. I found out now that there was a mistake in a few transactions in the IT return that i filed that your. Can those mistakes be rectified and can I file a revised return now? TY

  69. Jay says:

    Is there any provision for a salaried individual to file for losses due to legal issues, or any other forms of expenditure that arise out of legal and personal situations barring health criteria?
    Might be a silly or a stupid question, but its better to ask than keep quiet.Thanks for your patience

  70. Jyoti says:

    Can nil return be filled after completion of the period of belated return e.g. 31-03-2012 for a.y.2010-11? If filled can penalty be impoed?

  71. Mahesh Vyas says:

    What if it is a salary return(A.Y.2011-12) and TDS has been deducted up to date and there is a refund and in such case if I fie the return after 31/03/2012, will I be imposed witha penalty of Rs.5,000/-.

  72. Chandrashekhar says:

    An individual can file income tax return for last 3 year on or before 31st March,12 if he has no tax due or he was not under income tax slab but as per requirement of loan he need to flie income tax retun. please let me can I file the returns without any penalty

  73. Dipti says:

    I have filied retrun in Dt. 16.03.2011 in F.Y 2009-2010 & A.y 2010-11

    i want some change in my retaun, how can i change my retaun, what was charges of rewised return in F.Y. 200-2010

  74. A.SIVADASAN says:

    In the third para last portion it is shown as 31st March 2012 instead of 31st March 2011.Will that be corrected by you now in order to give correct information to the readers.

  75. Mahesh Gehlot says:

    Pleases explain me that, i have a salaried person and with this i have a short term capital loss- which is carried forward to next year. but ihave not filled my tax return upto 4th august,2010. is i filled in between one month, i can claim capital loss in next year.

  76. joginder sain sud says:

    Thanks for guidance for people who are self filing returns. How ever this article will remain incomlete with out including guidance on section 234A, B, and C.Many times this section comes in play while calculating ones tax liability. Hence request for detailed article on this section.

  77. AK Bhargava, Katni says:

    Dear Friend,

    Thanks for elaborating the issue of TAX RETURN FILING together with merits and demerits of timely/late filing of returns.

    Please keep updating the general one with such articles which are not only useful as also serve as a guiding measure.

    AK Bhargava

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