(PTI) The Maharashtra Government today made it illegal for anyone below 25 years of age to consume or purchase alcohol.

As of now, the legal drinking age in the state is 21.

A meeting of the state cabinet here today, however, approved fixing the minimum age for drinking or purchasing beer at 21.

The government has also banned serving alcohol at all public functions and ceremonies.

The 25-year age limit on drinking, applicable in some other states, including Delhi, is the highest in the world, a senior official said.

Fine will be imposed for under-age drinking and there is provision of more dry days every year, said officials, adding no liquor shop will be allowed within a kilometre of educational and social institutions, government offices, religious places and highways.

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0 responses to “Maharashtra makes alcohol laws tougher; age for buying / Driniking Alcohal up”

  1. Gagan garg says:

    It is a good project work to stop of comsumption of Alcohal in small ages persons.
    If govt apply it is very successful to stop of consumption of alcohal.

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