Key features of FUV version 2.134 applicable wef 01.07.2013

Key features of FVU 2.134 is as follows:

1. Addition of filler fields in:

  • Deductor details (BH record)
  • Challan details (CD record)
  • Deductee details (DD record)
  • Salary details (SD record). Applicable in case of 24Q, Q4.

2. Quarterly TDS/TCS statement (regular and correction) can be validated for statements pertaining to FY 2007-08 onwards.

3. Discontinuation of “Y” type of correction statement.

4. FVU version 2.134 is applicable w.e.f 01/07/2013.

Download – e-TDS/TCS FVU.exe (Version 2.134)

Categories: Income Tax


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