Karnataka Taxpayers & Practitioners Association has made a written representation regarding issues/glitches on the new Income Tax Portal 2.0 to Snit. Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister of Finance. Full text of the same is as follows:-

(State body of Taxpayer & Practitioners of Karnataka)
0/o Chairman Office: 1st Floor. Katrina Complex, Savarline Road- Shivamogga 577201
Email: [email protected] # Cell: +91 7676558201

Ref/KTTPA / IT Portal 2.0 representations 21-22/03

Snit. Nirmala Sitharaman,
Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs,
Government of India,
Parliament House
NEW DELHI-110003.

“Submitting to the Email ID [email protected]

Respected Madam,

Sub: Filing written representation regarding issues/glitches on the new Income Tax Portal 2.0.

Our Association represents Taxpayers at large & Tax Professionals, practicing in direct & indirect taxes from whole Karnataka state. Our Association always represents the concerns and problems faced by these members before the respective tax authorities. This initiative of our Association has proved beneficial for the tax administering authorities, our members and ultimately the tax payers at large.

We all Taxpayers and tax professionals were fully acquainted with the income tax website www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in the website when launched was updated from time to time & was proved useful for all tax professionals, taxpayers & the Income-tax department also. Your authority has recently decided to launch a new website www.incometax.gov.in. The idea behind closing the functioning of old website & launching of new one was not predictable to us. If at all the department wants to have any additional features that could have been updated to old website. The launch of new website is at the cost of Rs. 4242 Crores or Rs 6000 Crores only, which is the taxpayers Money, & could be utilized for the Social security of the Taxpayers & Tax Practitioners, if the Old Income Tax portal is updated with the required additional services.

Opinion in large:

1. We find opinion in Large from most of the Taxpayers, Tax Professionals, that to restore Old Income Tax Portal & keep new Income Tax Portal Operational after removing all glitches from 1st April 2022.

2. Requested to handover or assign the new Income Tax portal to Tata Consultancy, reason behind is that, we experienced very bad report from stake holders due to very bad construction of GST portal by Infosys.

We find following Issues with the new website Income Tax  Portal 2.0:

1. Unable to login in First time

2. Takes 10-15 Minutes for incorporate Login

3. The Option is not made to the Authorised Income Tax Practitioners registered under Income Tax 288 to register as Authorised representative in new Income Tax Portal 2.0

4. DSC not getting registered or updated

5. Forgot password option is not working at all

6. Shown Mismatch in Profile PAN Address V/s ITR Communication Address.

7. Income tax returns in PDF can’t be downloaded

8. Income tax acknowledgements in PDF can’t be downloaded

9. DIN not getting auto populated in new ITD website.

10. Challan numbers not getting validated

11. Unable to file 15-CA/ 15-CB forms.

12. E proceedings tab not working

13. Old demands outstanding reflected without updating, i.e. After payment still Demand Shown Payable, as shown in previous old Income Tax website.

14. 26Q TDS Previous returns are not shown

15. Block user ID for 4 hours, in Income Tax User ID is PAN, So locking user ID create problems.

16. TCS details are not updated

17.  ITR-1 is yet to be enabled for online filing

18. Various filing in respect of Profits and Gains of Business or Profession Forms appears to be enabled for online filing even though we have not filed any forms till now such as viz. Form IOCCB, Form IOCCBBA, Form IOCCBC, Form lOCCBD, Form IOCCC, Form IOCCD, Form I OCCE, Form 1ODA, Form 10H, Form 29C , Form 3AC, Form 3AD, Form 3AE, Form 3CE, Form :3CEA, Form 3CEAA, Form 3CEAB, Form 3CEAC, Form 3CEJ, Form 3CEJA, Form 3CEK, Form 3CFA,Form 49C, Form 49D, Form 52A, Form 56F, Form 56FF, Form 6B etc.

10. Other Forms are also appears to be enabled for online even though we have not filled any forms till now – Form 1, Form 10BA, Form 101E, Form 15CA and Form ISCB – Payments to Non Residents , Form 3, Form 35- Appeal , Form 4- DTVSV, Form 67.

19. Form 3CA/3CB/3CD is not enabled.

20. Unable to download offline utility for the filing of ITRs.

21. If any assesses wants to file ITR 4 it can be filed as it appears from review, even though we have not filed any FUR.

22. Assessee details in verification are mapped to assessee profile and they are captured properly as per profile only even though different value is manually entered.

23. Aadhar OTP for authentication is not working.

24. E Filing vault higher security is working properly for enabling DSC as well as disabling DSC but Aadhar authentication for the same is not working

25. JSON Utility not available

26. Nature of Employment is made Mandatory, which is difficult for multiple Source of income, not applicable option is not working.

27. Very slow working of Website

28. Profile updating has become a very tedious job. We have to match Aadhar as well as Pan Data. It consumes lot of time. One peculiar mismatch is out of the total address if Single word is missing, for e g. Apartment, still our income tax site shows error as PAN and Aadhar address is not matching. We do not have liberty to change our actual address in our profile. That means now we have to either update our Aadhar address or PAN address, which is unwarranted as Individual, HUE karta can have different address of residence & business place. Also, it is no where compulsory to have Aadhar address as Income tax address only.

29. The primary contact number has been changed to secondary & vice versa. The same is the case with primary email address & secondary email address.

30. More than the above if a small taxpayers and professionals that is having less capacity Internet connection then he will not be able to file a single return for the whole day. The purpose of such changes is unknown &

31. It is understood that the prerequisite of running the website is latest version of computer software & high speed internet connection the requirement of Income-tax website, GST website, MCA website & other tax websites related to taxation are different. Why the set up requirements in different tax websites are different.

This is for your Kind information and further quick Actions.

Thank you,
Yours Faithfully

For, Karnataka Taxpayers & Practitioners Association.

Zafarulla Sattar Khan

Cell: + 1 7676 558201

Place: Shivamogga
Dated: 17′” June 2021.

Download representation regarding issues/glitches on the new Income Tax Portal 2.0.

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  1. Robert Benley says:

    Entered gratuity received in new ITR2 utility, but it says I have to enter ₹20 lacs. Someone has really not tested this software at all before it was opened to public.

  2. Robert Benley says:

    Entered gratuity received in new ITR2 utility, but it says I have to enter ₹20 lacs as gratuity. Someone has really not tested this software at all before it was opened to public.

  3. D. K. Gupta says:

    iv) In ITR2 filling of Salary income from UK company not functional dur to absence of company TAN. It is not either be left blank nor takes Passport number & shows ERROR.
    Please remove such shortcomings ASAP as last date is fast approaching.
    Email ID and Toll Free Numbers should also be populated by the eportal for functional portal complaints by ordinary taxpayers.

  4. Sunny says:

    The Date of Birth is showing one day early for everyone. This is a big issue. I asked 5 friends. For everyone, it was showing one day early. birth month is not Feb. So it’s not because of leap year.
    Please fix this bug. Otherwise, how can we submit the tax with wrong date of birth.

  5. abhijit says:

    Respected applicants from karnataka,
    it is not only karnataka based problem sir, it is pan India base problem, requested early action from competent authority for solution.

  6. RAVI says:

    SITE SAYS MY PAN DOES NOT EXIST.I was filing my return past 25 years.What Can I do CPC not lifting phone at all what can I do?Useless site

  7. ukmohan says:

    How the Date of Birth is showing one day early?
    Who so ever imported the data to the New Site, are they idiots? Did they copied the Data in Leap Year, and forgot one day? 🙁


    Still now it is not working, profile update not possible, unless profile is 100%, it will not allow prefilled form. What to do.
    Useless site.

  9. Kishore says:

    Infosys need to improve the testing on the live portal. The standards of testing for a website for Income Tax Department is not up to the mark and also not expected from an organization like infosys.

  10. Prabodh says:

    Under LRS if remittance is less than Rs 7 lakh, ICICI website says they will not Collect TCS, hence TCS shows NIL. During validation my ITR1 gets rejected as it says i “have not filled sections”. Kindly help.

  11. Gurbachan Singh Marwah says:

    Two weeks ago the new portal was operationalied but still it is hard To login I can’t login through Net Banking as names of banks are not on the list when I scroll down.I was filing my returns on line myself but I think I may have to CA’s this time to file them.No ease of filing.

  12. Vinay Kalliat says:

    I think the Infosys team needs to work on a war footing to fix this mess. It seems to be the result of a rushed job with very little thought into the systems that go into it. Classic case of ‘rushing into things’

  13. Dal says:

    This is a disaster! In the heaviest period for tax filing a new portal has been launched with no good quality assurance or code and load testing.
    I Agree 100%! Restore the old portal, fix the errors and bugs and launch the new one in January 2022 when load is light.

    The integration between PAN and portal is a mess. Birthdates for NRIs are showing one day prior to actual date of birth. This is software. Code needs to be written correctly, and integration should work correctly.

    Some forms are just not available to assign to the Chartered Accountant.

    Did anyone from Infosys try to use the feature of the portal before launching it to the public ???

    Give the public a proper working portal. Roll back this launch !


    This portal does not take into consideration demographic considerations due to State Governments changing a village from one Taluk to other, bifurcating Districts. Example is the village in which I live was originally with TENKASI Taluk , TIRUNELVELI District of TAMILNADU; Now with Kadayanallur Taluk, TENKASI District of TAMILNADU. Even the dropdown list for State does NOT work.
    I agree that the old portal may continue till such time this Organisation who have done a bad job in GST portal learns Income Tax and brings a portal without glitches.
    My son’s Date of Birth itself is wron showing that he was born a day earlier than what is printed in his PAN Card

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