Dated: June 18, 2010

D.O. No. FTS-799468/2010- MEMBER (R)

You may be aware that the Tax Credit Statement (in Form 26AS) in respect of each PAN holder is being compiled by the Income Tax Department on real time basis. Such statements are available for online view to the PAN holder, to enable him/her to take timely corrective steps in case of missing gaps. It is thus considered desirable to increase the awareness about the same among all sections of society.

2. The object is to give the taxpayer feedback regarding the tax credits as reported by the tax deductors/collector s besides showing taxes deposited by way of self assessment tax, advance tax etc. The tax credit reflected in such statement may increase or decrease in case the deductor revises the information/ updates the information or files the TDS returns after finalization of Form 26AS (Tax Credit Statement). The procedure for creation of this Tax Credit Statement is in accordance with section 203 AA of the I.T. Act, 1961 or the second proviso to sub section (5) of section 206C of the LT. Act, 1961.

3. The credits reflected in this statement are available in our system for giving tax credit at the time of processing of returns. Therefore, it is critical that these statements actually reach the taxpayer so that corrections, if any, are done before the return is filed, i.e. before July, 2010, and the tax credit available to them is known to them is complete, correct and upto date.

4. In case of missing entries or unmatched entries, the taxpayers may be advised to contact their deductor and ascertain whether the deductor has either

i) erred in quoting the correct PAN or not quoted the PAN; or

ii) not filed the TDS return; or

iii) has not paid the required TDS to Government account.

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4.1 In such a case, the taxpayer may approach the deductor and persuade the deductor to rectify the deficiencies. Kindly note that since the tax statement will be the basis for giving tax credits, hence, absence of tax credit will bind the Officer to adhere to the tax credit available.

5. From the current financial year onwards you can also view your tax credits by undertaking a one-time registration. Detailed procedure for registration is available at www.incometaxindia. and www.tin-nsdl. com.

6. Statements in 26AS have been sent to about 50 lakh taxpayers through emails obtained from different sources wherein corresponding PANs were mapped. Statements are being sent in a password protected pdf file.

7. The objective of this communication is to:

i) Apprise you of the above facility especially in the light of issues of matching of TDS entries while processing the returns; and

ii) Request you to give adequate publicity to this attempt of the department.

8. As a senior officer of the department, it is hoped that under your leadership and guidance, the scheme would find adequate publicity and acceptability amongst taxpayer in your jurisdiction.

9. In case you have personally not availed of the above facility, you could:

i) Register for the above utility which is password protected and is transmitted through secured and safe algorithm; The procedure for registration is mentioned in detail at www.tin-nsdl. com;

ii) Encourage officers/ officials working in your charge to register for the same:

iii) You may also consider sending us authenticated PAN-email mapping of officers so that such statements are sent to them.

10. In case of clarifications, the following officers at the Directorate of Income Tax (Systems) may be contacted:

Mr. Ravi Agrawal incometaxindia.

Mr. Satpal Gulati satpalgulati@ incometaxindia.

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