CA Kaushik Mahendrabhai Makwana

CA Kaushik Mahendrabhai Makwana

1. The CBDT has notified the new Income Tax Return Forms for A.Y. 2017-18. The CBDT has made major reform in the Income Tax Return Forms for A.Y 2017-18.

2. The government has taken bold step towards simplifying the norms of filing, so as to encourage the potential tax payer to file the Income Tax Return. Earlier, there were total nine Income Tax Return Forms which has now been reduced to seven. Every person who are earning the income under different heads are required to file the Income Tax Return in respective forms which are discussed as under:

  • The CBDT has notified one page simplified ITR Sahaj (Form 1), which is to be filed by individual having the total income upto Rs 50 Lakhs and earnings are from Income from Salary/Income and/or one house Property and/or Income from Other Sources.
  • Individuals (other than those mentioned above) or HUF, whose total income does not include the Income derived from Business or Profession, are required to file the return in Form No. ITR-2.
  • Individuals (other than those mentioned above) or HUF whose total income includes the income derived from Business or Profession, are required to file the return in Form No. ITR – 3.
  • Individuals/HUF/Firm (other than LLP Firm) having the presumptive income are required to file the return in Form SUGAM (ITR-4).

3. There is an option to file the return in paper form, which can be filed either in Form SAHAJ (ITR-1) or Form SUGAM (ITR-4) by below mentioned persons:

a) an individual of an age of 80 years or more or

b) an individual or HUF having income upto Rs 5 Lakhs and does not claim refund in the return of income.

4. Further, the government has taken the bold move by incorporating the column of cash deposit during the period from 08.11.2016 to 31.12.2016 in the New Income Tax Returns to curb the black money.

The CBDT has released the form for filing the Income Tax Return on the website: It is humbly requested to adhere to the deadlines of filing the return to all tax payers and be a part to the growth of the country.

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  1. Mallikarjun Nagappa daddi says:

    I have income from salary ,short term capital gain from shares ,share of profit from firm and interest income from fixed deposits with banks.Please let me know the which ITR form is to be used for A.Y 2017-18

  2. Naresh says:

    I filed my ITR 1, very early in May, when less than 2 lac persons had efiled.

    It is 30 days and why the refunds did not start so far.

    I thought they will have very little work in May June, so refunds might be received within weeks.

  3. Swapan Mitra says:

    My income is from pension,share and mutual fund dividend. Plz. let me know what kind of return I’ll submit and also want to know what will be the deduction allowed u/s.80(D) of the Income Tax Act.1961 for the financial year 2017-2018for indiviudal and senior citizen parents.

  4. Prasanta kumar Bose says:

    I received an arrears of 87290/-pertaining to 6th CPC for the period Jan’2006 to Sep’2012 in Dec’2016. My pen- sion was so far below the taxable income and hence never filed IT Return before. The pension paying Bank has deducted TDS in this FY2016-17. Why should I pay tax for 6th CPC arrears now. Kindly advise me.


    I am aged 70+ and have earning from brokerage (from Insurance and mutual funds) and interest income. Please guide me which IT Return Forms is to be used by me.


    Can a HUF whose income is less than 5.00 lakhs, deriving income from FDs in Bank and owning a self-occupied house only and does not claim any refund file ITR-1 electronically ?
    What Aadhaar is to be quoted – is it that of Karta ?

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