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F.No.Dir. (Hqrs.)/CH(DT)/29/2015/2030

North Block, New Delhi,
Dated : 15/12/2015

1. All Members of CBDT
2. All Pr. CCsIT (CCA)s CBDT
3. All Pr. DGsIT CBDT
4. JS (Admin) CBDT

Subject: Facilitating Taxpayers’ electronic interface with the Department – reg.-

Sir/ Madam,

I am directed to refer to subject mentioned above and to say that the Revenue Secretary has directed that henceforth any notice/letter/communication issued by any officer under Department of Revenue; including CBDT, its directorates and field formations; to the tax payers, members of public should invariably contain mention of email address and office phone numbers, of the officers signing such, communications/notice/letters for facilitating tax payers’ electronic interface with the Department All are requested to kindly ensure that the above directions are strictly followed.

This issue in supersession of earlier letter dated 02.12.15

Yours faithfully

(SD Bhasor)
(Deputy Secretary-HQ)
Tel: 011-23093134

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  1. pusu says:

    Good initiative. What to do if any income tax notice contains all other details of the issuing officer but the designation of the notice issuing officer is not mentioned. Will it be deemed as invalid by virtue of non mention of designation? Is there any case law or circular governing this ? , please respond. Regards, 🙂

  2. A H POONAWALA says:


  3. Bharat says:

    It’s a good move. Many times the officers do not accept corrospondence from assessee as it is inconvenient to them. Now with a mail things can be placed on record. If concerned officer does not take cognisance of such mails then it’s officers default. Assessee would be deemed to have complied with its obligation.

  4. Sakthirajan says:

    It is good initiative on the part of the Department.In addition to e-mail address & Phone No. the cell no of the concerned official also to be given to contact the official immediately in case of need.

  5. Adv.s.j.prasad says:

    Good step in transparent administration.The direction of Revenue Secretary should be implemented with polite human relations by officers concerned with a will to serve.

  6. Harjit Singh says:

    Most of the GOI officers do not respond to calls made. Mobile number shall also be given as phone bills are paid by taxpayers’ money. Am I asking for too much?

  7. M V Prabhu says:

    If the Phone numbers are given, it has to be seen whether same will be attended to or no reply to the call. Even E Mail IDs are good but again whether it will be attended to. However good initiative by the Revenue Officer of CBDT. I congratulate him for having initiated bold steps to resolve the issues of Tax Payers. The effect of these measures be evaluated after some time and corrective measures be taken if it is not effective.

  8. CA. Subhash Chandra Podder says:

    Good initiative , but where is the E-Mail ID of MR.S.D. Bhasore, Deputy Secretary (HQ)?
    Directory and Phone nos and Mobile No of those officers should be available for the Assesses and All Practitioners ( CAs , Lawyers and others ). Response in Mobile and Land line no is needed , also email confirmation is badly needed .

  9. Ajit Matthan says:

    Over the past 2 years or thereabouts, I have noticed that any correspondence from CPC or from the Office of the Income tax authorities in charge of a particular ward/circle, has reverted to the inefficient method of communications viz snail mail (hard copies). Previously, I used to get all notifications from CPC by email only, but no longer.
    I hope the GOI Revenue Department will enforce this directive.
    However, I note that Mr. S D Bhasor, Deputy Secretary, has given only his Official Phone number, but I do not see his email ID.

  10. Abhsihek Vadecha says:

    The intervention and initiation by the Revenue Secretary is a welcome change in the administration of CBDT. I congratulate him for taking this sort of bold steps. In recent times, it is clear that the working force behind the CBDT is the Revenue Secretary and this sort of working will definitely put the present divergent functioning CBDT in line for the benefit of India and assessees in particular.

  11. CA. SHANKAR says:

    This is a very good initiative by the GOI..It should not remain on paper only.. to be effective it should be put to operation. Many officials to whom it is ordered will not be aware of such implementation at all..

  12. Nilesh Mehta says:

    *good initiative by revenue secretary,it would have been better if checks & balances were provided so that the babus comply with the said directive.Otherwise as it always happens with a noble scheme, good at anouncement failure at implementation.*


    Please give the pesonal land line no . of officer which the officer dealing must attend to listen the query personally and e-mail id allotted to the said officer.

  14. Smt. Syeda Khaderbi, M.A., M.Com., says:

    This initiative is appreciable & is most welcome measure for ensuring the anticipated Paperless Assessments. There is an immediate & urgent need that a Directory of Emails of All India Income Tax Authorities has to be brought out & supplied, at once, to all Income Tax Practitioners/ Consultants/ Lawyers/ Chartered Accountants.

  15. Mahaveer Bhandari says:

    Good initiative… But I doubt that mail be ever read or acknowledged as the officers are mostly not available on their seats or will not take any action in absence of monitoring mechanism.

  16. Sekaran says:

    Unfortunately even the popularity of the beep song making rounds in tn is not enjoyed by the positive movements of the cbdt decided from dehli.So such circulars should be given a wide publicity to all concerned starting from the junior most itos, cits and others involved in taxing the tax payers. Also the itos should act promptly instead of giving excuses. AT PRESENT THERE IS A HUGE GULF BETWEEN THE CPC BENGALURU AND THE AAYAKAR BHAVAN BOSSES. ALL THEIR COMMUNICATIONS ARE STILL ON COSTLY WHITE PAPER EVEN ON FRIVOLOUS ISSUES. ALL THE OFFICES BEHAVE LIKE BUREAUCRACIES AND DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS AT ALL. FIRST OF ALL THEIR ATTITUDE MUST UBDERGO A SEA CHNGE FOR THESE IMPROVEMENTS TO MAKE EVEN A SCRATCH ON THE SYSTEM,LEAVE ALONE DENTS.

  17. sksomani says:

    After all will these local fighter stop fighting honest tax payers as well.I still doubt.Government still need to take bold step where in lacs of Rupees is still blocked and not refunded to the true owners of it.The money may have been confiscated by the dept with any judicial measure.
    Anyway a small step it may be welcomed.

  18. Raj says:

    Thanks CBDT…….for introducing this bold step.

    Also the mail id of Department & not Google or personal should be provided by AO.

    Kindly expedite and enlarge the scope of E Scrutiny.

    Meanwhile ensure the information sought by the AO is provided by the Assesses in a clean document-able manner.

  19. Dharmendra Kumar says:

    The Revenue Secretary is a proactive personality.he has his pulse on the citizens.i think with more IT Intervention things will improve for the better. There should be some monitoring mechanism for the e mails and accountability should be fixed.Mails should reach the desired person/officer only and should be recognised in appellate/income tax proceedings as admissible evidence.How will the Revenue authorities be satisfied?

  20. Sahil Garud says:

    I think email id will be different for different AOs as per their jurisdiction. Like for e.g. for an Asst. Commissioner Circle 3, email would be specific to his designation and circle office only.

  21. P.R.Rajendran B.Com.,MBA says:

    These are one of the steps in response to the recommendations of Parthasarathy shome committee which was formed by the former congress government and presented to The Finance Minister Arun Jatley after they assume office.All communication by electronic mode other than personal appearance,Friendly approach all those things are recommended in that reports.

  22. VENKAT says:

    good idea. But I hope the officers are encouraged to use email for sending subsequent information or instructions unless where written letters are necessary as legal evidence

  23. Abubaker A says:

    It is good for the assessee to communicate the details called for by the assessing officer. But direct interference with the Assessing Officer and explain the things to understand him more important before he is making any additions.
    with regards

  24. Varaprasad Daitha says:

    The intervention and initiation by the Revenue Secretary is a welcome change in the administration of CBDT. I congratulate him for taking this sort of bold steps. In recent times, it is clear that the working force behind the CBDT is the Revenue Secretary and this sort of working will definitely put the present divergent functioning CBDT in line for the benefit of India and assessees in particular.

  25. Bobjee kurien says:

    The Revenue Secretary is a proactive personality.he has his pulse on the citizens.Eith hom around things are just going to be better.The members of the CBDT hasthouroughly failed in the mandate given to it.It did not utilize its discretionary powers for the people of India instead acted in a manner which allowed the blue eyed boys to enrich themselves.You scratch and it is there for all to see the decay that has set in.Thank you Mr Revenue Secretary.

  26. Shridhar says:

    In principle a good directive but our babus will give an office phone number that either never works, or is answered or if answered will be a clerk who will not understand anything and say he will pass on the message and never will – there is hence also no trace of even having called. Email addresses will be a common departmental one which no one will look at and will continue to overflow and eventually stop accepting emails. If they really want to make IT officers client oriented, they should be asked to give their personal office email addresses and a summary report generated each day which automatically goes to their supervisor on number of emails coming in, read, unread outstanding, answered, closed, pending etc.

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