Income Tax Calculator for FY 2011-2012 / AY 2012-2013

All in one Income Tax Calculator for Financial year 2011-2012 and Assessment Year 2012-2013 - The Calculator have the the following features- 1. It calculate taxable Income and prepare Computation of Income. 2. It Prepares Form 16 Automatically 3. It Prepares and Fills Sahaj (ITR-1) Automatically
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  • Dear Si, - Our Directrors Salary Remunaration is Rs. 100,000.00 Pm. so what is tds will be deducted and what will be the section of tds. Please reply.

  • The deductor information as well as the email address of assesse can not be changed, hence no utility of this calculator, except for academic interest.

  • Professional tax amount is pre-calcul;ated. May be this is applicable in West Bengal. Number of States do not levy professional Tax. Should keepo this option open.

  • First of all thanks,Mr.Banerjee,provide us a helpful Excel tool for calculating Income tax & Others.I want to work on this sheet so,I would like to work on that sheet, but it is protected in some cells like Mail ID, Bank Details, Details of Deductor and CIT TDS Address of the sheet for modifying the sheets as per my requirement.If it is Read only,please ignore my mail.

    I shall be thankful to you if you reply me on my email id,it’s my great pleasure.

    Thanks again,

    Ganga Devi P

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