India is a land of laws. We have to comply with various Acts, Laws, Rules and Regulations in a normal course of business such as Income Tax, Companies Act 2013, Service Tax, Limited liability Partnership Regulations, Partnership Act, Wealth Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), XBRL etc.

While carrying out day to day business operations, it is difficult to refer different books for various laws, which makes compliance more complicated. Hence, there is a need to have all important rules and regulations at one place, in easily readable form.

This booklet aims to provide practical aid to the compliance challenges faced by professionals in practice and industry and summarises all important provisions of various laws by using different charts, schedules, tables and useful notes.

 Please download the Statutory Compliance Hand Book from the following link

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  1. Sarita says:

    Its really useful to non C.A. Person

  2. Sarita says:

    It is very useful to me. I am really appreciate Tax guru.

  3. Nagesh says:

    Very useful..
    Thanks alot

  4. Mitali Sawant says:

    Thanks a lot

  5. Yasmen says:

    Any Body can provicde the Rates of Basic Excise duty and Service tax from 2006 to till date

  6. Rajesh Yadav says:

    This hand book is very useful for non ca

  7. DINESH says:

    Great job…….thanks

  8. balakrishna says:

    very very thank you sir.

  9. piyush parmar says:

    thnx for gives us summaries form I.T.

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