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Steps involved in online / Electronic  payment of Income tax

Most of us are unaware about the payment of income tax online. We have to go to bank and deposit the tax which takes a lot of time. So here’s an easy guide to e payment of income tax online

To deposit the tax, please refer below mentioned steps:

Step 1. Go to

Step 2: At the top, click on the option “services”, it will give you a drop down list.   E-payment1Step3: At the rightmost list, there’s an option “e payment: pay taxes online”. Click on it, it will redirect you to another webpage.

Step 4: Select “challan no./ITNS 280”


Step 5: It will redirect you to challan form. Fill in the basic details:

E-payment3Mark (0021) Income Tax For Other than companies

Mark (0020) for Corporate assessees

Put PAN for which you are depositing the tax.

i. Select Assessment Year e.g. 2015-16( For Financial Year 2014-15)

ii. Fill Address info.

iii. Type of Payment

iv. Select your bank via which you will be paying the tax.

v. Enter the image.

Click on “Proceed”

i. It will confirm your personal info.

ii. Check your information entered, then click on “submit to bank”.

The page will redirect you to your bank’s login page. After logging in, it will ask you about the account via which you will be paying the tax. Then it will ask for the bifurcation on tax ( basic tax, cess, surcharge etc).Put in the tax amount in relevant fields. Then deposit it. The bank will generate a challan and will give you an option  to download the pdf file of challan.

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  1. C.A.M. Lakshmanan says:

    Now-a-days Banks are not accepting cash; e-payment is the best and the only option.

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