E-boon on Aspects of International Taxation- A study

International Taxation due to its dynamic and ever changing nature has always been a complex subject not only to study but to practice. Due to increase in cross border transactions, mergers and acquisitions, e-commerce, capital mobility and so on, the taxation laws have become more and more complex. This ever increasing complexity in taxation laws of the global village has been a matter of consultations, dialogues, debate, discussions at various forums. The resultant of the same is identification of the concept of Base Erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) and the action points to resolve the issues.

Every practising chartered accountant understands that International Taxation is an upcoming area of practice owing to global developments in respect of BEPS action plans. Since our professionals are competent and well prepared to take up the challenges involved in working in the borderless world, ICAI too is geared up to support them in respect of the required knowledge up-dation. To help our members to build the capacities in the area of international taxation, apart from other initiatives the ICAI through dedicated Committee on International Taxation Committee has been revised the publication “Aspects of International Taxation- A Study”. This publication broadly covers all aspects of International Taxation including taxation of non­residents, DTAAs, Transfer Pricing, advance rulings, taxation of e-commerce, Foreign tax credit, BEPS etc.

(Case laws are updated till July, 2016)

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