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Meaning of Charitable Purpose - Section 2(15). Income from Property held for Charitable Religious Purpose - Section 11. Capital Gains deemed to be Applied for Charitable /Religious Purpose - Section 11(1A). Consequences if Income not applied for Specific Purpose - Section 11(1B). Exemption if Income accumulated for Specific Purpose - Section 11(2). Application of Income Outside India.

CA Agarwal Sanjay ‘Voice of CA’

E-book covers the following topics in detail with latest judicial pronouncements and Amendments :-

1. Meaning of Charitable Purpose – Section 2(15).

2. Income from Property held for Charitable Religious Purpose – Section 11.

3. Capital Gains deemed to be Applied for Charitable /Religious Purpose – Section 11(1A).

4. Consequences if Income not applied for Specific Purpose – Section 11(1B).

5. Exemption if Income accumulated for Specific Purpose – Section 11(2).

6. Application of Income Outside India.

7. Memorandum Explaining Finance Bill 2012

8. Judicial Pronouncements

9. Related notifications & Circulars

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