At TDS (CPC), Redressal of Grievance mechanism is called ‘Request for Resolution’. Following are its key points:

1. Request for Resolution

Deductor can raise grievances online through ‘Request for Resolution functionality available at TRACES. Grievances can be raised from Financial Year 2007-08 onwards.

Key Points:

* Deductor can select appropriate category for raising Request for Resolution and click on “Go”.

* It is mandatory to enter comments. Supporting documents may also attach in .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf, .zip formats only not more than 2 MB.

How to apply for Redressal of Grievances on TRACES PORTAL - for Deductors

2. Brief Steps for Request for Resolution

Step 1: Login on TRACES as a Deductor with registered User ID and Password.

Step 2: Click on “Request for Resolution” under “Communication` tab to log the request.

Stop 3: Select the category (Statement status, conso file, Defaults/Demand etc.) under which request for Resolution is required to be raised.

Stop 4: Select required details such as Financial Year, Farm type, Quarter, Request Category.

Fill the required details such as Latest Statement Token no. etc. along with description of grievances along with supporting documents, if any.

Stop 5: On successful submission of the request, a unique Ticket number will be generated.

Step 6: Deductor can check the status of the raised ticket in “Resolution Tracking” under “Communication” tab.

3. Resolution Tracking:

Deductor can track status of grievance raised through “Request for Resolution” by “Resolution Tracking” option available under “Communication” tab at TRACES.

Deductor can track “Request for Resolution” through following options:

Search Option 1: Deductor can track requested status either through “Ticket Number” or “Source of Ticket” (Deductor/Taxpayer).

Search Option 2: Deductor can track requested status by selecting “Source of Ticket, Ticket Creation Date, Ticket Status (Open/Closed/In Progress, Re-opened, Clarification Requested).

Description of requested status:

* Open— Ticket is with TDS CPC and will be responded within the prescribed SLA.

* In-Progress—Ticket has been picked up by TDS CPC and is under resolution.

* Clarification Requested — Clarification can be provided only within 7 calendar days of ticket status being ‘Clarification Requested’ else request will be closed.

* Closed— Ticket has been resolved by TDS CPC.

* Re-opened— Ticket can be reopened within 14 working days of the closure of ticket.

Deductor can rectify mistakes made in regular statement online through “Online Correction” functionality available at TRACES. Grievances can be raised from Financial Year 2007-08 onwards.

4. Rectification of Mistakes in CPC

4.1 Online Correction

TRACES provide the functionality of “Online Correction” with which Deductor can perform Correction of TDS/TCS statements Online for particular Financial Year, Quarter and Form Type. Through this functionality, a Deductor can file Correction without downloading a Conso file.

4.2 Types of Corrections available through Online Correction:

* Add Challan to the Statement

*  Challan Correction

* Pay 220, Interest, Late Filing Levy

* PAN Correction

* Add/ Modify Deductee Details

* Personal Information Correction

*  Add/Delete Salary Details

4.3 Guidelines for Online Correction

Type of Error or Defaults Correction
Available from F.Y. DSC Required
If Challan is
FY 2007-08 onwards No
To add new Challan Add Challan to statement FY 2007-08 onwards No
To clear interest and late fee demand payment Pay 220,
Interest, Levy,
Late filing
FY 2007-08 onwards No
To Move Deductee Row Challan Correction – Resolution for overbooked Challan FY 2007-08 onwards No
To Update PAN PAN Correction FY 2007-08 onwards Yes
To Add/Modify Deductee row Add modify
FY 2013-14 onwards Yes
To Update Personal details Personal
FY 2007-08 onwards Yes
To modify salary details Add or delete salary details FY 2013-14 onwards Yes
To Edit Deductee Row Challan
Correction –
Resolution for
FY 2013-14 onwards Yes


  • Online correction functionality is available from Financial Year-2007-08 onwards depending upon the type of correction; however, some of the corrections are available from Financial Year 2013-14 onwards with DSC.
  • Deductor can do online correction for TDS as well as TCS.
  • Multiple corrections with one request number for the statement pertaining same financial year, quarter and form type can be submitted.
  • Deductor can get the Token number for correction statements filed online form TRACES through “Track Correction Request”, Click on hyperlink under the heading “New Token Number”. Token Number Will Popup.
  • Online correction functionality on TRACES will not be available in case of paper return.

4.4 Brief Steps for Online Correction Statement

Step 1: Login to TRACES website.

Step 2: Go to “Request for correction” under ” Defaults” by entering relevant Quarter, Financial Year and Form Type.

* Correction category should be “Online”.

* Request number will be generated.

Step 3: Request will be available under “Track Correction Request”.

Track Correction Request

* When request status become “Available” click on Available / in progress status to proceed with the correction.

* Provide information to Validate KYC.

(User will get DSC Supported KYC and Normal KYC option if DSC is registered on TRACES).

Step 4: Select the appropriate type of correction category from the drop-down list of categories.

Step 5: Make the required corrections in the selected file.

Step 6: Click on “Submit for Processing” to submit your correction (Only Available to Admin User).

Step 7: 15 digits token number will be generated and mailed to Registered e-mail ID.

Deductor can track requested status of correction in “Track correction Request” available under “Defaults” Menu.

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