We are attaching  detailed comparative analysis of Revised Tax Audit Report in the excel format with updated table formats as per the schema of the Forms 3CA/3CB-3CD on the Income Tax website. The file also contains the Screenshots of the updated schema for the clauses where the changes in table formats took place.

The File will be helpful in understanding and filing Revised Tax Audit Report.

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Download Analysis (ZIP File)

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CA Chaitanya Maheshwari

CA Chaitanya Maheshwari

Dhanvi Nigudkar

Dhanvi Nigudkar

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0 responses to “Comparative analysis of Revised Tax Audit Report”

  1. Chaitanya Maheshwari says:

    Dear Sirs,
    We are grateful to you all. Hope due to your wishes and blessings we will continue the spirit of updating and writing all that we come to know.

    Best Regards,

  2. Sunil Jadhav says:

    Superb work. Chaitanya and Dhanvi. I was planning to do this stuff on weekend. You saved hell lot of my time.

    Thanks & Reagrds

    Sunil Jadhav

  3. Santosh Kapal says:

    Excellent work Chaitanya….
    Very helpful data & good analysis done
    Keep it up !!!

  4. K P N Srinivas says:

    Very good analysis….this would be very useful to every body who has doubts on new format

  5. B S MANJUNATH says:

    Thanks very much for the efforts made in presenting the Tax audit changes in a very lucid understandable manner.

    Very helpful for a senior like me not very comfortable in too many changes in every practising laws & rules these days.

    Great !!! keep it up

    Manjunath FCA

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