01st June 2021 was the day of the launch of the income tax portal 2.0 with a clear 10 days intimation in advance that the income tax services will not be available from 01st June till 07th June 2021 and any dates, timelines falling between 01st June to 10th June 2021 would be extended/ deemed extended.

Nearly 1.5 months after its launch and two weeks after the finance minister review on 22nd June 2021 and its functioning technical glitches continue to mar the functioning of the new income tax portal as certain key utilities like e-proceedings and digital signature certificate are not yet functional.

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13 common problems recognized by the author, as per his view point which are creating lot of unrest and wasting valuable time and resources are listed below:

1. Logging problem.

The erstwhile Income tax e filing website used to be a single login portal; whereas 2.0 takes TWO glimpses or screen to log in. This is similar to the GSTN portal which also gives feeling of two glimpses on every new click before proceeding further.

On count of time, it is taking approximately 15 seconds to login to the assessee’s portal account in this bullet train world.

2. Income tax return filing issues:

CAs The Partners in nation development discuss on daily basis whether the income tax return filing has been carried out smoothly by whom- implies that the return filing issues need to be sorted out immediately since we are sitting near 15th July. Tds updations would happen in Form 26AS by 31st July 2021 and the filing process would start in August and 60 calendar days are left minus the weekly and festival and misc holidays wherein around 5 crores ITRs would have to be filed not considering 31st October and 30th November ITRs.

3. DSC registration issues:

Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) registration has been the most talked area which has consistently disturbed in June 2021 and has started seeing the light of the day slowly and steadily. Had the Dsc alignment from portal 1.0 to 2.0 been smoothly planned, this strenuous exercise would have saved lots of time and energies of the professionals and other stakeholders. If the number of DCSs data registered again on portal 2.0 can be figured out and 15 minutes is considered the average time per Dsc registration, the time involved across India can be figured out.

4. E verification of the ITRs:

The ITRs are not getting e- verified and again has become a topic for discussion since OTPs are not received on timely basis and sometimes are not being received.

5. Filing Of IT Appeals:

The appeal form is not getting uploaded for want of OTPs and is raising the anxiety levels of the professionals and the petitioner assessee.

6. Form 15CA/CB:

Assessee has to align the form to the respective chartered accountant in My CA tab and has to choose Form 15CB. But the option to choose 15CB form is not enabled/ not displaying, thereby, the assessee cannot allocate 15CB to his respective CA. The date of filing Form 15CA/CB manually has been extended for the portal’s inefficiency stake.

The CA has to first manually prepare 15CB and assessee has to manually prepare 15CA for giving to ADs and later on, when the process will be aligned on portal 2.0; this exercise has to be done again on the system leading to waste of time and resources.

Hope UDIN need to be generated again for the system procedure which has to be done later on.

7. Forms Pending for Acceptance:

Under worklist tab, the forms pending for acceptance shows SOME forms but on choosing, it does not proceed further. The screenshot displaying Loading is attached here with

8. Mismatch in PAN data is shown where technically there is no mismatch:

After logging on, the profile is shown to be incomplete and maximum attainment level varies till 70 to 80% and the pan mismatch is shown in some cases where actually there is no mismatch.

9. Rectification of return option:

Rectification of return option is not there. For The previous outstanding demands , the option to rectify the return option is not yet available.

10. Form 10A/ 10B

Unable to file form 10A/ 10B on the portal and the option is not activated yet.

11. Form for Equalization Levy

Form 1 is not enabled as of now and when proceeding further, Access denied page is getting displayed. Form 1 date has been extended from 30th June to 31st July 2021 wasting 15 days of July 2021.

The screenshots are attached below.


12. E filed TDS returns acknowledgement numbers are not picked by Traces portal.

The acknowledgement of E filed TDS returns are not picked by Traces portal and are not displayed in the justification report generated from the TRACES portal. The screenshot is attached below.

As per the Traces portal, the data of the income tax 2.0 is not getting migrated to the Traces portal as above.

13. Quarter 1 Fin year 2021-22 Tds/ Tcs returns technical issue in filing.

While filing the tds/ tcs returns of Quarter 1, previous quarter Quarter 4 2020-21, acknowledgement number is entered on being asked. Now the new issue is that the portal 2.0 is not accepting the acknowledgement number of quarter 4 while filing quarter 1 returns.

The same had been telephonically acknowledged by the traces call center executive.

Its high time that these problems and other problems faced may be addressed soon so that the filing season and compliances can be adhered to smoothly.

While every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy/ authenticity of the above, the readers are advised to recheck/reconfirm the same from the original sources/ relevant departments. It is based upon relevant law and/or facts available at that point of time and prepared with due accuracy & reliability. By the use of the said information, you agree that the company is not responsible or liable in any manner for the authenticity, accuracy, completeness, errors or any kind of omissions in this piece of information for any action taken thereof. This is not any kind of advertisement or solicitation of work by a professional. The company shall in no way be responsible for any loss or damage suffered to any person on account of the same.

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  1. Vaibhav says:

    For TDS Return, you are putting efiling acknowledgement number at traces instead of RRR Number. After filing TDS Return online, RRR number is available at website (only after status of the form change to “Accepted at E-Filing” from “Form Submitted”. If form is still at “Form Submitted” status after filing, immediately file the Return again.

  2. IDBI Chuni Lal Manchanda says:

    For the last seven days I am trying to submit my Form 10E after everifying my filled form.Which in preview it shows no errors but it does not accept the form with the message from eportal that there are some errors in the filled form which are to be fixed before I submit it.

  3. G SHRINIWAS says:

    Last year filed return of deceased person through legal heir’s login. Now for knowing the refund position, when legal heir’s login, the deceased person’s records not showing/visible. Hence it is very difficult to know the refund position of the deceased person. As Deceased person’s PAN is disable or login is not possible as legal heir was register in earlier year.

  4. R.SUBRAMANIAN says:

    ITRV says send it to CPCBangaluru even when eVdrified with OTP mode successfully unlike last year when we used to receive Ack with a specific remark No further action is required.Secondly Closed n incorrect bank accounts cannot be removed as it has to be revalidated before removal How a closed bank account can be revalidated?Still profile data shows mismatch when there is no mismatch.Demat accounts are not getting validated.

  5. KP Rao says:

    Its nightmare to fill the data into new ITR 2, online. there are many errors in CG , 112A, OS schedules. After filling, on validation no errors, however when we verify in the end, there are many errors listed. Once they attend, new set of errors. When we try to contact online trp, telephone does not work, call drops. E mail bounce back. When we try chat, always offline. I was submitting ITR 2 for last 5 years in excel , no concern and does not require any trp to file. Now I do not know what to do. Regards

    1. M L KAUL says:

      You are very much right. Even when Validation is successful ITR not getting submitted showing errors which are practically not there. My emails are reverted back with advice to email other sites but they too report same thing and provide list of contact numbers. On contacting you have waitfor hours before your call gets connected. After hearing our problem they advice us to contact other numbers. It seems entire digitization has underground. They claim of refunding within one day, when my refund of last yes still pending even after 13 months of filing.


    Not only CAs , we the old aged pensioners are facing to submit ITR 1. LACK of concentration required by the IT Authority before introducing new change. Lot of literacy is required. Everything is going just
    to satisfy few Govt. Tops. Very sad. We have now become puppet.

  7. Rajeev Gupta says:

    Received a SMS regarding ITR 20-21 ASS. year that notice u/s 43 (1). has been sent on my email. No email received neither the said section 43(1) available on the portal.
    Earlier it was available on the old portal.

  8. SRINIVASA H says:

    It is horrible to understand that; new IT portal is nightmare on Stake Holder Street and horrifying stress on professionals. Is anybody giving thought that month after month this portal going back of 15 year instead improvisation?

    A standard error speaks about “something went wrong”, yes it is not something went wrong, it is fully and absolutely went wrong when it is referred to Infosys to handle the site, which we witnessed with GST portal and MCA Portal.

    Of course, it may be corrected after another month or two, but who will responsible for loss of so many valuable hours of stake holders and professionals.

    Once again body of stake holders and professionals are made to beg for date extension of somebody’s fault.

  9. Subhas Saha says:

    I have been trying to find ITR2 forthe last 2 weeks.Failed..It was so simple last so many years.Cant find Off line and on line e filing .It takes me to very complex system of filing.
    Govt.should bring back the user friendly system used last so many years.

  10. Anantharaman H says:

    The LTCG Module, E-Verification, Deductions u/s 80C, etc., are NOT FUNCTIONING. Every tax payer has only a few days, countable, left for filing ITRs, aboveall the system will hang when the clogging of data happens on the IT site.

  11. Tejesh Pendhari says:

    Excel utility was more simple and user friendly. Excel is the system whole world knows. who knows the json i.e. only developers. ITD must keep everything simple and not to mess the things which are on track. Bring back the excel offline utility.

  12. Tejesh Pendhari says:

    Details from 26AS not reflecting in prefilled form. This json format type is not working properly as compared to earlier xml format. He has to be tested thoroughly before implementing such changes. ITD must take another downtime of 1 week and roll back the changes.

  13. U Sethurayar says:

    The site reports an address mismatch by comparing the address in the PAN and Aadhaar. The stupid programmer is comparing literally word by word and reports mismatches. .to give an example If I had given my flat number as F-Block 1100 in one and F-1100 in the other it reports a mismatch. Integration of Aadhaar details into the IT profile is flawed. The UIDAI site is yet to incorporate many newly created districts in its drop down list of districts. For instance the newly created district of Chinglepet in Tamil Nadu does not find a place in the UIDAI drop down list of districts whereas you can put down Chinglepet as your district of residence in your address in the IT portal profile. The two data bases will never match.

  14. S N Das says:

    My DOB as appearing in Profile info is correct and in conformity with PAN as well as AADHAR but while attempting to e-file, the pre-fetched personal data is showing wrong DOB which is not editable. Cannot proceed further.

  15. Rohit Gaat says:

    I have filed my ITR-1 for A.Y. 2021-22 with all the columns duly filled and submitted after due verification.
    Surprisingly, when I took the print of my ITR and Acknowledgement all the figures become zero zero zero.
    This new website of e-filing is a complete mess.It seems that, the entire team behind making this new website was in a hurry to get the credit.

  16. Pranav says:

    Why don’t you mention about 10E filing error.While filling form 10e for FY 2017 18 slab rate is not correct and there is no option to put 2019 20 FY arrear column

  17. Manikantakurup says:

    Unable to claim deduction.on FD under 80TTB.for senior citizens After filling . column of interest earned.deduction column is not activated under 80TTB.so that 50000on interest earned on FD.for senior citizen is allowed

  18. Saraswati Khan says:

    We should go back to old system to enable the tax payers to submit return because the authority is not able to complete the process flawless during the this financial year.

  19. Vimal Arora says:

    Not receiving OTP by any means to everify ITR.. what a rubbish decision by government to.launch such flawfulll website when old one was working great. There was no need for update at all.. Old site should be rolled back.


    The new Portal is a horror. I fail to understand why FM and Government are insisting on continuing with it. This is a field to stop experimenting. No organisation worth its name anywhere in the world would have taken the abuses and faults being being pointed out just like this organisation. No point in press releases all issues being addressed. Why was it not tested? Why assessees are made scapegoats?

  21. Sanjoy Ghose says:

    To file online ITR1 for AY21-22, when I put AY as 21-22 in the window meant for it, windows on filing type and ITR type stop functioning. I also can not access 26AS as disclaimer appearing on my screen is without any confirming button.

  22. Karoni Ghose says:

    To file online ITR1 for AY21-22, when I put AY as 21-22 in the window meant for it, windows on filing type and ITR type stop functioning. I also can not access 26AS as disclaimer appearing on my screen is without any confirming button.

  23. Sanjoy Ghose says:

    To file online ITR1 for AY21-22, when I put AY as 21-22 in the window meant for it, windows on filing type and ITR type stop functioning. I also can not access 26AS as disclaimer appearing on my is without any confirming button.

  24. moorthykss . says:

    In my case I have entered all inputs in itr2 online for. The tax is calculated by system for tax on salary eyc and for cgains. It is all calculated by system. But while verificstion it dhows error total tax is not equal to salary cg and agri tax. The actual total and itemwise total differs by one rupee. The system does not allow me to verify . Written to IT dept but no tectification of programming error done by them .

  25. Vijay Thacker says:

    In ITR 2, Schedule 112a, there is no provision to account for LTCG in cases where the original shares bought before 31 st January 2018, were of company A (Gruh Finance) which has got acquired by company B (Bandhan Bank) in a ratio of 568 Bandhan shares for 1000 Gruh shared held . Now when we sell Bandhan shares, the schedule 112a has no provision to allow for entering different ISIN for two companies, no provision for merger ratio entry, no provision for FMV entry of Gruh which was the share bought. DGIT, CPC, FM all have been made aware but the solution has not come. All assessees wanting to file LTCG in merger cases and trying to use post 2018 grandfathering
    clause will be unable to do so.

  26. Altaf Hussain Malik says:

    It does not consider senior citizen rebate upto 300000 and calculates tax on the bases of 250000 thereby creating liability of 2500 more tax.


      I am a Senior Citizen and I also have the same problem of the system NOT taking the consideration of Senior Citizens. Same may also be the case of Super Senior Citizens. No one on help line is able to help

  27. Omprakash kondawar says:

    Previously we file ITR 1 in 10 minutes.but now it is taking 30 minutes time.it is very time consuming and tedeaus.

  28. Subhash Phansalkar says:

    The most important thing missing in the new Portal is the option to partially fill the ITR and save it for later completion and submission. A very big problem for self filling the Tax filing inputs. Must correct this immediately.

  29. GANAPATHY Ramanathan says:

    Physical notified ITR 2 and electronic form is different in case of long term capital gains not covered under other columns. The former allows indexation and the latter says with out indexation.

    1. rugram says:

      Yes. The same error was found on the online form for AY 2019-20, which was corrected in the online form for AY 2020-21. It is likely that many people would miss out on this item due to the misleading description of item 9(b) of the LTCG schedule, and thus lose the benefit of indexation.
      This repeated error is unpardonable, as it is not a printing error. It seems that there is no one in the I-T Dept. to even check the accuracy of the description of the form itself.
      In the case of details of unlisted shares, the placement of the various columns is quite confusing – the information sought does not follow the logical order.

  30. Ramesh Chander Sharma says:

    Profile show mismatch between adhaar and Pan while there is no mismatch actually. There is no guidance on portal how to update prfile as 100 percent. Portal is asking to get pan corrected which amount to issuance of new pan card while old pancard is also correct only phone and e mail is not showing inold pan

  31. Gopi Chand says:

    Unable to download properly the ITR filed recently. The downloaded copy shows the date of download in place of the actual date of filing; means defective or not yet filed.


    In earlier web site we only needed to log in income tax website and could see 26AS easily.But in new website for 26AS tdscpc web site is to be logged in separately. This new web site raise host of issues of mismatch of PAN and AADHAR. While in old website all matches of PAN and AADHAR have been agreed.Then how come this happen that earlier agreement is not accepted by new site.In fact the new site should have copied AADHAR data to PAN data automatically. The new sit raise issue for PAN data base , PAN card data and AADHAR data. It is not at all user friendly.There should be only single log in site from where all other relevant data can be accessed.

  33. Naveen Jain says:

    Gross salary is not auto populated, though it appears in AS 26. Moreover there is no provision of editing/ manually filling gross salary in ITR2 . So how to complete ITR2 with out salary details? Can some one please enlighten me?

  34. venkat says:

    in my portal one bank account is duplicated. this is my main account for everification and refund also. afraid to remove this duplicate as the original also may be removed.

  35. M L KAUL says:

    In personal profile section Landline telephone number is mandatory, As almost all have disconnected their Landline number we have to fill imaginary numbers to proceed further. I had requested to shift to new regime for which form 10 IE is to be filed and acknowledgement is received. This acknowledgement is not getting entered in relevant columns. After compiling entire return in Form 4 same is not getting submitted either with e verification at same time or verification later.A message saying something went wrong is flashedfor last fifteen days.You may take up these issues and stress to revert to earlier versions

  36. Devanand Rajurkar says:

    It is better to continue ITR filling with old portal till perfection of new portal. In fact there was no need to introduce a new portal, any advance features may be added to old one. Simply waste of money.

  37. Ackland says:

    Cannot submit the return and always says something went wrong. And everytime i try ti re validate some of the general data is not saved and requires re enntry. OTP also arrives very late. I wish they had fail safe to go back to previous website to file the returns on time. I doubt the capability of infosys now with such shabby site and services. Total waste of tax payers money on this project. Hope the government is listening.

  38. Srinivasan venkataraman says:

    Lot of new features have been added which are assessee friendly. Any new venture has teething problems but this has little bit more. If your bank account in profile has defect simply bank account is indicated but the site does not take you there. You must be smart to take you there and correcting. E filing verification is the most common problem and must be subsequent operation after filing is finalized. Some of the smart it officials are there. Give them time little bit more these problems will be resolved.


      Give them ample time. Why was the hurry to introduce this portal when the old system was working alright? Why was this portal properly tested before introducing. This Firm already has smart Officers still unable to solve problems of GSTN Portal after 4 Years. I am afraid that the Government is bent upon raising more revenue by over calculating tax and penalising for not e veifying etc. May be we may be asked to file paper ITRs just as Form 15b/C

  39. Diwan Singh Khadka says:

    The new IT portal has taken abnormally a long time to make it fully functional. All the problems and short comings that have been brought out are true. There appears to hope of timely corrections in new portal. Suggested that we revert to previous portal which is quite convenient and fast.

  40. Prerna bansal says:

    I want to file form 61A but can’t register my dsc can’t even Generate ITDREIN number. So how is it even possible to file form 61 A as the last date to file the same was 30th june.

  41. Rajaram says:

    In case of corporate assesses, not able to view Form 26AS. TAN logging in new eportal is not happening. It throws up different messages and locks logon facility. Compliance check of sec206AB is not possible becouse of this.

  42. Gopal Singh Bohra says:

    I am also facing problem for e verification of itr submissiin. At the same time date of birth is correct in PAN and Aadhar but profile shows wrong. Sent complain. Still not resolved.

  43. Yohannan G says:

    The present problem is not of Infosis but some hidden agenda of the concerned. This is because Shri Nandan Nilikeni is recently honoured by GoI by appointing him in some committee of government

  44. Yohannan G says:

    Highly appreciate the above points. All professionals have become helpless. Loans are not disbursed for want of verified ITR V. Some student need ITR V. During the meeting with FM it was declared that 1 lakh returns already filed. General public and professionaks are fooled. This is nothing but some hidden agenda of the concernwd.

    1. rugram says:

      Statistics of the I-T Dept. on the portal only give total Returns filed. They don’t give the break-up of this figure for Returns AY-wise. It is thus misleading to claim that over 1 lakh Returns have been filed, which probably all relate to belated Returns for AY 2020-21! There should be more transparency by providing this information of filed Returns for each AY, instead of one figure of total Returns filed.

  45. Gurumurthy KARGAL says:

    When I submit my ITR V for e- verification, I get a notice which states that ” something went wrong. Please try later.” I have been trying since 10 days’. But not succeeded in getting the form e- verified.
    Saving options are also bad. Previous portal was very good.


    Following a refund failure for ay 20-21 in February, unable to raise fund reissue as no refund failure pending. Please mention this as error as well needing rectification.

  47. Balaji says:

    Its time that Infosys got its act together. This is the 2nd project for the Government that us being shoddily handled. The nation is watching and mere justification that several lakh uploads have happened or In the GST case several crore invoices are generated will not be excused that are accepted. Someone should be held responsible for this implementation and performance managed. After all Infosys is a business and performance matters. My impression is that this has been poorly managed and people are getting away with it. If someone from Infosys is reading this, I hope you are taking punitive action.

  48. Kumar says:

    Very true, i am also facing same issues. Seems it will take 6 months to resolve these issues. Hope these have been communicated to technical team.

  49. Chandrakant Ronghe says:


  50. Pankaj Kumar says:

    correct, The new income Tax Site is worst. we are facing so many problems during return filling.
    First section of ITR have not pick up the details such as name, fathers name, DOB etc…for those persons who are filling first time ITR.

  51. Yog says:

    I am not able to E-verify my ITR-1. Non of the option works. Every time it will say ‘something went wrong try later’ neither could verify using net banking. In spite of validating Bank. It will say Bank not validated. Even tried to click on ITR-V even for that it will say ‘something went wrong’ customer support won’t receive call they will keep you hanging for over 15 min.

  52. Rameswar Pattanayak says:

    My 26AS reflects TDS but the same is not getting autofilled in the ITR. Can anyone please suggest ways to overcome this difficulty?

  53. suresh srinivasaparthasarathy says:

    I filed my It recently. Previously the TDS deductions were prefilled but this time even though TDS were deducted by post office and LIC were not shown and I do not know whether the IT department will give back. Next I was unable to know whether the IT return uploaded or not. Will IT department will credit my TDS on a later date

  54. suresh srinivasaparthasarathy says:

    I filed my It recently. Previously the TDS deductions were prefilled but this time even though TDS were deducted by post office and LIC were not shown and I do not know whether the IT department will give back. Next I was unable to know whether the IT return uploaded or not. Considering these the previous one was 100% user friendly

  55. skjain1147 says:

    We are sitting where we do not know where to go . Sab bhul bhulaia hai . No right direction , no promise when portal will do work smoothly . I do not know who suggested to Govt. for this change . What was the need . Everything was smooth but now everything messed up . Lot of loss of revenue to the Govt. Loss of the nation , professional , Assessee time is wasted . The company who is working I think doing it part time basis not fully , wholeheartedly . what is there which can not be cured ? But only the Govt. has to think for the masses at large . Jai Hind .

  56. Krishnamurthy Rajagopal says:

    Even after correct validation and submitting OTP, we are getting message as SOMETHING WENT WRONG TRY AGAIN…I have tweeted also…no reply till date

    1. rugram says:

      Whatever information of TDS from Form 26AS is pre-filled in the Return, is incomplete, both in terms of no. of items that are missing in the Return form and in the description of the deductor. The deductor column in the pre-filled Return is blank, even though the deductor’s name and his TAN appears on Form 26AS.
      Are the assessees supposed to fill in the deductor’s details even for pre-filled items?
      What happens when there are two TDS figures of identical amounts shown on Form 26AS while only one appears on the Return form without showing the deductor’s name. How can the assessee know who is the deductor with whom he should take up the matter for the missing item and ask for form 16A from him for manually entering the information on the Return?

  57. Ravishankar says:

    Not at all good, old site far far better.please revert to old format.it was excellent.How come a company like Infosys make this IT site so lousy.

  58. Jathindra Maravanthe says:

    How much loss of GDP the new IT portal 2.0 and GSTN put together are responsible to? How many precious man hours have been wasted working on these non responsive sites? Will some one conduct an audit please? How many Practitioners have developed stress related health issues because of these? I think these two sites are responsible for the decline of India. Is the portal launched without making any dry runs? We had a much better system with us, which was constantly evolving for the last 15 years. Now suddenly it looks like we have gone 15 years back.


    There is problem in adding Postal Savings Account.Onsubmission of itr-2,error message appears
    reading”Please check if IFSC entered is correct.If it is correct please contact helpdesk for the same”

  60. DIPENDRA DAVE says:

    Very difficult to file small Salary return in the New Portal. Old Portal is fully much more easy & friendly. I don’t know why they required to introduce new portal. WE HAVE TO REQUEST THEM TO BRING BACK OLD PORTAL AGAIN.

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