Clarification regarding discontinuance of Form No. 16B

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1. Reference is invited to Board’s Circular No. 607, dated 4-7-1991 conveying Board’s decision that the TDS certificates issued by tax deductors in the old (unified) Form No. 16 would continue to be accepted by the Income-tax Department in lieu of the new Form No. 16B, till 31-12-1991.

2. The position in this regard was recently reviewed by the Board and it has been decided that the TDS certificates issued up to 31st March, 1992 in the old (unified) Form No. 16 will continue to be accepted by the Assessing Officers, in lieu of Form No. 16B.

3. It may be clarified that the unified Form No. 16 shall be accepted only for those categories of TDS for which the new Form No. 16B is prescribed at present. Form No. 16B shall also remain in force along with the old (uniform) Form No. 16 and the tax deductors can use either of the two forms till 31-3-1992. TDS certificates issued after 31-3-1992 will not be accepted in the aforesaid Form No. 16.

Circular : No. 625, dated 12-2-1992.

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